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MOST Scholars Program

The MOST Scholars Program is comprised of an elite selection of RuffaloCODY student Supervisors working to develop and refine their management, leadership and business acumen in pursuit of Program Center Management. The selection process is reflective of the traditional Program Center Manager metrics (detailed in the Program Center Manager job description).

MOST Scholars Program Details Program Qualifications & Program Dates
  • The MOST Scholars Program is available to current RuffaloCODY Supervisors entering their final year of undergraduate studies (within two semesters/four quarters of graduation).
  • Student Callers/Fundraisers are not eligible for the MOST Scholars Program.
  • Applicants must be in good employment standing and willing to dedicate themselves to a structured training schedule.
  • Selected MOST Scholars will begin transitioning into MOST Scholar programming in mid-September, allowing for acclimation to academic, social and work schedules in the new academic year.
  • MOST Scholar instruction continues until graduation and will transition into new management training upon placement during the summer months (April – August).
  • MOST Scholars are placed and assume Program Center Manager titles and responsibibilities following graduation.
Application Process

Each MOST Scholarship Program applicant will complete the following steps:
  • Complete an essay and submit during the application process (see details below)
  • Complete an online application, including the attachment of a cover letter and resume
  • Complete a series of interviews with RTO (i nterview may occur either in person or via phone)
  • Complete/pass a criminal background check
If acceptance into the MOST Scholars Program occurs - participant signs agreement outlining the guidelines and expectations of the MOST Scholarship Program and enters the program

Essay Instructions

Why is Program Center Management the best “next step” in your career? is the question hiring managers are eager to have answered. Please write a 2,000 word essay explaining why you would best serve RuffaloCODY as a MOST Scholar. The completed essay should be attached during the application process. The essay is a required component of the application process.

The deadline for those graduating March - August 2014 is July 1 st 2013.



Program Commitment, Compensation & Performance
  • MOST Scholars agree to a two year commitment with RuffaloCODY as a Program Center Manager (or equivalent position if needed) following graduation with a location to be determined
    • MOST Scholars will participate in training sessions and professional development workshops throughout their final academic year while balancing academic and Supervisor responsibilities.
    • Noted hours are in addition to supervisory responsibilities of shift management or calling
    • An estimated 80 additional Supervisor hours are provided to each participant during the program year. Additional Supervisor hours are used to provide participants with more exposure to calling results, floor management, reporting/goal setting, client interaction and operational meetings. MOST Scholars are expected to dedicate (on average) 10 hours each month to training, instruction, monthly meetings and assignment
  • An open willingness to relocate as needed is required (anywhere within the US or Canada based on citizenship)
  • The salary range for MOST Scholars Program participants during their first year as a Program Center Manager will band between $36,000 to $42,000 USD ($42,000 figure may be exceeded in some markets, salary will not be below $36,000 in any market)
    • Positions outside of center management may be substituted on a need basis
  • MOST Scholars will participate in performance reviews on a consistent basis.
  • Performance Reviews will evaluate MOST Scholars on the PRIDE values, attitude and overall results (assignments, center contribution, embodiment etc.)
  • Participant’s monthly reviews must be satisfactory during the entire program:
    • No attendance issues
    • Coaching requirements are met
    • Special emphasis placed upon leadership and attitude
    • Consistent, positive progression with assignments
  • Reviews will be conducted by current Program Center Manager, Senior Operations Manager, Director of Operations, or Recruiting & Training Operations
  • If unsatisfactory reviews occur on any review, the participant may be removed from the program and any monies received must be returned to RuffaloCODY
  • Participants can appeal poor scores to Recruiting & Training Operations or operational leadership
  • Tuition Assistance - $2,000 in Tuition Assistance will be available to MOST Scholars
    • $1,000 is available for both the fall and spring (two pay-outs) semesters/quarters
    • Participation in the standard part-time employee Tuition Assistance program is suspended for all MOST Scholars; participants are required to complete a MOST Scholars Program Tuition Assistance Application and return the completed form to Recruiting & Training Operations at the beginning of each term
    • A passing grade of C or better is required
    • Performance in a class that impacts the ability to graduate may be evaluated
    • If a MOST Scholar is removed from the program they are ineligible for Tuition Assistance
Terms / Details
  • MOST Scholars must be willing to relocate as needed following graduation .
  • If a MOST Scholar declines an offered position upon completion of the program, if a participant is unable to work for RuffaloCODY due to immigration status, if a participant quits during the program, or is removed from the program, the participant must return all scholarship money to RuffaloCODY within 90 days.
  • If a MOST Scholar quits or is fired with cause during their two year commitment as a Program Center Manager, the participant must return all scholarship money to RuffaloCODY.
  • If a position is canceled due to no fault of the participant (e.g. client cancels contract, position is downsized, etc.) during the two year commitment period, and a replacement position cannot be found to complete the commitment period, the participant will not be required to repay scholarship money received during the program
  • If a participant is not hired because an opening isn’t available upon graduation (e.g. no open positions, participant not qualified for open positions, etc), second Tuition Assistance payment will be made and the program will end .

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