Walter Miller


I worked 30 years in engineering – mech.and elect., lab test, quality test, and stat. analysis, standards, certification , S/A, Help Desk, and PC Desktop. Since 2002 taken several short term contact positions. In 2007 briefly held a F.T. position.


PC Computers, Action, Thriller, * Sci-Fi Movies

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Company > Aerotek Professional Services

Worse then RHI? Is that possible?

I definitely think RHI is worse than Aerotek. I have been called twice into RHI on the promise of a job. They had me come into the office for a so called job opportunity when I ...

6 years ago
Job > Executive Administrative Assistant

What to Call a Book full of Information

New Employee Orentation
- or -
Orentation Handbook
- or -
Administative Overview Summary

7 years ago
Job > Desktop Support Technician

Integrity of Contract / Placement Agency’s

Since I have been unemployed I have attempted to maximize my exposure by signing up to multiple well known internet job boards. With today’s growing identity ...

7 years ago
Job > Desktop Support Technician

Need Local Full Time Postion ASAP

I received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and Technology. When I graduated the job market was tough in that the Vietnam War ended and flooded the workforce. I applied for a ...

7 years ago