Child Care Therapy Aide Overnight (FT and PT)
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Child Care Therapy Aide Overnight (FT and PT) This employee serves as a front line worker and caregiver with the individuals being served during the overnight and early morning hours. The employee functions as a part of the interdisciplinary treatment team as a teacher of life skills and behavior management. He/She must remain awake and alert to ensure appropriate supervision of the residents, that satisfactory fire, safety and sanitation standards are met, and to monitor the general security of the building and grounds. The employee must complete random bed checks no more than 10 minutes apart for each resident. The employee must understand and respond to the varied needs of a culturally diverse population. This employee must be aware and respond to the individual and family needs to the client as well as the need for overall structure and consistency within the group or unit.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • BA/BS in Human Service, Associates degree in Child Care Work or Human Service, or High School Graduate and some direct experience working with emotionally disturbed children
  • Dependable, stable, mature and warm character
  • Ability to establish relationships, set limits and offer understanding to emotionally disturbed children
  • Work as member of a team
  • Previous experience working with children, experience with groups of emotionally and mentally disturbed children preferred
  • Able to manage hostile and aggressive behavior of children
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Valid driver’s license and continued automobile insurance required.
      Responsibilities: Professionalism:
    • Demonstrate appropriate verbal/written communication skills.
    • Exhibit appropriate work attitudes, language, dress, and performance standards.
    • Dependable, proper work attendance and punctuality.
    • Respectful and courtesy in all interactions and communication; internal and external to the agency.
    • Demonstrate interest, knowledge and support for the agency mission, values, goals, and philosophy.
    • Flexible, creative approach and adaptable to change.
    • Awareness of own approach and its impact on children.
    • Dedication to the goals and values of the agency.
    • Demonstrate problem solving and conflict resolution skills in both organizational and interpersonal matters.
    • Demonstrate self directed behaviors.
    • Demonstrate good organizational skills.
    • Must maintain and submit all of the required documents and comply with all aspects of the Vehicle Safety and Usage Policy.
    • Participate and contribute to program Quality Improvement process.
    • Utilize Agency phone and email systems following standard customer services protocol. This includes: answering the telephone in a timely and professional manner, directing calls appropriately and returning phone and email requests promptly. Demonstrate excellent phone etiquette and customer service skills. Also demonstrate knowledge of agency programs and services.
    • Maintain positive working relationships with program staff and others within the agency. Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills during interactions with internal and external customers. Team responsibilities:
    • Support and communicate with supervisor and co-workers in a cooperative manner.
    • Demonstrate and understanding of the boundaries of the position as they relate to both responsibilities and limitations.
    • Incorporate the Agency mission, values and philosophy in decisions, behavior and actions.
    • Demonstrate initiative and seeks supervisory counsel when appropriate.
    • Accepts constructive criticism and uses professional supervision appropriately.
        Diversity management:
      • Models and practices sensitivity, fair treatment and acceptance of diversity in all interpersonal interactions.
      • Shows willingness to learn about and implement skills related to diversity.
        • Teaches clients living skills such as decision making, personal control, interpersonal communication and problem solving.
        • Teaches and coaches residents in activities of daily living skills.
        • Tutors and assist clients in formal education endeavors.
        • Instructs and monitors to ensure that the daily routine, structure and habilitative programming is maintained and all related standards are met.
            Client management:
          • Present a professional and respectful image to the clients, families and co-workers.
          • Counsel clients in identifying and resolving social or other problems.
          • Implements appropriate behavior management techniques to include low level and therapeutic physical interventions.
          • Develops and maintains appropriate boundaries in their interactions with clients.
          • Develops an awareness and knowledge of the individual's diagnosis, emotional, social and physical needs and interacts appropriately to those needs.
          • Assist individuals in the development of their gross, fine motor and communicative abilities.
          • Can tolerate pathology while holding out normal expectations for children
          • Relates positively and professionally with families and residents.
          • Remains awake and alert to provide appropriate supervision including random bed checks, no more than 10 minutes apart. Documents bed checks on Bed Check form.
            • Understand the residential treatment process.
            • Has a good understanding of human growth and development
            • Understands and follows methods outlined in the treatment plans.
            • Assist in the planning and implementation of age and developmentally appropriate programming through culturally diverse activities, recreational outings, etc. that are appropriate to the goals objectives and methods outlined in the treatment plan.
            • Supervise and assist in transporting clients as required.
              • Monitors and helps ensure a safe and secure environment for the clients
              • Implements appropriate infection control procedures.
              • Support, communicate and cooperate with interdisciplinary personal and co-workers an all endeavors concerning the therapeutic, educational and medical care of clients.
                  Therapeutic crisis intervention (TCI):
                • Implements lower level techniques effectively and appropriately.
                • Uses physical intervention appropriately and safely.
                • Writes event reports correctly and in a timely manner, including antecedents, the event and the outcome.
                • Thoroughly completes the debriefing form with a focus on the earliest point of agitation, skill deficits and the plan to address these.
                • Participates in TCI training and updates.
                    Collaborative Problem Solving:
                  • Appropriately uses plans A, B and C in interactions with the children.
                  • dentifies skill deficits and appropriately negotiates plans to address these.
                  • Identifies opportunities to and successfully uses Proactive B.
                  • Successfully pass Level I competency test.
                  • Successfully pass Level II competency test.
                      Other duties as assigned. Essential Physical Requirements:
                    • Frequently move about inside and outside the campus in reaction to situations and duties.
                    • Frequently communicate accurate information with coworkers, clients and children who will use the Agency’s services.
                    • Frequently supervise and participate in physical activity with children, including sports.
                    • Frequently operate a computer and other office machinery, such as a calculator, copy machine, printer and phone system.
                    • Must be able to access multi-level buildings and travel to sites within the community.
                    • Possess the ability to perform a physical restraint on a resisting, aggressive youth, as per Therapeutic Crisis Intervention guidelines. Employee must be able to engage in standing, bending, squatting, and kneeling, as well as systematically restraining the arms, legs and torso of the youth. These actions may require utilization of controlled force, and may result in physical impact to the employee.
                    • Must be able to remain awake and alert during the overnight hours.
                        Essential Mental Requirements:
                      • Must be able to understand the written and spoken word and respond effectively during the majority of time spent on the job;
                      • Must be able to learn and comprehend basic instructions and orientation to job;
                      • Must be able to multi-task on a frequent basis;
                      • Frequently participate and coordinate with others regarding work situations and decisions;
                      • Frequently interact appropriately and diplomatically with varied stakeholders such as volunteers, staff members, visitors, referral sources, etc.

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