Ambulance Driver
TransCare Corporation - Milton, DE

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Assist the EMT in transporting the sick and injured persons by ambulance in a manner conductive to their safety and comfort and assist the EMT within the limits defined by law and the company’s training program.

1. Must maintain a driver’s license valid in the state of residence.
2. Education: High School graduate or GED
3. Training and Experience: CRP, First Aid, and Emergency Vehicle Operator's Certification Preferred
(will be required once hired)

A. Duties as a member of the crew team:
1. Answer all ambulance calls efficiently. EMT must use diplomacy and tact at all times and be courteous and polite to the patient, his relations and friends, and all hospital personnel.

2. Place patient on stretcher, carry to vehicle and position in proper area in vehicle, exercising care so not to aggravate the injury.

3. Assist the EMT in the administration of treatments to patients.

Such administration of treatment shall at no time exceed the level of care that the Driver is certified to provide.

4. Ability to maintain order at the patient care area.

5. Ability and knowledge to communicate with the public and explain about the Company’s history, its services, employment requirements, etc.

6. Ability to operate Company vehicles (ambulances/vans) in such a manner as to maintain control of said vehicles at all times. The vehicle should be driven in such so as to not adversely affect the care being administered to the patient. The ability to choose the best route to the hospital, considering conditions of the roads and patient comfort. Knowledge of all traffic regulations and speed limits.

7. Assure vehicles are in required working conditions at all times. Report any defects or malfunctions to the Supervisor.

8. Assure vehicles are properly stocked and equipment is clean and in good working condition after each call.

9. Complete tripsheets and all other required evaluation forms on all patient transports.

B. Other Related duties:
1. Maintain good relations and communication with all hospital and related health care personnel.

2. Work cooperatively with all staff personnel.

3. Make recommendations to the Supervisor as to how the quality of methods and procedures can be improved.

4. Adhere to safety, sanitation and housekeeping regulations in both the vehicles and bases of operations.

5. Attend continuing training conferences and meetings concerning current methods of medical treatment.

6. Perform other related duties as may be assigned or required.

Special Demand:
Display tact and empathy in dealing with a variety of types of patients, many of who are in a disturbed condition.
Willingness to assist a patient having a variety of illnesses.
Constantly demonstrate good driving skills.

1. The main responsibility of the TransCare ambulance driver is to get to the patient in the quickest and safest way possible, then get the patient to the desired facility in the quickest and safest way possible.

2. The driver will drive in a safe and cautious manner.

3. The driver must know how to get to designated destinations, or know how to find the directions through the use of maps, Dispatchers, Supervisors, etc.
4. The driver will assure that the Communications Center and Supervisor is aware of the
crew’s location and status at all times.

5. The driver will never cross road divider strips.
6. The driver will utilize a “spotter” for backing of the vehicle,
ambulance, whenever possible.

7. The driver will never exceed the posted speed limit, even when responding Code 3. Weather and/or traffic conditions or other unknowns may dictate a maximum speed well below the posted limit.

8. The driver will never proceed through a red light or stop sign, even when responding Code 3, without coming to a complete stop, unless directed to do so by a police or traffic officer, in which case the driver and attendant must still verify that traffic is clear before proceeding.

9. The driver will change the tone of the siren when approaching an intersection while responding Code 3. 10. The driver will always drive defensively, not aggressively.

11. The driver will show due regard for the safety and well being of other motorists and pedestrians.

12. The driver will realize that another driver’s response to red lights and sirens is unpredictable and assume nothing.

13. The driver will wear a seatbelt at all times while operating a TransCare vehicle and assure that all passengers wear seatbelts when travelling in a TransCare vehicle.

14. The driver will assist the attendant in the care and management of the patient and all required paperwork. This includes assisting in the carrying of all necessary equipment and supplies. In the event of multiple patients, both the driver and the attendant will be required to provide primary patient care. Constant contact between crewmembers is essential in these situations.

15. The driver will assist in placing the patient into the ambulance for transport. The driver is responsible for driving in a manner that allows the attendant to perform patient care.

16. The driver will know the quickest and safest route to their destination prior to beginning the transport.

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