Investment Analyst
MIT Investment Management Company (MITIMCo) - Cambridge, MA

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Who are we?

Investment Management Company (MITIMCo) is a leading investment
management firm which invests exclusively on behalf of MIT to support
its educational and research mission. We currently manage over $12
billion in assets. We primarily invest through external fund managers
across a variety of strategies including stockpickers, hedge funds,
private equity, venture capital, real estate, and hard assets. The
portfolio is globally diversified.

Why might you want to work here?

You will be given significant responsibilities right away.
The structure and culture are very flat, which means that analysts are
involved in all major investment decisions and are expected to form and
voice opinions. You will have the flexibility to manage your own time,
and the freedom to come up with your own creative ideas for how to
approach the challenges of endowment management.

You will never stop learning at MITIMCo .
We are a self-reflective, innovative group who seek continuous
improvement. We believe that humility and intellectual honesty are
critical attributes that all great investors share. Each member of our
team, regardless of quantity and quality of investment experience, is
constantly seeking new ways to improve his/her skills as an investor, a
relationship builder, and a teammate. We achieve this through reading,
engaging debates, constant interaction with the world's best investors,
and an open respect for all good ideas irrespective of their source. As
an analyst, you will actively participate in the continuous improvement
process, but you will also receive mentorship from MITIMCo’s tenured
staff to help you develop critical investment judgment. You will also
have access to exceptional external resources: you will learn how to
invest by spending your days meeting with some of the best investors in
the world. Specifically, you will learn how to understand businesses,
analyze investments in companies, and evaluate tactical investment

You will work in a closely-knit team of people who enjoy each other’s company .
We work hard to maintain a supportive culture that is focused on asking
the right questions and getting the best answers. We value
intellectual independence and encourage debate, but we strive to do it
without politics or individual agendas. We consciously try to
make MITIMCo a great place to work because we believe that having low
personnel turnover is one of our critical competitive strengths .
We build long-term relationships with our investment managers, and
having a tenured staff to maintain these relationships over many years
is a valuable asset.

You will be supporting a great non-profit cause. One
of the most common traits of all of our employees is that we take
tremendous pride in supporting a top-tier educational institution. You
will be rewarded every day with news headlines highlighting the amazing
things that emanate from the MIT community: curing diseases, improving
energy efficiency, and thousands of other technologies that make
people’s lives better. You
will be able to make a tangible link between the dollars generated by
our investment performance and the number students and professors we
help fund every year. You will feel that you are truly making a difference.

You will learn to invest globally across a variety of asset classes .
You will be required to travel both domestically and internationally to
identify investment opportunities and to help the team compare
investment strategies worldwide. Your relationships and analysis will
matter as you help MIT shape its investment strategy in a globalizing

welcome our analysts to stay and build long, successful careers at
MITIMCo, and it is our hope that you will choose to stay with us. But
even if you decide that you do not want to stay at MITIMCo forever, you
will find that this is an outstanding foundation for whatever you choose to do in the future .
Everything you learn about investing and understanding businesses will
be highly transferable skills. You will develop your self-awareness and
intellectual honesty and learn about group decision dynamics. And you
will build relationships that will help open doors to some of the best
investing jobs available.

What makes us different from other investment management firms?

There are two major
differences between MITIMCo and most of the rest of the investment
management industry: we invest in managers and we have only one client.
Investing in managers means that we take a business that is usually
about numbers and make it about people. Most investment management
firms are focused on security selection - they own a portfolio of stocks
or bonds, and they spend their time analyzing which stocks or bonds to
own. MITIMCo focuses on manager selection, which means that we have a
portfolio of allocations to investment managers, and we spend our time
analyzing the capabilities and strategies of investment firms. While
quantitative skills and analytical ability are tremendously important to
everything we do, we are ultimately investing in people, and we must be
outstanding judges of people's skills and character. As an analyst,
you will have the opportunity to learn from the best. You will learn
many investment strategies from the world's leading practitioners.

Having only one
client has a number of important benefits. One obvious benefit is that
we do not spend any time marketing, which allows our staff to be more
productive. But more importantly, MIT has a large pool of capital that
is stable over time. Since our capital base is permanent and our
strategic vision is very long-term, we can invest with a longer time
horizon than most other investors. This horizon enables us to invest in
many attractive opportunities that may not be suitable for most
investment firms. We are able to employ a patient and analytical
decision making process. As an analyst, this is valuable because you
are able to control your schedule and focus your time on the most
compelling projects and investments.