Environmental Resources Specialist 2
Ramsey County, MN - Maplewood, MN

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The current vacancy is in the Parks and Recreation Department.

To formulate and implement a comprehensive resource management plan and individual park and open space plans; to recommend and coordinate management practices to protect, enhance, and restore the natural resources with the Ramsey County Parks and open spaces, and to perform related duties as assigned. (This is the journey-level of this classification series. It differs from Environmental Resources Specialist 1 in that assignments typically involve activities that require the application of knowledge and skills obtained through experience in this field; and tend to require more judgment and greater independence for the completion of assigned tasks.)

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Examples of Work Performed:
Works with community groups, the media, State, Federal and local agencies, watershed districts, contractors, and/or environmental interest groups to present information on natural resources management activities; advocate for Ramsey County's interests; seek cooperation on environmental or natural resource projects; negotiate costs and/or respond to groups of concerned citizens on issues about environmental and natural resources projects.

Prepare permit applications for natural resources projects to fulfill requirements of watershed districts, State, Federal and/or local agencies.

Research, prepare, update, and implement Ramsey County's comprehensive natural resource management plan.

Monitor the Department's comprehensive natural resources management plan and individual park and open space plans; gather, analyze, record, and evaluate data on forests, trees, shrubs, wetlands, lakes, streams, soils, and other flora and fauna for use in developing park and open space management plans, and identify and implement sound natural resources management practices.

Manage vegetation and wildlife population control projects including developing project scope; identifying project partners; determining project costs and funding availability; identifying project schedule; establishing and coordinating community involvement; preparing specifications and requests for proposals; administering contracts; reviewing contractor's work; recommending contractor payment; and evaluation project outcomes.

Coordinate diseased tree programs, diseased wood abatement, landscape tree planting, and prairie restoration, along with wildlife enhancement and control programs; and oversee tree and shrub maintenance.

Advise Department planning teams in the formulation and revision of park master plans to ensure emphasis on natural resource preservation and management.

Represent the Department at community meetings, public forums, and public meetings held by other agencies, such as City Council and Planning Commission Meetings, with respect to natural resource management and environmental issues.
Represent the Department on intergovernmental/multi-agency technical evaluation or advisory committees related to natural resource management. Research and recommend natural resource program changes and improvements and assist Division Director in finalizing revisions and implementation.

Prepare grant applications and administer grants related to the Department's natural resource management; work with public agencies, community groups, and recreation organizations on natural resource management issues to implement natural resource management projects and answer public inquiries

Train Parks staff and volunteers in the proper care and maintenance of natural resources.

Administer the Department's parkland encroachment policies to include monitoring encroachment, implementing owner notification, and coordinating enforcement.

Develop and coordinate joint projects/programs with a variety of user groups that include natural resources research, management, and education. Create and expand natural resource based educational programs.

Coordinate the process for determining wetland impacts and regulatory/permitting requirements for proposed Department projects.

Prepare permit applications to fulfill watershed district or other State, Federal, and local agency's requirements for Department projects; review permit requirements, and recommend appropriate best management practices.

Identify timeline for required submittals that meets the proposed Department project construction schedule; and act as liaison to the regulatory agency and the Department to ensure permit requirements are incorporated into the project construction plans.

Complete wetland delineations, prepare associated wetland delineation reports and provide required wetland delineation monitoring.

Act as liaison with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Metro Watershed Districts, Conservation Organizations, and the University of Minnesota.

Administer the process for granting permits, licenses, and easements to outside jurisdictions and agencies for public improvements on Ramsey County Parks and Open Space property.

Maintain GIS files for the Department; develop and collect needed layers for Parks and Recreation projects; develop maps and other GIS materials; and work with the Ramsey County GIS User Group, Ramsey Conservation District, and other agencies to maintain and collect data.
Regulatory Permitting

Develop County-wide Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES), Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) and Industrial permit applications; prepare and update Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan (SWPPP ); complete annual report as required by EPA; act as liaison to compile SWPPP-related activities completed by County Environmental Health, Parks and Recreation Department, and the Ramsey County Conservation District; maintain permit compliance information meeting permit requirements; prepare an electronic presentation of annual MS4 performance; and conduct an annual public meeting as required by the EPA permit.

