Drilling and Marine Support Manager
Cummins Southern Plains - Houston, TX

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Job Description:
  • Acquire hour readings from all KTA50 and QSK50
drilling power modules currently in the field. Develop
spreadsheet that matches engine serial numbers with rig
numbers. Ensure we have properly documented
commissioning dates for all engines sold by CSPL.
Maintain visibility of where rigs are operating, and
ensure service/parts departments of the nearest
distributor is fully aware of how to support the
  • Serve as the CSPL expert for all things drilling.
Provide phone support to technicians in the field, and
travel to rig sites when needed. Coordinate
drilling-related service events, and ensure maximum
levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Create a formalized approach to ensuring the
availability of parts for the KTA50s. Specifically,
maintain a system that allows for ready access to high
failure parts (iGuards, speed switches, LTA water pumps,
drive shafts, etc). Properly maintain at least one fully
functional swing engine at all times. Order replacement
as necessary. Maintain inventory visibility of all AVK
and KATO generator ends.
  • Work with Cummins Inc, CSPL engineering, vendors, and
other appropriate parties to coordinate Dual Fuel
conversions. Monitor on-going performance of Dual Fuel
  • Assist with implementation of planned maintenance
  • Work with Cummins Inc, CSPL engineering, vendors, and
other appropriate parties to assist with the integration
of remote monitoring technologies.
  • Work with the COE to ensure drilling-related projects
are completed per the customer’s expectations. For
example, ensure loadbank testing is performed, properly
documented, and the customer is invited to witness the
  • Use spreadsheet to forecast rebuild opportunities.
Work with customers to schedule rebuilds. Drive business
to the new rebuild center. Use forecast to ensure
long-term steady, consistent flow of business to the
rebuild center, while avoiding backlogs.
  • Coordinate start-ups and commissioning. Ensure process
runs smooth, and everything is proactively scheduled,
particularly when multiple CSPL branches are involved.
  • Develop working relationship with Houma Armature Works
and help coordinate the rebuilding process for AVK,
KATO, and Baylor generator ends.
  • Continuously visit drilling sites, and help to develop
regular Rig Status Reports (use Precision Drilling RSR
as an example). Maintain a presence at field houses and
branch locations. Develop relationships with frontline
employees and field supervisors. Build brand loyalty
from the bottom up with drilling contractors.
  • Attend monthly drilling council conference calls.
Report on activity, opportunities, competitive threats,
and market conditions in the Oklahoma and Texas areas.
  • Ensure engines are being operated according to the
requirements set forth by Cummins. Note deviations, and
cross-reference in case of warranty claims.
  • Lead internal training program to increase CSPL’s
service support capabilities, particularly for the
QSK50. This will likely take the form of a “train the
trainer” approach. It will be particularly important to
evaluate and improve the training levels of field
technicians at the San Antonio, Houston, Oklahoma City,
Tulsa, and Midland branch locations.
  • Train and educate operators on troubleshooting and
other engine features. Help customer to acquire a basic
familiarity with the engines and to develop a level of
comfort with Cummins. This is particularly important
when working with customers that recently transitioned
from a competitive engine manufacturer to Cummins.
Debrief with sales regularly to identify customers most
in need of familiarization with Cummins.
  • Check status of engine components (filters, belts,
etc) and solicit parts POs to order replacements. Drive
parts sales!
  • Communicate with PSSRs and service personnel at other
distributors in the event equipment leaves CSPL’s
territory. When equipment leaves CSPL’s territory,
ensure local distributor is aware of incoming ESNs,
appropriate parts stocking levels, and technician
training requirements.
  • Serve as the eyes and ears in the field. Report to
Sales Department when and where new equipment is being
built, and when repowers will take place. Keep a pulse
on the competition. Observe performance of competitive
T4 and Dual Fuel products (i.e. Cat’s Dynamic Gas
Blending system).
  • Help coordinate product campaigns – i.e. QSK50
injectors, AVK, etc.
  • Develop close working relationship with the Sales
Department and help to increase sales of new engines.
  • Attend customer meetings/presentations with Sales
  • Update Cummins Rocky Mountains, Cummins Mid-South, and
Cummins Western Canada on status of customers, rigs,
engines, etc.
  • Submit weekly activity report to Bryan Dodgen. Carbon
copy Matt Houser.

Job Requirements:
1.High school diploma or equivalent.
2.Extensive Knowledge of all Cummins Products
3.Minimal of 10 years of service experience
4.Must possess strong organizational skills and a high
degree of initiative.
5.Strong written and verbal communication skills.
6.Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
7.Must have an internal drive for customer service and
provide an elevated level of service for internal and
external customers.
8.Must comply with safety rules and regulations and
apply them to daily work routines for personal safety
and the safety of others.
Req. Code : 608
Division/Department : Houston Operations
# of Openings : 1

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