Tina B.


A mother and wife of 5 very healthy & athletic boys (1 being a foreign exchange student and 1 a husband.) I love being an advocate and educator of creating a non-toxic, chemical free home environment for the health & welfare of Our World!


Traveling to wonderful places, organic gardening, reading, my fun family

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Independent contractor but feel like a slave

[QUOTE who="Cassandra in Los Angeles, California"]I was a stay at home and am now a single mother so When I landed myself a job working from home as an independent ...

7 years ago
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Changing Careers

[QUOTE who="Ann-marie in Boston, Massachusetts"]I have alot of experience in entry to mid-level development work. However, I am trying to get into HR. I am presently ...

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Job > Medical Assistant

certified medical assistant

I am sorry to hear that some of you are so disheartened about your career choice. I work with an international wellness company that could use the experience you have. The company ...

7 years ago
Job > Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Work from Home - Wellness

I have a little different twist that you may want to consider using your pharmaceutical sales experience. It's esay to do alongside your current job and other activites. It's a 23 ...

7 years ago