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Company > Home Depot

Time between applying & first contact from HR

Hey, I applied for 19 positions at Home Depot(HD). How much time passed between the time you applied for your job at HD and HR contacting you for...

0 1 day ago Mike in Silver Spring, Maryland
Job > Pathology Assistant

Chances of acceptance

Hi all, I just applied to RSU and Quinnipiac's Pathologists' Assistant program and planning to apply to WVU shortly (once I take my GRE, all the...

3 1 day ago Caitlin in East Granby, Connecticut
Job > Flight Attendant


So you think you have what it takes to be a Delta FA, well giddyup and show me.

21499 1 day ago Sky9 in Miami, Florida
General > Job Interviews

Interview Questions... What's Your Weakness

Career Coach, Recruiter and Certified Professional Resume Writer here to help. Reach out to me and receive my personal information and get faster...

0 1 day ago Tia Martin Resumes in Glen Burnie, Maryland
General > Job Interviews

Is it time to just accept I will never work again?

I've been unemployed for 4 months and am too depressed and racked with guilt from having to shut down the worksite of my last job and lay off 50+...

0 1 day ago LostHope in Horsham, Pennsylvania
Job > Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Loma Linda University Fall 2016

Long time lurker dropping in. May I inquire who has been accepted to LLU's CLS program for Fall 2016?

28 1 day ago MNG in Garden Grove, California
Job > Massage Therapist

Chiropractor VS. Spa - Which do you work at and why?

I've taken my time and interviewed with spas and doctor's offices alike. I'm looking to work part-time but wanted to know on an average (if you work...

170 1 day ago Jeff in Chicago, Illinois
Job > Waiter/waitress

Boss hiding credit card tip amounts

Hello- I have a question that I am hoping someone will be able to answer as I have talked with several people who have been unable to help. I...

1 1 day ago RobJonesFlies in Chicago, Illinois
Job > Medical Assistant

certified medical assistant

1166 1 day ago Tonita Boatner in Chula Vista, California
Job > Medical Technologist

Whats the best way to study for ascp MLT? Any Book recommendation?

I am planning on taking my MLT exam again, i failed 6 weeks ago by 48 points and i am determined to pass this time. Last time i studied alot of MT...

0 1 day ago MaryMaryQuite in Cleveland, Ohio
Job > Flight Attendant

Porter Airlines FA hiring for Fall 2016

Hello! anybody applied for the FA jobs opening in Toronto, Ottawa or Halifax? I did! just wondering if we can share information about that. Do you...

0 1 day ago Ontario85 in Toronto, Ontario
Job > Social Worker

want to change career from social work

I graduated from school May of 2015 with a degeree in social work. I applied to lots of jobs but i ended up doing home health care because they were...

0 1 day ago Brittany92 in Sherrills Ford, North Carolina
City > New York, New York

Fraudulent NYC employment agencies

Anyone in NYC who wishes to complaint about phony job listings should take the following steps, according to the Dept. of Consumer Affairs: "You...

1963 1 day ago Carlos in Newark, New Jersey
Job > Medical Technologist

Question about Evanston Hospital (Illinois) laboratory program

I have a question about Northshore Evanston Hospital laboratory program. For the clinical rotation, do you stay at the Evanston hospital or could...

0 1 day ago Molly10 in Evanston, Illinois
Job > Process Operator

Process Technology

I am currently in school, working toward a PTEC degree. I have a few questions. I know it varies, but, typically, what is the average starting...

14603 1 day ago Alex in Pearland, Texas
Company > Blue Buffalo

How to get a job at Blue Buffalo.

Do you work at Blue Buffalo? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

1 1 day ago Still no call or interview in Toledo, Ohio
Job > Dump Truck Driver

Class A with no experience

I have recently graduated and went from a class b to a class a cdl with air brakes tanker haz-mat and doubles and triples. I know I could go over the...

0 1 day ago Chris in Fairmont, West Virginia
Job > Pharmacy Technician

I hate my new pharmacy tech job! How can I cope with it since I cant afford to quit?

I really hate it...its high stress and during my lunch break I sat in my car and cried that's how overwhelmed I get with the job...Its...

27 1 day ago clark.janessa in Washington, District of Columbia
Company > Hi-tec Building Services

How to get a job at Hi-tec Building Services.

Do you work at Hi-tec Building Services? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

1 1 day ago Ross in Kincheloe, Michigan
Job > Echo Technician

Anyone recently take the Adult Echo (RDCS) test?

I'm taking it in 6 weeks and appreciate any advice. After I take it , pass or fail, I will post everything I can remember asap!

380 1 day ago Mia in Piscataway, New Jersey
City > Modesto, California

Is Abrams College any good?

I wonder if you know anyone who attend this college for medical assistant program. I appreciate any references.

13 1 day ago Bbb in Manteca, California
Job > Ultrasound Technician

CCI RVS Exam Preparation

Has anyone taken the CCI Vascular registry recently? I am concerned about how much physics is on this exam. I have already passed the ARDMS physics...

732 1 day ago Spjsox in Maywood, Illinois
General > Job Interviews

interview question "what are your weaknesses"?

Can anyone give advice on how to answer the question "what are your weaknesses" when applying for jobs or when they ask you during an interview....

19 1 day ago Sheyne Tricia Barreto in Hounslow, United Kingdom
Job > Ultrasound Technician


Can anyone recommend what books/cd's to study for the new spi exam? Please reply to this post what was most helpful for you or email me at...

