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The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win …in air, space and cyberspace.

To achieve that mission, the Air Force has a vision of Global Vigilance, Reach and Power. That vision orbits around three core competencies: Developing Airmen, Technology-to-Warfighting and Integrating Operations. Core competencies and distinctive capabilities are based on a shared commitment to three core values -- integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.

IF APPLICABLE : Military service member's "Statement of Service" will be accepted up to 120 days prior to separation date IF a terminal leave form or DD214 cannot be provided. The "Statement of Service" must be signed by, or by direction of, the adjutant, personnel officer, or commander of your unit or higher headquarters and must indicate when your terminal leave will begin, your rank, dates of active duty service, the Type of Discharge and Character of Service (i.e. honorable).

WHO MAY APPLY: Click here for more information. You MUST have one or more identified eligibilities in order to be considered. **Air Force is not responsible for erroneous eligibilities you list or fail to list**

Air Force Employee (Current, Permanent, Competitive Service, Career/Career-Conditional Employee)

Appointment of Certain Military Spouse (EO 13473)

DoD Transfer (Army, Navy, DFAS, etc.--Excluding Air Force)

Employment of People with Disabilities

Executive Order (EO) 12721

Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP)


Non-DoD Transfer ( OPM , VA , Dept of Labor, etc.)


Veterans Employment Opportunity Act (VEOA)

Veterans' Recruitment Appointment (VRA)

30% Disabled Veterans
  • U.S. Citizenship Required
  • Travel and relocation expenses will not be paid
  • Pre-employment drug testing is required as well as random drug testing
  • Applicants must have a valid driver’s license.
  • A pre-employment physical examination is required.
  • Salary per hour $16.75 - $19.54

DUTIES: Back to top · The primary purpose of this position is to perform facilities maintenance work primarily involving, in the same job, TWO OR MORE of the trades which perform maintenance and repair of facilities such as building, structures, grounds, and related fixtures and utilities.
· Assists in identifying and locating plumbing, definiencies, and makes repairs that can be accomplished by removing, cleaning, replacing and sealing defective parts of utility, supply, and disposal systems, dirty traps, defective faucets and flushometers, sections of defective tile, or pipe, and leaky drains and using existing routes, openings, hangers and levels.
· Identifies, locates and performs repairs on existing structures involving standard measurements, specifications, instructions, and basic shop mathematics. Constructs, installs, or repair items, such as scaffolds, panels, bins, pallets, concrete forms, dry walls, sheeting and roof decking.
· Assists electricians by performing the simpler and more routine duties of the electrical trade and works with the electrician as instructed.
· Assists HVAC technicians by performing the simpler and more routine duties of the air conditioning trade and works with the journeyman level mechanics as instructed.
· Utilizes safety, environmental and security practices and procedures following established safety rules and regulations and maintains a safe and clean work environment. Uses and assures proper fit of required safety equipment and clothing.
· Maintains good working relations/customer service. The employee operates a vehicle and equipment with gross vehicle weight of up to 10,000 pounds. Safely transports personnel, tools and materials.
QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: Back to top EXPERIENCE: Applicants will be rated in accordance with the OPM Qualification Standard Handbook X-118C; (e.g. WG - 4700 GENERAL MAINTENANCE AND OPERATIONS WORK FAMILY , dated 11 July 2000 . Although a specific length of time and experience is not required for most blue-collar positions, you must meet any screen-out element listed, and show through experience and training that you possess the quality level of knowledge and skill necessary to perform the duties of the position at the level for which they are applying. Qualification requirements emphasis is on the quality of experience, not necessarily the length of time.


KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES (KSAs): Your qualifications will be evaluated on the basis of your level of knowledge, skills, abilities and/or competencies in the following areas:

1. Ability to follow instructions and work closely with others. Ability to follow safety regulations, practices, and procedures. Ability to use and maintain tools and equipment. Ability to work as a member of a team. Ability to operate a motor vehicle. Ability to handle weights and loads. Ability to interpret instructions and read and use work orders, blueprints, sketches, manufactures’ catalogs, and repair manuals, specifications, etc. Ability to assist in doing the work of plumbing and carpentry without more than normal supervision.

2. Basic knowledge of standard plumbing equipment assembly, installation, and repair, to include flow and drainage and skill in removing, repairing, and replacing parts of utility, supply, and disposal systems.

3. Basic knowledge of carpentry methods, and techniques, and basic shop mathematics and knowledge of material strengths and applications to install, repair, maintain or modify structures.

4. Basic knowledge of fire protection systems, both wet and dry pipe systems and the ability to perform routine maintenance on systems.

5. Ability to perform routine maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment (to include lubrication and cleaning) of small electric motors, water heaters, fan coils, air handlers, water pumps , and in replacing items such as filters, belts, fans, pumps, and motors.

6. Ability to perform the simpler and more routine tasks of the electrical trade.

PART-TIME OR UNPAID EXPERIENCE : Credit will be given for appropriate unpaid and or part-time work. You must clearly identify the duties and responsibilities in each position held and the total number of hours per week.


1. Emergency overtime may be required.

2. The employee may be required to work other than normal duty hours, which may include evenings, weekends, and/or holidays.

3. Shift work may be required.

4. The work requires the employee to drive a motor vehicle. An appropriate, valid drivers’ license will be required for this position.

