Freelance Writer
Stunt & Gimmick's - Charleston, SC

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We're hiring a writer, and you should be very excited about that! Like, super excited. Jumping up and down and yelling at people excited. Because we're that awesome to work for. Duties will involve, shockingly enough, writing. You will be creating content for a variety of clients in fields ranging from automotive to medical device manufacturing. Articles range in length from 300 words to about 700 words. To be perfectly frank, a lot of the work is somewhat boring and repetitive, but with the possibility for pretty damn awesome here and there.

For the initial hire, we foresee about 30 hours of work per month. If we think you're a good fit and we like the way you work, this will increase, and has the potential to turn into a full time position. We are a distributed workforce company, so you will be working from home (or the coffee shop, or a park, or in your car sitting in traffic, or a tropical beach. We really don't care). We will ask you to meet with us occasionally, so figure about 95% of your time will be at home and 5% in person. Compensation is set at $20 per hour, with an estimated workload of 30 hours a month, for a monthly salary of $600 (in case you're wondering, this is the equivalent of about $42,000 per year). Again, if we like you and trust your writing, we'll give you more work.

But enough about us, let's talk about you for a second. If you want to work for us, you will need:

  • At Least A 4-Year Degree or Experience - Yeah, I know, this is a crappy requirement, but we want you to have had some formal training in writing. Your degree should be in a writing-related field. If you don't have a degree, we'll take work experience in journalism, communications, pr, etc. as an alternative.
  • Excellent Writing Skills - We shouldn't have to say this, but you need to be able to write well. That means both technically well (good grammar, spelling, following a style manual, etc.) as well as creatively well. You need to be able to take an incredibly boring topic and find some angle to make it come to life.
  • Attention to Detail - Again, spelling, grammar, and being able to follow a style guide matter here. We don't want sloppy writers who make our editor angry, because an angry editor armed with a red pen can be deadly.
  • Punctuality and Self-Motivation - You will be working from home, on fairly loose deadlines. That means that you will have no one standing over you yelling for work to be done. This is dangerous, and can lead to horrible time mismanagement. Trust us. If you don't think you can wake up in the morning and make yourself work, please don't apply.
  • An Awesome Personality - Company culture matters to us. We like to go out and have fun and meet people we're working with, and enjoy each others company. We like to think of ourselves as an awesome company. If you aren't awesome, and if you can't mesh with our personalities, it probably won't work out in the long run, and we don't really want to have to go through this hiring thing again in a month.

About Us : Stunt&Gimmick's is a creative content management company that has been featured in Inc., Forbes, Chief Content Officer Magazine, The Globe and Mail, and other excellent places. In the three years we've been in business, we've worked with some great brands, and helped companies bridge the gap between what they want to say and what their customers want to hear. In short, we help brands talk to people. We believe that writing isn't dead, that the listicle is an abomination, and that the only reason people don't want to read longform online is because most longform writing sucks these days. We work to tie great content to actual business metrics, and creativity to the bottom line. We think that every company has a story, and every story is worth telling. Our workforce is distributed and remote, because we don't think being tied to a cubicle desk makes for good expression. We think writers deserve to be paid a good wage, and that good writing is worth its weight in gold. If this sounds like something you're interested in, let us know!

Position : Freelance Writer
Work Environment : Remote work
Compensation : $600 monthly, roughly $20/hour
Estimated Workload : 30 hours a month

Please submit a cover letter and resume. Resumes without cover letters will be mocked mercillesly and thrown in the digital trash.

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