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The client wants a god and we want mortals who love to code.

Hi. We're Brooke and Noah and we are helping a friend who is a recruiter fill a position.

The job is described below and if you think are qualified for that position then we'll make the introduction, she will send you to the client. The job is described at the end of this ad. Once you're settled in we'll want to meet you in person and buy you a cup of coffee.

We believe the job market is broken because it concentrates on finding gods who then get treated like square pegs and that get pounded into round holes. (Note: We are not accusing the company with the job below of being such a firm, but we do believe it happens at enough other places to be a problem.)

But, instead of finding perfect people we want to find flawed mortals who can round out imperfect teams that then go on to do awesome things.

We also believe this whole process should start with you getting to know us. We are unbelievably busy and if you are looking for a job then you probably have more time than we do. So, in this great "elimination game" that passes for a job market you might as well start by eliminating us. Here goes. . .

--- About Brooke and Noah ---

Brooke is 61-year-old retired male Wall Street executive who started out programming computers and never gave up because at heart that is all he has ever been and all he ever wants to be. In 1988, while at a huge firm, he came up with some mathematical models that could beat the stock markets, and he did that all the way through February 10th, 2014.

Financial success (and deeply entrenched frugality) means Brooke has enough savings to safely retire without a need to continue a career making rich people richer. However, he is not about to stop working on something.

So Brooke has decided to try to make a broken job market less broken. He isn't confident he will succeed, but he has time and he is willing to work on the problem - at least until it gets the better of him.

You can learn about his motives for doing this at:, find his LinkedIn profile at, and discover who he really is at

Noah is half Brooke's age and he makes his living as a consultant helping media, technology, and consumer products companies find the best ways of being more valuable by growing their businesses and by retaining existing customers and employees.

He has been working on this project without earning a dime (so far) because he is also passionate about fixing the broken job market. He has experienced the problem first-hand from all angles, and he sees how many companies shoot themselves in the foot by treating humans inhumanely. You can learn about him at:, and

--- About creating a better work world ---

We first met in April and ever since we have been feverishly working on a project to commercialize a better way of bringing work and workers together. It lives at, and our tagline is: Ask yourself, "What do we owe the people we do not hire?"

We describe the business model this way: "Better Work World is paid by hiring firms to find good people but we are on the side of the job seeker. The first client gets the best for free and we make our money by placing the rest for a fee. That is why you don't have to be perfect for us to think you are wonderful."

Now would be a good time to check out our website.


If you want to apply for the job our friend has then read the description below. If you can honestly say that you qualify (and can spot the bogus requirement) then send us a cover letter and resume and we'll pass it along. Please be honest because if you do not meet all the qualifications they will eventually find out, but it will take a lot of time and really annoy a lot of people.


If this is you then we'd like to meet you in person. We would especially like to invest time in you if you like to learn new things and won't get angry with you us if we don't get you a job right away.

If that's you then please DO NOT SEND A RESUME. Instead tell us why you want to meet us and why we should want to meet you. You may also ask us any questions or just wish us well in our new adventure.


Brooke and Noah

--- Finally! The Job ---

The software company (in midtown) wants two permanent additions to their team: a junior developer for their Java/JEE web developer role and a hands-on Senior Java Architect (with client side web development technologies).

They want you to have prior work experience developing application in core Java, JEE and client side JavaScript, Ajax.

They want you to have exposure to GUI frameworks such as GWT, ExtJS, YUI, XKCD/1110

They want you to have one to three years of experience and a BS in Computer Science.

If you’ve developed code within the Market Data or Financial services industry, it’s a huge plus for them.