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Please read the requirements for application before applying.

To be eligible for a scholarship, a student must:
Have written confirmation of admission to a nursing program.

The following must be included with the application:
1. Two reference letters.

2. A letter of program acceptance from your school.

Recipient Responsibilities:
The recipient is responsible upon graduation for a predetermined amount of full-time employment at Stillwater Medical Center.
The employee must agree to work in the SMC departments/ shifts having the greatest need while the scholarship is being forgiven.

To continue receiving financial assistance, the recipient must:

1. Submit a current transcript showing a "C" grade or better for each course.

2. Itemized list of classes enrolled in and charges for the following semester.

If studies are interrupted for any reason or the applicant cannot meet the employment obligation, the recipient must submit a letter to Stillwater Medical Center Human Resources stating:

The circumstances of the interruption.

An alternate plan for resuming studies at a later date.

Plan for repaying funds already received.

Scholarship funds are limited and budgeted on a yearly basis. The scholarship can be revoked at any time.

Other sources of financial assistance:



To provide economic assistance and encourage education in the nursing field so that Stillwater Medical Center has an adequate number of nurses in the future.


A. Criteria for scholarship eligibility:
1. A scholarship application must be completed in the Human Resources office during online posting period.
2. All qualified scholarship applicants are interviewed by Human Resources.
3. All applications are approved by Human Resources.
4. Scholarships are only available for healthcare related majors that the Medical Center has deemed are/will be hard-to-fill by that departments' Vice President.
5. Scholarship applicants must provide proof of acceptance into a healthcare program.
a. Professions that may be eligible for scholarships include: RN, LPN.
b. Eligible positions are subject to change based upon current/future needs of the Medical Center and the number of previously approved scholarships for each profession.
6. Scholarships are available based upon the availability of previously budgeted funds for this program.
B. Approval for the scholarship will be based on the following:
1. Length of employment at SMC. Though current/previous SMC employment is not a prerequisite, preference will be given to current SMC employees.
2. Work performance/past evaluations. Though current/previous SMC employment is not a prerequisite, preference will be given current SMC employees.
3. Length of time residing in the Stillwater area.
4. Need for the position in which employee plans to obtain degree.
5. Likelihood of success in the school/program based upon past school grades and scholastic/achievements.
6. Availability of funds.
7. Current/future need for specific healthcare professionals.

C. Scholarship Conditions:
1. Employees must attend classes on non-worked time.

2. If employee is unable to fulfill the work commitment or complete schooling in a timely manner, the employee will pay SMC the remainder of the loan and 7% interest.
3. Employee agrees to work in the SMC departments/ shifts having the greatest need for staff, as decided by that department's Vice President. While the scholarship loan is being forgiven, recipient must continue to work on the units/shifts needing staff, as designated by the department's VicevPresident.

D. Reimbursable Costs:
1. A lifetime maximum of $5,000 to include tuition, fees, and books will be available per scholarship.
b. One year's tuition will be forgiven in return for 1 year of full-time employment.

E. Requirements for assistance:
1. Financial assistance will be paid directly to the college/institution after an itemized list of costs, amount owed, grade report, and proof of enrollment from the college being attended is received in HR. The scholarship will only pay on amounts owed to the college. (Example: If another scholarship pays for all of a semester's expenses except for $250.00 SMC will only pay the remaining $250.00. Scholarship funds are not to be used for living expenses) All funds sent to the college that are in excess of required fees/expenses will be refunded back to Stillwater Medical Center.
2. A minimum of a "C" grade received for each course is required to be eligible for future assistance.
3. Human Resources will forward to accounting the request form with approval for issuing a check for the appropriate amount.
4. The issued check and request form are returned to Human Resources where the scholarship recipient may sign for the check, or the check in part, or in full, may be mailed directly to the school.
5. This scholarship may be considered taxable income based upon current IRS regulations and will be included in earned income if taxable.
F. Participants in the Scholarship Program are not eligible to participate in SMC's Tuition or Educational Assistance, Loan Forgiveness Program/benefit.
G. Scholarship Default: The following are examples of occurrences that would cause an employee to default.
1. If the employee is unable to start full-time work within 30 days of graduating.
2. If the employee quits school before graduation.
3. Failure to pass required board/exam within the first two times offered.
4. If the employee is terminated for cause or voluntarily separates before the repayment process is complete.
5. The employee is unable to work full-time hours.
H. Recipients who default on their scholarship would be expected to pay the Medical Center back within 30 days of the occurrence causing a default. All unforgiven loans made to the employee will become due immediately plus 7% simple interest.
1. Stillwater Medical Center is authorized to withhold any moneys due employer from the employee's paycheck.
2. If the employee is terminated by Stillwater Medical Center without the employee having done anything to contribute to the termination, Stillwater Medical Center will consider this loan fully forgiven. If the employee is terminated for cause or voluntarily resigns, that will constitute a default and all moneys still owed Stillwater Medical Center will be immediately due.

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