Bilingual Administrative Assistant
Univ of Kansas Medical Center - Kansas City, KS

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The Bilingual Administrative Assistant performs a wide variety of administrative duties at Project EAGLE Community Programs to support the Connections Intake and Referral Program and the Project EAGLE Early Head Start program.

Required Qualifications

Bilingual English/Spanish. Graduation from high school or equivalent; and three years of increasingly responsible office administrative, specialized administrative support or secretarial experience; or an equivalent combination of training and experience. Duties require professional verbal and written communication skills including correct English usage, including spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills. Proficiency in basic word processing, spreadsheet and database programs. Knowledge of general office machines and telephone system. Ability and willingness to work cooperatively with others.

Preferred Qualifications

Experience working for a non-profit organization.

Instructions for applying

Please complete an electronic application and click the "Apply for this Posting" button at the top of the page.


Duty (1) Description

Provide direct administrative support approximately 60% of the time to the Project EAGLE Connections Program. Make copies, complete filing, create labels for post cards, fax various documents. Assist with data entry, including entry of assessment data. Prepare outgoing mail, specifically letters to physicians.

Duty (1) Essential or Marginal


Duty (2) Description

Assist with the organization of resources and brochures and ensure that adequate numbers of resources are on hand for Connections staff to take on appointments.

Duty (2) Essential or Marginal


Duty (3) Description

Act as receptionist for Project EAGLE Early Head Start approximately 40% of the time. Answer the telephone professionally and correctly transfer calls to the appropriate extension. Greet staff, Project EAGLE families and community members, providing information and assistance. Handle all Spanish-speaking phone calls and program inquiries. Assist Spanish-speaking parents and visitors by interpreting conversations if necessary. Provide administrative support to all Project EAGLE staff members. Send faxes and make copies per staff requests.

Duty (3) Essential or Marginal


Duty (4) Description

Handles scheduling of clinic space for dental appointments for the Early Head Start program.

Duty (4) Essential or Marginal


Duty (5) Description

Monitors staff safety according to established procedures. Responds to emergency situations and crisis phone calls quickly and sensibly, alerting police and the crisis team as appropriate.

Duty (5) Essential or Marginal


Duty (6) Description

Responsible for preparing labels and mailing notices and other correspondence as needed. Enhances office efficiency by maintaining a clean and neat office environment including supply areas and storerooms. Compiles family notebooks for newly enrolled families.

Duty (6) Essential or Marginal


Duty (7) Description

Duty (7) Essential or Marginal

Duty (8) Description

Duty (8) Essential or Marginal

Duty (9) Description

Duty (9) Essential or Marginal

Duty (10) Description

Duty (10) Essential or Marginal

Mental/Cognitive Requirements:

Comprehend and use basic language, either written or spoken, to communicate information and ideas


Comprehend and use technical or professional language, either written or spoken, to communicate complex ideas



Perform numerical operations using basic counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing


Perform Complex quantitative calculations or reasoning using algebra, geometry, statistics, or abstract symbols


Problem Solving

Formulate and apply appropriate course of action for routine or familiar situations


Use logic to define problem, collect information, establish facts, draw valid conclusions, interpret information and deal with abstract variables for unique or unfamiliar situations


Other Mental/Cognitive Requirements (please describe)

Physical Activities

Repetitive Motion - Repeating movements of arms, hands, wrists

Occasionally (.5 to 2.5 hours/day)

Talk - Express or exchange ideas verbally

Frequently (2.5 to 5.5 hours/day)

Hear - Perceive sound by ear

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

See - Obtain impressions through the eye

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Level of physical activity


Physical Requirements

Kneel- Bend legs at knee, come to rest on knees

Crouch/Squat - Bend body down and forward, bending legs and spine

Crawl - Move on hands, knees and feet

Climb - Ascend/descend ladders, stairs, ramps



Walk - Move about on foot

Average distance per shift

Stoop - Bend downward and forward at waist

Lift - Raise or lower 10 lbs. from one level to another

Lift - Raise or lower 25 lbs. from one level to another

Carry - Transport an object

Push - Press with steady force, thrust objects forward, downward, outward

Pull - Drag or tug objects

Turn/twist - Move a body part in circular motion

Bend - Bend downward and forward by bending the spine at waist

Balance - Exceeding ordinary body equilibrium

Reach - Extend hands and arms in any direction

Handle - Seize, hold, turn with hands

Ability to distinguish color

Other Physical Activity (please describe)

Average amount of time for other physical activity