Laboratory Technician
TeamPersona - Berkeley, CA

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Job Description

Client: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
Location: Berkeley, Ca.
Duration : 6 month contract with possible extension for additional 6 months
Pay rate : $26.93/hr.

Teampersona is looking for a Laboratory Technician that will be r e s po n s i b l e f o r ani m a l h u s bandry and se m i - routi n e r esea rch ass i g n m e n t s i nclu d in g:

o Hormone i n ject i ons to i n d u ce super ov u lation

o Pre - a nd post i mplan t a t i o n mouse e mbryo collectio n ,

o Ma i nta i ning stab l e mou s e t r a n s genic l ines

o Small a n i mal s ur ge ry

o Ge n o typ ing a nd o th e r duti es as as s i g n e d .

Duti es

Essenti a l - 90 %

  • Perform semi-routine animal husbandry procedures including handling, transferring, breed ding, weaning, ear tagging, and tail clipping according to the guidelines set forth by the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.
  • Prepare and maintain hormone stocks for injections.
  • Perform hormone injections for induction of super ovulation in mice.
  • Set up breeding for production of fertilized eggs
  • Check for estrus, set up matting’s with vasectomies males and select pseudo-pregnant recipients for embryo transfers by checking plugs.
  • Collect super ovulated eggs and blast cysts for microinjections and collect post implantation embryos.
  • Monitor breeding programs for transgenic and knockout mouse lines.
  • Isolate genomic DNA and genotype transgenic mice using PCR (polymerase chain react ion)
  • Collect mouse blood for isolation of plasma/serum and assist with collection of mouse tissues for gene expression analysis and for histology.
  • Carry out daily surveillance of the mouse rooms to check on the health status of mice.
  • Train researchers and student assistants in general animal husbandry procedures.
  • Ensure compliance of environmental, health and safety policies and procedures
  • Assist with sub cloning of DNA fragments into vectors.
  • Assist with sub cloning of DNA fragments into vectors.
  • Maintain accurate animal records and update supervisor(s) on how projects are progressing.
  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment and
  • Adhere to all safety protocols.
Marginal- 10%

  • Stock supplies for the mouse rooms.
  • Monitor levels of C02 and Nitrogen tanks for incubator and microma nipulators.
Required skills/experience:
  • Prior experie n ce working with mice under IACUC g uid e lin es an d h ave ex p e ri e nc e with b as i c m ol ecu l a r biol ogy t ec hniqu es ( mol ecular cloning, genotyping, e t c).
  • Ca pabl e of working as pa rt of a t eam
  • Excelle nt comm uni ca tion s kill s an d the abili ty to mai n tain accura t e and deta i l ed r eco r d s.
  • Physical Demands:
o R eq u i r es f r e qu e n t physical mob i l ity an d mo v e m ent inc l ud i ng reaching, pushing, and pulling.

o Will b e r e qu i r e d to lift up to 101 b s freq u e n t ly

o 2 5 1 b s occa s i onally a nd occas i onally ma n e u v e r items on c a rt s u p to 751b s .

o May r eq uir e work o n weekends and/o r ho li d ays

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