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This classification has been designated as a non-classified, non-merit system, at-will position.

An ERP Role and Workflow Process Analyst is responsible for designing, defining, implementing, managing, and maintaining (monitoring, reviewing, and changing) the role-based permissions and associated workflows for the City’s financial, payroll, timekeeping, human resources, performance budgeting, and procurement ERP system. Positions in this class are responsible for understanding the City’s business processes and creating or defining logical job-based roles with and for the City departments and user groups; mapping the job roles to the ERP system functions, workflows, and other system events to define the level of security and user access required to perform the business functions; and the daily system security or access configuration tasks, user administration (access), and workflow administration.

ERP Role and Work flow Process Analysts perform skilled, specialized duties which include the following: collecting and/or analyzing information to develop (define) job based roles; creating and defining the automated ERP rules-based workflows based on the identified job roles and the City’s business rules, policies, and approvals, which will provide an audit trail (checks and balances) for the ERP system; adding, changing, and deleting user access to the ERP system based on the process workflows; facilitating the development and implementation of work flow strategies (based on the CityEdge Steering Team’s broader strategies for ERP system access); adding, changing, or deleting workflow processes and rules in the ERP system based on departmental or workflow changes and with the appropriate approvals; assisting departments in the planning, procedures, and strategies for system access across multiple functions (including accounting, payroll, human resources, timekeeping, performance budgeting, and procurement); identifying and resolving workflow issues; working closely with the City’s Information Technology Department (ITD) technical and project staff and ERP vendors; testing, scheduling, communicating, and coordinating ERP workflow system changes with ITD via change management to ensure the stability and reliability of the City’s computer systems (and to prevent system performance issues or outages); developing exception processes for determining system roles, access, and workflows where users do not fit into predefined job roles, and preparing or updating system documentation including operating procedures and documentation for system access and workflow decisions. This class performs related duties as required. The ideal candidate will have a high level understanding of relational database structure and concepts, and the ability to use SQL and querying to troubleshoot and identify data anomalies.

The ERP Role and Workflow Process Analysts are distinguished from the Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Analyst position which administers role-based security specifically for the Human Resources (HR) application and from the IT Analyst II's assigned to Security which perform technical security duties focusing on system detection, intrusion, malware and investigation rather than the role-based permissions and associated work flows for the system. The ERP Role and Work flow Process Analysts will operate from established goals and objectives and will be supervised by an Assistant Finance Director in Financial Services through conferences, observation of work in progress, evaluation of results achieved, and feedback from the CityEdge Steering Team and user departments. This class is FLSA exempt-professional.

Qualifications & Requirements:

Minimum Qualification(s) Required. Any combination of training, education, and experience equivalent to graduation from an accredited college or university with an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Business Administration, Accounting, or closely related field. Good (1 - 3 years) computer systems experience supporting the following will be required: ERP user administration, workflow management, access to windows-based computer systems, or financial systems.

Preferred/Desirable Qualification(s). Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Business Administration, Accounting, or closely related field. Good (1 - 3 years) computer systems experience will be highly desirable in supporting or using (as a “super user”) the following systems or applications: financial management, payroll, time and attendance, procurement, or human resources. Communication and presentation skills are also highly desirable.

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