Chelan/Beebe Bridge Seasonal Park Aide (Closes at midnight March 28, 2013)
Chelan County Public Utility District - Beebe, AR

This job posting is no longer available on Chelan County Public Utility District.


$12.46 per hour (there are no employee benefits associated with this position; the hourly rate includes $.50 per hour in lieu of benefits).


This position is located at CHELAN/BEEBE BRIDGE parks . The position is 736 hours ( May 6 - September 11 ); based on performance and budget, the incumbent may be invited back each reoccuring year.

The employee in this position will work five consecutive days, 40 hours per week (Friday - Tuesday) which includes holidays and weekends; Wednesday and Thursday are days off. Work hours are from 2:00 - 10:30 pm with possible overtime on weekends and holidays to accommodate "park closing" activities.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no travel pay or fuel allowance for this posiiton; if selected to work, you are required to travel on your own time and in your own vehicle to Beebe Bridge Park (near Chelan).


Perform park maintenance duties, to include litter and rubbish removal, cleaning and sanitizing restroom and picnic shelter facilities, turf and planting bed maintenance, curb, sidewalk, and trail maintenance, see to the needs of the general public and special event organizers as directed by the Park Foreman, and Park Management Staff.

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential function of the job satisfactorily. Essential functions are those activities that, if not performed, would significantly and fundamentally alter the position. Secondary functions are activities not fundamental to the job and may need to be relaxed to accommodate an otherwise qualified applicant with a disability.

1. EF 30% Custodial Maintenance: Garbage pickup, litter pickup, restroom cleaning, and shelter cleaning.

2. EF 5% Equipment Operation and Maintenance: Miscellaneous small equipment, walk behind mowing equipment, pruning equipment, athletic field equipment, etc.

3. EF 5% Facility Care and Maintenance: painting, vandalism repair.

4. EF 5% Hard Surface Maintenance: Parking lots, drains, sidewalks, curbs, trail sweeping and edging.

5. EF 10% Landscape Maintenance: Debris hauling, leaf removal, planting/barking, and sod, shrub care, weeding, trail and road edging, turf mowing, and weed eating.

6. EF 5% Marine Maintenance: Boat launch, docks and swim area debris removal and other routine maintenance as required.

7. EF 5% Sign Maintenance: Graffiti removal, cleaning.

8. EF 25% Recreation Area Maintenance: Baseball, basketball, horseshoe pits, soccer, play equipment, tennis, and volleyball. Grooming, raking, sweeping, trimming, etc.

9. EF 5% Utilities Maintenance: irrigation, sprinklers, and swing joint repair and replacement. Lighting: fixture cleaning.

10. EF 5% Administrative: Counter reading, safety/training, and special events. Communicate with other staff as needed.

11. EF (Ongoing) Will be required to drive a motorized vehicle while conducting business on behalf of the District.

12. EF (Ongoing) Maintain regular and predictable attendance. Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.

QUALIFICATIONS: The qualifications listed below are representative of those required, but reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.

Education: High School diploma or certified equivalent.

Experience: Experience with landscape and facility maintenance helpful.

Specific KSA's: A fully skilled incumbent will have the following specific knowledge, skills and abilities:

Working knowledge of techniques associated with a variety of landscaping and park maintenance tasks.

Language Skills: Candidate must be proficient in reading, writing and speaking English.

Computers and Equipment: Pickups, Cushman turf carts, riding mowers, ladders, various manual tools including screwdrivers, wrenches, shovels, rakes, loppers, and brooms, various power tools including, drills, push mowers, and weed eaters, cleaning materials and supplies, and painting supplies.

The physical requirements described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Comply with all applicable RCWs, WACs and District policies.

Performance of the position requires working safely and may require working in a varied outdoors environment such as all weather conditions, all noise levels, hazardous conditions, and on the full range of outdoor work surfaces. The frequent use of protective clothing and/or all personal devices may be required. The incumbent may utilize chemicals and pesticides.

On most shifts, the worker will stand and walk intermittently for 6-7.5 hours of an 8 hour shift, while performing various park maintenance duties. On some shifts, the worker will be required to sit on a riding mower and/or power turf cart for up to 7 hours total in an 8 hour shift. On shifts where significant mowing or power turf cart use is required, the worker is able to stand and walk periodically to avoid continuous sitting for more than 60 minutes at a time. Pushing and pulling occurs intermittently while performing a variety of park maintenance duties. Most lifting occurs between the waist and shoulder level, and is of tools and materials weighing up to 5 pounds. Maximum lifting required is of objects weighing up to 25 pounds, and would be of heavier tools or bags of refuse. Heavier objects are lifted with the assistance of other staff. Most carrying is of tools or materials weighing up to 5 pounds. Maximum carrying is of equipment or materials weighing up to 25 pounds. Hand trucks and powered turf carts are available to transport heavier items to and from various areas of the park. Climbing occurs while ascending or descending ladders. This activity does not occur on all shifts. Normal balance is required while ascending or descending ladders. Bending at the waist, with variable degrees of lumbar flexion, occurs intermittently while accessing lower areas. The worker can choose to crouch, squat or kneel instead of bend in some instances, to reduce the total amount of bending in a given work shift. Twisting at the waist occurs intermittently while performing a variety of park maintenance duties. Some twisting can be avoided by pivoting or turning the body. Kneeling occurs while performing irrigation duties, or as a substitute for bending while accessing lower areas. The worker can choose to crouch or squat instead of bend or kneel to access lower areas, if desired. Most reaching occurs between the waist and shoulder levels, while performing a variety of park maintenance duties. Handling is of manual and power tools, as well as a variety of materials used for park maintenance. Fingering occurs while operating power tools with finger controls, and while repairing irrigation systems. Foot controls are operated while driving a turf cart or riding mower. The total amount of foot control operation in a given shift will vary, depending upon the amount of riding mower or power turf cart use.


Safety-sensitive positions are subject to pre-employment drug screening. An essential function of this job involves duties which categorize this position as safety-sensitive.


A valid driver's license is required for this position (verified upon hire). A valid Washington State driver's license is required within 30 days of employment.


The statements contained herein reflect general details as necessary to describe the principal functions for this job, the level of knowledge and skill typically required, and the scope of responsibility. This should not be considered an all-inclusive listing of work requirements. Individuals may perform other duties as assigned, including work in other functional areas to cover absences or relief, to equalize peak work periods or otherwise to balance the workload.


Chelan PUD is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity at all levels of its workforce. M/F/H/V