Prepare NPDES Erosion and Sediment Control permit applications for County Public Works projects as required by EPA and State; prepare Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for all County projects requiring an EPA NPDES permit; develop erosion and sediment control plans for County construction and maintenance projects; conduct field inspections of projects to document adherence to permit requirements; maintain a written inspection record; identify needed modifications to the approved erosion control plan; complete SWPPP updates; and act as liaison to regulatory agency staff, contractors and Public Works Construction staff to implement the project erosion control plan.

Prepare permit applications to fulfill watershed district or other State, Federal and local agencies requirements for County projects; review permit requirements and recommend appropriate best management practices; and identify timeline for required submittals that meets the proposed Department project construction schedule; and act as liaison to the regulatory agency and the Department to ensure permit requirements are incorporated into the project construction plans.

Complete wetland delineations, prepare associated wetland delineation reports and provide required wetland delineation monitoring.

Tree Management

Inspect County properties for diseased or hazardous trees; estimate volume of trees to be removed research developments in tree management; prepare specifications for hiring contractors to perform trimming or removal work, prepare budget or grant requests for funding; direct and review contractors' work, authorize payment; act as liaison to Parks, residents, and state and local agency staff; prepare annual report; and monitors expenditures and budget.

Respond upon notification to severe storms to assess the extent of damage to trees and resulting road obstructions and threats to public safety; prioritize cleanup work of tree contractor and Public Works staff; identify hazardous areas; act as liaison to County departments, internal staff and other agencies to coordinate tree removal activity and identify appropriate stockpile areas and disposal of storm-damaged trees; inform the public, County administration, and other outside agencies on the timeline for clearing of debris; maintain careful records of tree work for Federal emergency reimbursement claims and billing; submit required information in a clear, concise form to support claim; and review work and approve payment to contractors.

Conduct research and perform analyses of the environmental aspects of proposed engineering projects (such as noise impact, air quality, water quality, and impact on wetlands and wildlife); prepare environmental assessments and recommendations to comply with applicable federal, state and local laws.

Conduct field inspections of engineering projects to document adherence to environmental protection requirements.
Environmental Maintenance

Conduct periodic inspection of County facilities such as, boat ramps, lake outlets, and shoreline erosion control projects; develop and maintain maintenance inspection spreadsheet; prepare and distribute report; and act as liaison to Public Works Maintenance and to the Parks and Recreation Department facilities manager in developing maintenance approach and schedule.

Serve as liaison for Department maintenance activities related to County structures and storm water Best Management Practices; prepare lists of required maintenance materials and actions; assist in plan preparation; notify regulatory agencies and obtain permit if necessary; train Department staff in proper BMP installation; inspect the maintenance work including restoration; and maintain files and records for incorporation in MS4 permit annual report.

Inspect outfalls, structures and constructed Best Management Practices as required by watershed districts and EPA NPDES permit; utilize standard protocol identified by regulating agencies; maintain accurate records of the inspections; act as liaison to County Maintenance Division to identify and schedule needed repairs; and complete annual reports as required by EPA NPDES permit.

Investigate and initiate remediation of spills or contamination of County properties in compliance with state and federal regulations.

May be assigned to perform duties as specified for County agriculture inspector pursuant to the Minnesota Noxious Weed Law (M.S. 18.76-18.88) and implement the annual Minnesota Department of Agriculture County Inspector work plan.

Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Forestry, Conservation Biology, Wildlife Management or a related environmental science.

Two years of experience in natural resource management, park management, forestry, wildlife management, or a related area.

Substitutions: None.

A valid driver's license is required.

May be required within one year of notification, to obtain one or more of the following certifications or licensures by the State of Minnesota:

Certified Tree Inspector

Professional Wetland Delineator

Exam/Screening Process Information:
EXAMINATION: The examination/screening process will consist of the following sections with each section weighted as indicated:
Training & Experience Rating...................Wt. 100% NOTE: The Training & Experience Rating will be based on the supplemental questionnaire that you need to complete as part of your application. Please be sure to be complete in your answers and do not mark "see resume" or "see work history". Failure to clearly and completely outline your training & experience could adversely affect your examination score and rank on the eligible list for this classification. Criminal Background Checks: All employment offers are conditioned upon the applicant passing a criminal background check. Convictions are not an automatic bar to employment. Each case is considered on its individual merits and the type of work sought. However, making false statements or withholding information will cause you to be barred from employment, or removed from employment.

For further information regarding this posting, please contact Jennifer Otley at jennifer.otley@co.ramsey.mn.us or by phone at (651) 266-2721.