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Responsibility for providing audio-visual services by ensuring proper scheduling, distribution, operation, maintenance, and repair of a variety of projection, sound, and computer equipment for classroom instruction and special presentations.

Required Qualifications

Experience with audio-visual support.

Strong communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills; and a commitment to working in a professional, collaborative team environment.

Preferred Qualifications

High School Diploma.

Experience using and supporting a variety of media equipment, such as video projectors, document cameras, microphones, audio amplifiers, audio mixers, and phone conference systems.

Experience scheduling events or equipment.

Experience using computer hardware and software, including Microsoft Office.

Experience working with faculty, staff, and students, preferably in a higher education setting.

Instructions for applying

Please complete an electronic application and click the "Apply for this Posting" button at the top of the page.


Duty (1) Description

Assists clients with media needs for courses and events by scheduling classrooms, auditoriums, ITV, video records, and media equipment. Determines necessary media equipment for best results. Checks equipment in and out.

Duty (1) Essential or Marginal


Duty (2) Description

Serves as a resource consultant assisting KUMC faculty, students, and outside clients in the use of audio visual materials and the operation of audio visual equipment.

Duty (2) Essential or Marginal


Duty (3) Description

Inspects assigned classrooms and auditoriums on a daily basis, completes classroom condition checklist, corrects minor problems at the time, e-mails problems to management team, and ensures suitability of use for the day. (Each morning, this position opens and inspects classrooms, starting at 6 am.)

Duty (3) Essential or Marginal


Duty (4) Description

Receives emergency hotline calls, analyzes the problem, and resolves the problem if possible or determines who the appropriate person is to handle the problem and contacts that person. Creates a trouble ticket in Service Desk. Ensures a resolution is in progress before releasing the problem.

Duty (4) Essential or Marginal


Duty (5) Description

Delivers computers and audio visual equipment to classrooms and auditoriums, sets up equipment for use, and retrieves it after completion of classroom actives. Sets-up and operates PA systems and conference phone systems.

Duty (5) Essential or Marginal


Duty (6) Description

Assists with the maintenance of existing media equipment and installation of new media equipment, such as projectors, computers, and microphones.

Duty (6) Essential or Marginal


Duty (7) Description

Provides technical assistance and support for routine/minor media events (e.g. ITV in 2005 Orr Major), including set up, test, and operate equipment; train client on equipment operation; troubleshoot problems, and complete event paperwork.

Duty (7) Essential or Marginal


Duty (8) Description

Serves as a member of the TLT-Media team. Supports and participates in cross-training effort to maximize unit efficiency and full coverage of services during peak loads and absences.

Duty (8) Essential or Marginal


Duty (9) Description

Performs other related work as assigned.

Duty (9) Essential or Marginal


Duty (10) Description

Duty (10) Essential or Marginal

Mental/Cognitive Requirements:

Comprehend and use basic language, either written or spoken, to communicate information and ideas


Comprehend and use technical or professional language, either written or spoken, to communicate complex ideas



Perform numerical operations using basic counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing


Perform Complex quantitative calculations or reasoning using algebra, geometry, statistics, or abstract symbols


Problem Solving

Formulate and apply appropriate course of action for routine or familiar situations


Use logic to define problem, collect information, establish facts, draw valid conclusions, interpret information and deal with abstract variables for unique or unfamiliar situations


Other Mental/Cognitive Requirements (please describe)

Physical Activities

Repetitive Motion - Repeating movements of arms, hands, wrists

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Talk - Express or exchange ideas verbally

Occasionally (.5 to 2.5 hours/day)

Hear - Perceive sound by ear

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

See - Obtain impressions through the eye

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Level of physical activity


Physical Requirements

Kneel- Bend legs at knee, come to rest on knees

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Crouch/Squat - Bend body down and forward, bending legs and spine

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Crawl - Move on hands, knees and feet

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Climb - Ascend/descend ladders, stairs, ramps

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)


Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)


Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Walk - Move about on foot

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Average distance per shift

A few miles.

Stoop - Bend downward and forward at waist

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Lift - Raise or lower 10 lbs. from one level to another

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Lift - Raise or lower 25 lbs. from one level to another

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Carry - Transport an object

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Push - Press with steady force, thrust objects forward, downward, outward

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Pull - Drag or tug objects

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Turn/twist - Move a body part in circular motion

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Bend - Bend downward and forward by bending the spine at waist

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Balance - Exceeding ordinary body equilibrium

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Reach - Extend hands and arms in any direction

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Handle - Seize, hold, turn with hands

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Ability to distinguish color

Occasionally (.5 to 2.5 hours/day)

Other Physical Activity (please describe)

Average amount of time for other physical activity

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