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Job Summary

This is an intensive outpatient program counselor position in the TREE IOP/OP program of Philadelphia FIGHT. The TREE IOP/OP is located within the Jonathan Lax Center of Philadelphia FIGHT, a specialized medical center for the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS. As such, all staff are expected to work as team members with medical staff whenever agreed to by our clients in order to provide integrated, comprehensive treatment for the whole person. The Jonathan Lax Center treats a wide range of patients and their significant others, as well as providing preventative care, so that all staff must be comfortable working with a diverse range of patients in terms of age, race, culture/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, income and educational levels, medical health, and mental health needs.

Requisite Skills, Knowledge, and Experience
  • A Masters degree or higher from an accredited institution in professional counseling, social work, psychology, marriage & family therapy, or related field documented by original transcript.
  • A current license specifically governing the practice of mental/behavioral health therapy in Pennsylvania (e.g., LPC, LCSW, LMFT). License must be presented at interview.
  • A minimum of five years (post Master's degree) of experience providing supervised professional individual and group counseling to clients with drug abuse/dependence, and dual diagnosis including a wide range of DSM diagnoses (e.g., depression, anxiety, Bipolar D/O, Schizophrenia). Previous experience in drug and alcohol programs is preferred.
  • Ability to utilize and follow all drug and alcohol and mental health licensing regulations and requirements of the state, insurance companies, and other funding sources.
  • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work independently and as a member of team. Must communicate effectively with HIV infected/affected individuals.
  • Good clinical writing skills and the ability to maintain client charts and provide reports as needed according to the policies and procedures of the TREE IOP/OP.
  • Two original letters of reference must be submitted with the resume, and upon hire an updated resume must be developed including the Philadelphia FIGHT position.
  • Current child abuse clearance and criminal record checks will be conducted.
Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Professional Credentialing : Maintain professional license and any certifications to perform the duties described in this agreement. Must provide the administrator of the programs with original or verified copies of current license, clearances, and attendance to up-to-date trainings and credentials to meet the requirements of both your licensing and credentialing boards. The clinician must notify Philadelphia FIGHT human resources, the TREE Clinical Supervisor, and the Director of Behavioral Health Services of any disciplinary action taken by any professional credentialing body within two working days of being notified of any such action.
  • Intensive Outpatient Group Facilitation and Weekly Individual Counseling: Facilitate at least 2-three hour weekly intensive outpatient groups and maintain an individual caseload equaling 17 direct clinical service hours each week. Schedule weekly individual sessions with all clients on caseload which will not exceed 35 active clients.
  • Confidentiality : Clinicians must maintain the confidentiality of all clients the Tree IOP/OP program to the extent allowable by Pennsylvania and federal laws including HIPAA and the Penna. Confidentiality of Information Act (Act 148).
  • Charting : Maintain charts for individual and group caseloads per the state and CBH standards and be up to date on individual and group session notes, treatment plans and related materials by the end of each week. Complete Biopsychosocial Evaluations, Initial Treatment Plans, BDI, BAI, MSE, initial releases, demographic information and other chart materials within 7 days of initial contact with TREE clients. Complete Case Reviews, BDI, BAI and MSE assessments as well as the Treatment Recovery Plans every 55 days. Complete aftercare plans in collaboration with clients, and complete discharge summaries within 30 days of clients' last contact within the TREE program. Make charts available upon request for internal or external audit.
  • Clinical Supervision: Attend mandatory clinical peer supervision meetings weekly and individual supervision sessions with the TREE Clinical Supervisor each week. As needed, participate in team meetings and interdisciplinary work groups as designated by the Director of Behavior Health Services or the medical director of the Lax Center. This position directly reports to the TREE Clinical Supervisor.
  • Crisis Intervention : Properly advise clients of your contact availability outside of treatment sessions, your contact information, and the on-call policy of the TREE IOP/OP. Must make specific arrangements for coverage of your clients when on vacation, out-of-town, or are otherwise unavailable and inform the TREE Clinical Supervisor and the Director of Behavioral Health Services. Advise your clients of options with regard to emergency services available at area hospitals.
  • Coordination of care : Coordinate care of clients with medical staff and referral sources. Provide and gain consultation as needed for your clients with other members of the treatment team. Refer clients to other levels of care or for other services as needed.
Continued Education/Clinical Training: In addition to maintaining current PA license to practice, clinicians must attend all mandated orientation and continuing education trainings required by the state, Community Behavioral Health (CBH), and other insurers and funding sources the Tree IOP/OP. A current CPR certification must be maintained with verified evidence. Clinicians must complete at least 25 clock hours of training, 25% of which are Co-Occurring Disorders specific for those providing services in the Co-Occurring Program. Co-Occurring Core Training includes: Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Use Overview, Principles of Engagement with Individuals with a Co-Occurring Disorder and the Family Members, Individualized Approaches and Supports for Co-Occurring Disorders, Co-Occurring Care Planning and Documentation Issues, Psychopharmacology, Crisis and Relapse Intervention, Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Self-Help for Co-Occurring Disorders, Ethics and Boundaries for Effective Co-Occurring Services, and Working Respectfully with Family Members. IN addition, clinicians must complete Advanced Co-Occurring Core Training within the first year of employment including: Skill Building Techniques, Consensus and Evidences Based Practices, Trauma Informed Treatment, Drugs of Abuse Updates, and other appropriate trainings based upon individual need. When relevant and approved by the Tree Clinical Supervisor and the Director of Behavioral Health Services, TREE clinicians may substitute comparable alternative trainings and provide verified documentation of attendance including the training title, number of hours, trainer and their credentials, date, location, and at least a brief description of the training content.

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