Healthcare Union Organizer
SEIU Healthcare Illinois Indiana Missouri and Kansas - Chicago, IL

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/ Chicago
Important opportunity to work on innovative campaigns to empower workers in the 99 percent to take on the power of the 1 percent. We need creative electoral campaigners, social and environmental activists, community organizers, labor organizers, students interested in starting social justice careers to work alongside low-wage workers as they speak out together for good jobs. Must be willing to work in stressful, hectic campaign environment and bring strong field and relational skills. Candidate should have a track record of working or volunteering for underdogs and overlooked causes.

Employer: SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana

Location: Chicago IL

To Apply: Email cover letter and resume to:

About SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana

SEIU Healthcare Illinois & Indiana is a dynamic, action-oriented union of over 85,000 healthcare and child care workers throughout Illinois and Indiana. As one of the largest and fastest growing affiliates of the Service Employees International Union, SEIU HCII is committed to building power for low and moderate income families by organizing workers for economic and social justice. Purpose: The role of the External Organizer 1 is to help unorganized workers to organize and build power in the workplace and the community. This will be done through building organizations and committees of workers fighting for a voice on the job through collective action and campaigns to improve the legal, regulatory or employment conditions that workers are organizing under. Other Locations : Chicago, IL * Indianapolis, IN * Kansas City, KS * Missouri Duties and Responsibilities : An External Organizer 1 performs a wide range of duties, which may vary according to the needs of the overall program or a specific campaign. Examples of those duties and responsibilities are listed below:
  • Expand the membership of the union
  • Build support for union organizing efforts amongst workers, community members, consumers and others
  • Develop members to become capable of executing important union organizing roles ensuring members the chance to grow, learn and lead
  • Build and support Organizing Committees through which workers can exercise leadership in campaigns
  • Effectively communicate and promote the Local's vision and mission
  • Develop worksite campaigns and actions based on group issues
  • Mobilize workers and coordinate organizing meetings, actions and other activities
  • Participate in a wide variety of campaign models and settings
  • Other Duties as assigned Scope and Nature of Supervision : An External Organizer 1 must be able to organize his or her time, and develop and carry out plans with minimum supervision. S/he must also be able to receive direction from and interact with his or her immediate supervisor or other leads as needed.
Criteria for Evaluation : The External Organizer 1 will be evaluated on his/her ability and skill in assisting the Local to meet its goal of organizing and representing workers successfully. Among other criteria, s/he will be evaluated on the ability to:
  • Engage members
  • Identify and develop leaders
  • Demonstrate a curiosity in and a desire and willingness to learn from members' lives and struggles
  • Build support for the union and organizing campaigns amongst workers and other allies and move into action
  • Overcome opposition and fear
  • Effectively communicate campaign messages and the union's vision and mission
  • Reliably assess workers' union support and leadership potential
  • Map member relationships and interests and align them with the overall goals of the union and campaign
  • Move campaigns in assigned turf and take initiative on promoting strategies
  • Think strategically, quickly respond to changing conditions and challenges
  • Demonstrate understanding of campaign strategy, collective bargaining and other issues important to the Union
  • Demonstrate good judgment and problem solving skills
  • Effectively report relevant campaign issues
  • Optimize use of local resources
  • Maintain positive working relationships with the members and other staff
  • Balance conflicting demands successfully
  • Work independently
  • Carry out assigned responsibilities in a competent and professional manner in keeping with the Local's overall goals and expectations. Working Conditions : External Organizers may be required to work long and irregular hours and to work on weekends and holidays when necessary. External Organizers will be required to travel and work on remote campaigns for extended periods. Other Expectations : External Organizers are expected to lead by example. It is the role of the External Organizer to provide model behaviors and guidance of what is expected as a Leader in our Union. Organizers must work with racially and ethnically diverse workers in both cities and in rural areas. They must be able to respect, learn from, and lead women, people of color, low-wage workers and others. The organizer mobilizes worker leaders and develops a plan to build a union in the face of fierce attacks from the bosses. All staff is expected to respect the processes of the organization and to work within the framework of the organization to resolve internal disputes and issues. Key Qualification Criteria : Key qualifications for the job of External Organizer 1 include:
  • Ability to lead, motivate and inspire workers to develop into leaders and participate in key union organizing activities even in the face of employer opposition and intimidation (i.e. building organizing committees, member to member organizing, actions, etc.)
  • Demonstrated understanding of the organizing models employed and how they can be used to empower workers, build the union and improve workers' lives
  • Ability to think strategically, take initiative and be creative in engaging workers in campaigns and provide the support needed to be successful
  • Sound interpersonal and communication skills including the ability to establish and cultivate respectful relationships with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Desire to learn and develop knowledge and understanding of collective bargaining, organizing models and other labor issues and human resource management practices
  • Ability to develop member leaders to deal with worksite issues
  • Sound organizational skills to manage and prioritize work subject to deadlines in a dynamic and changing environment, as an individual and as a member of a team
  • Good judgment and problem solving skills
  • Ability to formulate and deliver on short-term and long-term campaign building goals
  • Basic working knowledge of Microsoft Office, databases and internet or willingness to learn
  • A valid driver's license, car and car insurance
  • Dedication to the success of workers' struggles for social change Additional Information :
  • Professional training opportunities.
  • Bilingual English/Spanish is a plus. Salary and Benefits :
  • Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience. Benefits included.
This is an FLSA exempt position We are an Equal Opportunity Employer