1517 1 day ago Dianaln2010 in Taylor, Michigan
Company > Manpower

Shock and Awe at Manpower

I was chosen by Manpower in New York for their "Circle of Excellence" award. I was shocked and awed at the $15.00 (Yes, fifteen dollars) gift...

70 1 day ago Office Diva in Portland, Oregon
General > Job Interviews

Things interviewers say that let's you know you won't get an offer

I'm just curious what things you've heard that indicates the interview went badly. Usually when I hear these phrases at the end of the interview,...

276 1 day ago prostyle82 in Lafayette, Louisiana
Job > Flight Attendant

Sun Country Airlines

I don't know much about this airline, but saw they are hiring flight attendants for MSP and applied. I do know they get good customer reviews so I'm...

572 1 day ago NYNYflygirl5619 in Addison, Texas
Company > Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Background Check

Do they verify all education? College and Highschool on their background check? I am worried because my grades werent great in college.

667 1 day ago UnAfraid Now in San Jose, California
Company > Toyota

Toyota Hiring Process

I have completed stage one and received a letter to come back for stage two.This is a full days work. I beleive that it is work simulation...

11245 1 day ago Aaron in London, Ontario
Company > AT&T

An SSR's Hiring and Training Experience (With Updates!!)

Hey all! So I've been lurking the boards here for a few weeks while going through AT&T's somewhat tiring process of hiring. I thought that like the...

65 1 day ago yna2324 in Sacramento, California
Job > Medical Technologist

MT/CLS schools in Texas

To any MT/CLS who went to college in Texas What program did you choose? Why? Would you recommend it? Did you feel prepared to pass the certifying...

136 1 day ago donnan7673 Future MLS in Huntsville, Alabama
Company > Southwest Airlines



422 1 day ago Kica170 in Hickory Hills, Illinois
Company > Nellis Afb - Mike O'callaghan Federal Hospital

How to get a job at Nellis Afb - Mike O'callaghan Federal Hospital.

Do you work at Nellis Afb - Mike O'callaghan Federal Hospital? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for...

4 1 day ago JuneMayBerry in Las Vegas, Nevada
General > How to Use Indeed

Blocking applicants

Hello, Does anyone have advice on how to block applicants who repeatedly apply for a position after you have rejected them? We are currently at...

7 1 day ago John in MD in Catonsville, Maryland
Job > Automotive Technician



1327 1 day ago AustinHoard1 in joliet, Illinois
Job > Airline Flight Attendant

WestJet Encore Bilingual Flight Attendant 2016!

Hey everyone, this forum is for anyone that has applied to WestJet Encore in 2016! I just received an email for the recruitment event on Tuesday...

49 1 day ago Anna in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Job > Corrections Officer

Cdcr hopefuls

Please post

1 1 day ago Darkgreen in Los Angeles, California
Job > Freight Agent Broker

What are typical freight agent broker salaries?

Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What skills should you learn to increase...

917 2 days ago 7-Fr8 Property Brokers, Inc. in Mountain View, California
Job > Master Electrician

Master Electrician License

I have a Master Electrician license and a Contractors license for the state of Texas, and I am also certified to install solar. If anyone is...

2 2 days ago Mike3469 in Katy, Texas
Job > Respiratory Therapist

Stay far, far away from Respiratory!!!!

Stay away. There are no jobs and no money out there. This "profession" is like the adopted child of the medical field family that nobody wanted. No...

89 2 days ago DeeMan in Edmond, Oklahoma
Job > Physical Therapy Assistant

Future of PTA and Healthcare Reform

I hear contradicting information regarding the future of PTA. The bls projects great growth for the profession in the future. I've also heard that...

344 2 days ago the watchman in East, New Jersey
Company > Lowes Home Improvement


I have worked at Lowe's for the past year and it has been the worst work experience of my life. The management staff comes and goes and these people...

337 2 days ago corporateinsider in Mooresville, North Carolina
Job > Freight Agent Broker

How Do i become a Freight broker without experience

Hello ive been searching all over the internet on how to start as a Freight agent and im having a really hard time finding information on how to get...

324 2 days ago Jpickett in Montgomery, Alabama
General > Resume Tips

How to present oneself, as someone who wants to join a "fast growing company"

Hi. I'm writing a job application at the moment but am a bit stuck on one of the person specifications the company has listed. They list as...

6 2 days ago VHKOTOK in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania
General > Resume Tips

Posted resume'

After submitting resume'on, how long does it take for it to be visible to perspective employers?

1 2 days ago VHKOTOK in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania
Company > Norfolk Southern

How to get a job at Norfolk Southern.

Do you work at Norfolk Southern? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

183 2 days ago Danny in Ellabell, Georgia
Job > Legal Secretary

Legal Secretarial Work IS NOT good money

I never could understand how the legal secretary profession got its reputation for being good pay. To anyone who happens to care, here's some info...

149 2 days ago LMH516 in New Jersey
Job > Occupational Therapist

Looking for some career changing advice

Im 34 and work as an analyst making $87k a year. However, i am tired of sitting at a desk and working on a computer by myself all day long. I...

4 2 days ago Isaac in California
General > How to Use Indeed

Job not found even though post is showing as open

Please can someone help me resolve this issue. The job I have posted is showing as open, but it is not available when you search. When I go into my...

5 2 days ago EfficientFx in Richmond, United Kingdom
Job > Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory Care Practitioner TEXAS

Does anyone know how long it will take for the state to process a new license through the Texas Medical Board? This is the only step holding me back...

14 2 days ago Angelface7 in San Antonio, Texas

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