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EXACT Sports is hiring current college coaches (NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAIA, NJCAA, NCCAA) to instruct at the Elite Prospect Camp.

The EXACT Elite Prospect Camp program has been growing and we are seeking additional instructors for the only ID camp that integrates mental training as a core element. EXACT camps have been designed to complement the already strong college camps provided by colleges as well as integrate within the existing club/HS/travel team training approach. The EXACT Sports Elite Prospect Camp is therefore a partnership leveraging the joint expertise of college coaches and EXACTs mental development tools.

EXACT Sports hires coaches of all levels -- head, associate, assistant, volunteer coaches at the collegiate level. Benefits of being a camp instructor include:
  • Competitive pay
  • Exposure for your college program to talented athletes
  • Networking and social interaction with other college coaches
  • Access to EXACT's mental training tools used by over 60 professional teams
  • Relaxed, positive atmosphere for the coaches players
With a 98% repeat rate from past coaches, EXACT has shown itself to be a great place for college coaches to work and instruct high school age athletes.


We Believe in Comprehensive and Multi-Dimensional Monitoring of Athletes

EXACT Sports was founded to provide a comprehensive understanding of youth athletes so that all stakeholders in the athletes developmentthe athlete, coach, and parentare armed with tools to improve development.

For over a decade, EXACT has been researching and analyzing the attributes that lead to success in athletics. These attributes include not just those physical characteristics which are easily identifiable, such as height, weight, speed, and strength, but also importantly, the more difficult to quantify attributes of behavior and neurocognition. Through its research, EXACT has developedand continues to developthe most comprehensive protocols to quickly and easily capture a complete portrait on each athlete.

Our Roots Are In Science and Academia

In the mid 1990s, Dr. Ralph Tarter, a research professor at the University of Pittsburgh, hypothesized that coaches and athletes over-emphasized the physical nature of sport at the expense of the mental nature, principally because it is more difficult to measure and quantify mental characteristics. Dr. Tarter directs a federally-funded research center at the University of Pittsburgh and has a 30-year career conducting longitudinal research that measures the psychological, physical and neurological development of individuals from pre-adolescence through adulthood.

In 2005, EXACT Sports developed new psychological neurocognitive diagnostics and expanded its science team and its national reach. EXACT began partnerships with professional leagues teams including many professional baseball teams, the National Hockey League, Major League Lacrosse, Major League Soccer, and the US Soccer National Team. It also developed player tracking technology that monitored athletic development over time, adjusting for gender, age, and competition levels. EXACT has evaluated thousands of athletes across multiple sports, competition levels, and gender. Through this work, EXACT has stayed committed to science, research, and academia.

We Believe That Its Most Important to Measure What Coaches and Athletes Can Change

EXACTs key value is the belief that its instrumentation must measure attributes that athletes can change with the help of dedicated coaches and parents. Traits such as self-confidence can be positively changed with superior development plans and monitoring. This, in turn, leads to a more positive trajectory for the athlete both on and off of the field. EXACTs purpose today is to help steward athlete development to positive outcomes by monitoring the traits that are fundamental to long-term success. That way, each players full potential can be recognized by coaches, and conversely, early warning signals can be provided on players who may require extra coaching.



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