Entry Level Security Police Officer (NRF)
BMPC - Scoville, ID

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Job Description:
Security Police Officers (SPOs) are responsible at Naval
Reactors Program/Department of Energy (DOE) facilities
to enforce specified laws regarding Government property
and criminal provisions of the Atomic Energy Act. SPOs,
in accordance with 10 CFR, possess law enforcement
responsibility and Limited Arrest Authority. SPOs are
responsible to enforce Federal criminal law to protect
Government property and personnel. SPOs are required to
protect the NRF's interests from theft, sabotage, and
other hostile acts that may cause adverse impacts on
National Security, the health and safety of employees,
the public, or the environment.

The essential duties for an Associate SPO may include:
  • Protect the organization's physical assets by
maintaining and safeguarding the physical perimeter
of the facility.
  • Comprehend and implement detailed procedures
contained in the NR's General Orders and applicable
site Post Orders.
  • Patrol and protect the facilities by foot and/or
vehicle to detect or prevent illegal/unauthorized
  • Provide security protection for all organizational
facilities, classified material and personnel within
areas of responsibility to preclude unauthorized
access, diversion, theft or intentional destruction.
  • Prevent, detect, or report any possible espionage
or sabotage activities.
  • Control personnel and vehicular ingress/egress into
exiting controlled secure areas.
  • Perform escort duties as appropriate.
  • Prevent/report all violation of security and safety
rules and regulations.
  • Respond to protective alarm signals or
unusual/suspicious activities as necessary to react
to alarm signals and to control situations such as
industrial accidents, hostage situations, internal
disorders, bomb or attack threats, attempts to
commit sabotage, espionage, or other criminal acts.
  • Maintain an in-depth knowledge or all security
orders, written and oral, pertaining to assigned
duties as well as working knowledge of applicable
federal/state laws.
  • .Maintain required DOE physical fitness
  • Maintain appropriate radiological, firearm,
first-aid, and other required qualifications
  • Perform additional duties to include such items as
writing NR Security Reports, updating policies and
procedures; maintaining daily shift logs; etc. This
list is not all inclusive.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
Job Requirements:
  • High School graduate or equivalent education and two
years college or vo-tech education in Criminal
Justice, Law Enforcement, or similar programs.
  • Two years (equivalent) civilian or military law
enforcement experience can be substituted for post
high school education.
Other education and experience requirements that will be
considered or completed for the preferred candidate

The two years experience in law enforcement or
experience in a law enforcement capability include
experience such as Military Policy, DOE/DOE, Contract
Federal or Federal SPO. Other experience such as a
Military detail involved with National Security may be
Must successfully pass DOE physical examination
conducted b the BMPC Designated and Physician and
demonstrate and maintain a physical fitness capability,
in accordance with DOE requirements prior to and during
Must pass the MMPI psychological evaluation and drug
test rior to and during employment.
Must be in possession of a valid driver's license.
Must be 21 years of age.
Must be able to stand for long periods of time and work
inside and outside with exposure to weather conditions.