5. Work may occasionally require travel away from the normal duty station.

6. The employee may be required to travel on military and commercial aircraft.

7. This position may require the employee to work under adverse environmental conditions.

8. This is a drug testing designated position. The incumbent is subject to random testing for drug use.


The employee lifts, carries and handles equipment up to 40 pounds unassisted and over 40 pounds with assistance. Works from ladders, scaffolding platforms, cramped areas, or confined spaces where equipment, parts or tools are hard to reach. Work requires frequent stooping, stretching, bending , kneeling, and working in tiring, uncomfortable positions for long periods.


The employee works indoors and outdoors on elevated structures, and in cramped areas or confined spaces. Conditions are often dirty, dusty, greasy, hot, wet or cold. The employee is exposed to moderate or high noise levels from operating machinery, sawdust in the air, glue, fumes and hazards with woodworking and related power equipment including hazards of working on and around scaffolds, rooftops and ladders. The employee is sometimes required to make repairs and installations outside in all types of weather. The employee is frequently exposed to the possibility of cuts bruises, scrapes, contusions, burns, infections, noxious gases, fumes, acids and injury from falls. Protective equipment and clothing (sleeved shirts, long pants) such as safety shoes, steel toed, earplugs, earmuffs, safety glasses masks, gloves, hard hats, coveralls, respirators, and to the protective gear are required, which are sometimes heavy and/or uncomfortable.

Your latest resume will be used to determine your qualifications.

HOW YOU WILL BE EVALUATED: To determine if you are qualified for this position, your resume will be reviewed and compared to your responses to the assessment questionnaire. Applicants, who disqualify themselves, will not be evaluated further.

BENEFITS: Back to top Benefits of Working for the Federal Government - Click here for an overview of the benefits currently offered to Federal employees.

OTHER INFORMATION: Males born after 12-31-59 must be registered or exempt from Selective Service. For additional information, click here .

Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP): For information on how to apply as an ICTAP eligible click here . To be well-qualified and exercise selection priority for this vacancy, displaced Federal employees must be rated at 8 0 or above on the rating criteria for this position.

Employed Annuitants (Reemployed Annuitants) : Applicants in receipt of an annuity based on civilian employment in the Federal Service are subject to the DoD Policy on The Employment of Annuitants. Click here for more information.

90-Day Register: This announcement may result in a 90-day register that may be used to fill like vacancies for 90 days after the closing date. Applicants may be referred for consideration as vacancies occur.

DIRECT DEPOSIT : All Federal employees are required to have Federal salary payments made by direct deposit to a financial institution of their choosing.

HOW TO APPLY: Back to top To apply for this position, you must provide a complete Application Package which includes:

1. Your Résumé
2. A complete Occupational Questionnaire
3. Additional Required Documents (see Required Documents section below)

The complete Application Package must be submitted by 11:59 PM (EST) on Monday, March 11, 2013

To begin the process, click the Apply Online button to create an account or log in to your existing USAJOBS account. Follow the prompts to complete the occupational questionnaire. Please ensure you click the Submit My Answers button at the end of the process.

To fax supporting documents you are unable to upload, click here for the required cover page. This Vacancy ID is 851991 . Fax your documents to 1-478-757-3144 .

If you cannot apply online:

1. Click the following link to view and print the questionnaire View Occupational Questionnaire

2. OPM Form 1203-FX must be provided to show your responses to the occupational questionnaire. The numbering sequence on the OPM Form 1203-FX will not match the Occupational Questionnaire. Section 25 of the Occupational Questionnaire restarts with number one, so when entering your responses please continue regardless of number sequence. This issue has been identified and will be resolved as soon as possible. Applicants are responsible for ensuring their responses are transferred accurately. Click here for the OPM Form 1203-FX., and
3. Fax all required documents to 1-478-757-3144 . Your OPM Form 1203-FX will be the cover page for your fax transmission.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify that information entered, uploaded, or faxed (i.e., resume) is received, accurate and submitted by the closing date. You may verify your documents have been processed with your application package successfully by clicking here . Uploaded documents may take up to one hour to clear the virus scan. Faxed documents take 2-3 business days to process.

Human Resources WILL NOT modify or change any answers submitted by an applicant.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: The following documents are required and must be provided by the closing date of the announcement. · Online Application (Questionnaire)
· Resume - If you submit a resume with inappropriate material e.g. photos, you will not be considered for this vacancy. Your resume may be submitted in any format. For qualifications determinations your resume must contain hours worked per week and the dates of employment (i.e., HRS per week and month/year to month/year or month/year to present). Resumes that do not contain this information will be marked as insufficient and applicants may not receive consideration for this position.

If selected, you will be required to submit the following documents to substantiate your eligibility and/or qualifications. A list of required documents for all eligibilities may be located here :
· Eligibility Documentation, SF50, DD214, Proof of Disability, Certification of Job Readiness, etc.

If you are faxing any documents, click here for the official cover sheet to print. The fax number is 478-757-3144

Ensure all submitted documents contain your full name, address, phone number and last four digits of your social security number.

Phone: (800)525-0102
TDD: 800-382-0893
Email: CALL_ONLY_DO_NOT_EMAIL_@1800.525.0102.ORG
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