Community Health Aide
Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation - Dillingham, AK

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The purpose of this job is to provide an opportunity for the employee to continue learning basic healthcare skills, complete progressive Community Health Aide training and ultimately complete the requirements to become a Community Health Practitioner. Provides primary health care, within given limits of level of training, including preventive, acute and emergency care, to residents of an assigned village within the Bristol Bay region.

  • Prefer high school graduate. GED certificate or equivalent acceptable.
  • Achieves a score on the standardized Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE Form M7-Test 2 or equivalent) indicating eighth grade level competence in basic math skills, including decimals and fractions and English for both written and verbal communication
  • Prefer ability to speak local native language.
  • Dependable, and maintains confidentiality.
  • Resides in assigned community or sub region.
  • Commitment to the job for a minimum of two years.
  • Able to leave the home community for periods of 1-6 weeks or more for training.
  • Itinerant CHAs must be able to leave the home community for periods of 1-6 weeks or more for training or job assignments, at times with very short notice.
  • Able to provide year-round coverage of clinic hours and 24-hour emergency call.
  • Able to perform the physical demands of the job.
  • Satisfactory reference and criminal checks.
  • If assigned to a specific village, recommended by the Traditional Village Council of the assigned village. If an itinerant, no objection by the Traditional Village Council of the home-base village.
  • Negative drug screen.
  • The individual must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span (e.g. pediatric/adult/geriatric) of the patient. Must possess the ability to assess data reflective of the patient’s status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patient’s requirements relative to his/her age specific needs. Must provide the care needed as described in the assigned unit’s policies and procedures.

Essential Functions:
  • Within training level, provides primary health care within given limits of training, including preventive, acute, and emergency care, to residents of assigned village.
  • Provides 24-hour emergency call and arranges for suitable alternate coverage in extraordinary circumstances after completion of CHA lll requirements.
    • A CHA assigned to a specific village may rotate the emergency "on-call" schedule with co-worker(s).
    • An Itinerant does not participate in the emergency "on-call" schedule in the home-base village unless specifically assigned by the CHAP Itinerant supervisor.
  • Obtains an appropriate history of medical problem/emergency. Performs an organized physical exam appropriate to level of training using the Community Health Aide Manual (CHAM). Makes assessments of the problem based on history and physical exam and establishes a plan of care using the CHAM and/or referral physician.
  • Accurately measures and dispenses medicine, within level of training, in compliance with physician orders.
  • Gives appropriate patient education to patients, within level of training, as directed in CHAM or Village Medicine Reference.
  • Arranges for emergency patient transport, within level of training, and accompanies patient to hospital as directed by referral physician.
  • Performs follow-up examinations, within level of training, for elders and patients with chronic medical problems. Holds special clinics, such as prenatal, well-baby, school health examinations, within level of training and in coordination with other health workers.
  • Performs routine health surveillance activities within level of training for village residents. Maintains a health surveillance record on all village residents. Counsels patients, within level of training, on health maintenance procedures.
  • Reports all patients to referral physician in an organized, systematic manner.
  • Documents patient findings and care for every patient on a Patient Encounter Form and maintains an accurate Daily Medical Log.
  • Provides preventive health care services to the community, such as the school fluoride program, within level of training.
  • Provides health education, within level of training, to groups or individuals.
  • Assists community leaders to develop plans to solve community health problems.
  • Should X-ray be available in the clinic: If appropriately trained, may perform and develop X-rays under the direct supervision of a mid-level practitioner or physician. Then, may maintain X-ray developer and solutions on a routine basis.
  • Cooperates with other clinic and CHAP staff to make the clinic and department run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Greets patients and answers telephone courteously. Handles calls appropriately.

    Makes patient clinic appointments and maintains a current clinic appointment schedule. Arranges health care appointments outside the village for patients, arranges Medicaid patient travel and fills out Medicaid paperwork as needed.

    Keeps patient health records and charts organized, current, and filed appropriately.

    Establishes, maintains, and revises record keeping and filing systems. Classifies, sorts, files and mails/transmits correspondence, records and other documents as needed.

    Maintains current quality assurance records for clinic medical supplies and equipment. Participates in performance improvement activities.

    Coordinates the services of other health professionals that serve the village. Informs other health providers of the health needs of patients or the community.

    Orients new co-workers to local work environment and shares knowledge with co-workers.

    Appropriately organizes, orders, and maintains inventory of clinic medicines, medical supplies and equipment.

    Maintains established village clinic hours.

    Maintains an effective working relationship with the local Traditional Village Council.

    Works cooperatively and effectively with clinic co-worker(s), other BBAHC staff, staff from other agencies, village residents, and visitors to the clinic.

    Communicates, coordinates, and shares responsibilities, within level of training, with clinic co-worker(s).

    Actively participates in patient billing as directed by BBAHC.

    Maintains all required logs to maintain compliance with regulations.

    Completes reports in a timely manner.

    Maintains current certifications and communicates with Training Coordinator regarding training needs in a timely manner.

    Encourage and assist residents to apply for Medicaid and Denali Kidcare and monitor and follow-up with their applications.

  • Acquires and maintains the skills needed for successful progression through Community Health Aide Basic Training Sessions III and IV, and achieves certification as a Community Health Practitioner. Successfully completes the ongoing education programs associated with employment by BBAHC and CHAP. Keeps CHAP Training Coordinator and BBAHC Personnel Department supplied with documentation of completed training and education.
  • Attends and successfully completes BBAHC training sessions in the annual mandatory review of BBAHC and Personnel policies and procedures.
  • Achieves (preferably within 6 months of hire) and/or maintains current card in Basic Life Support Provider (BLSP).
  • Achieves (preferably within 6 months of hire) and/or maintains current State of
    Alaska authorization to provide emergency medical care.
    • Emergency Medical Technician-I (EMT-I) or higher preferred.
    • Emergency Trauma Technician (ETT) is acceptable until EMT certification can be achieved.
  • Successfully progresses through Basic Health Aide Training Sessions III and IV, and achieves certification as a Community Health Practitioner in a timely manner.
    • Successfully completes the requirements (both classroom and field components) of Community Health Aide Basic Training Session III preferably within 6-12 months after completing Session III.
    • Successfully completes the requirements (both classroom and field components) of Community Health Aide basic training Session IV preferably within 6-12 months after completing Session III.
    • Successfully completes the requirements (both classroom and preceptorship) to achieve certification as a Community Health Practitioner preferably within 6-12 months after completing Session IV.
  • Achieves and maintains satisfactory performance of the skills on the Alaska Community Health Aide Program Post-Session Practice Checklist at the level of training most recently completed.
  • Attends and successfully completes additional training classes as arranged by the CHAP Training Coordinator.
  • Makes satisfactory progress toward achieving development plan and work plan recommendations.
  • Maintains and/or completes requirements for formal CHA Certification in conjunction with BBAHC training coordinator as requested by BBAHC.

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