Medical Technologist, Specialist, Float
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General Function

This position provides technical and non-technical support within the laboratory. Functions include an expansive mastery of technical material and knowledge of high complexity tasks such as troubleshooting assays, interpreting assays, teaching, training, assay transfer from Research and Development, instrument function, and client consultation. Requires high caliber focused individuals. Must be able to work flexible hours and on call may be required.

Reporting Function

This person usually reports to a Technical Supervisor but may report to other designated managers.

Essential Functions


1. Performs all representative activities and accountabilities as defined by the Medical Technologist job description.

2. Performs assigned testing as scheduled.

3. Performs assigned verification duties.

4. Designs, implements, and evaluates new procedures and updates existing procedures.

5. Maintains continual compliance with policies, procedures, and record keeping necessary to meet the standards of regulatory agencies.

6. Provides continuing education for the laboratory.

Technical Specialist

1. Establishes and monitors the standards of accuracy, precision, and efficiency in the performance of assays and or the operation of equipment in a specialty area.

2. Ensures the examination of reporting of patient and proficiency results for the specialty area.

3. Accepts, resolves, or assists in the resolution of problems in the specialty area. Makes the decision to obtain external assistance if necessary. Updates the Technical Supervisor of all related issues

4. Assesses the plausibility of laboratory results through correlation of data with common physiological conditions.

5. Consults with specialty related questions

6. Oversees test transfer from Research and Development or Technology Transfer.

7. Oversees quality control and implements corrective action when indicated.

8. Monitors all performance check systems and preventative maintenance programs for instruments and equipment in the specialty area.

9. Assists with evaluation and recommendation of new equipment in the specialty area.

10. Ensures the training of all employees and students who may rotate or work in the specialty area. Develops training modules as requested.

11. Maintains appropriate level of supplies and reagents, and if necessary determines appropriate substitutes.

12. Assists with maintaining current files of reference materials related to the specialty area.

Teaching Specialist III

1. Assists with the training, staff development, and or competency programs for a department.

2. Provides portions of new employee orientation and or staff development.

3. Promotes a cooperative environment between students and staff providing a positive learning atmosphere.

4. Presents practical information to students through various methods such as bench experience, shadowing, handouts, and case studies.

5. Assesses practical abilities by administering exams

6. Assists in the development and revision of instructional objectives, schedules, handouts, case studies, and exams related to student education materials.

7. Evaluates interactive behavior, theoretical knowledge, and practical abilities of students.

8. Ensures the status of mandatory competency and training requirements are communicated to the supervisor.

9. Assists with the documentation of competency and training assessment as needed.

10. Remains informed of all procedures and procedure changes. Adjusts competency and training modules as required.

11. Maintains competency in a majority of assays performed in the laboratory.

Instrument Specialist

1. Maintains records of all instrument maintenance, whether performed in-house or under a service contract. Notifies Biomedical Engineering and Purchasing of any vendor visits.

2. Notifies the supervisor of any instrument, calibration, or linearity issues.

3. Verifies that all daily, weekly and monthly maintenance is performed and documented as scheduled.

4. Serves as the lab instructor on issues concerning instrument function, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

5. Makes recommendations to the technical supervisor concerning instrument replacements, upgrades, and/or operations.

6. Performs and oversees the validation, precision, and correlation studies of new methods for existing and new instrumentation.

7. Performs or assists in all instrument troubleshooting.

8. Monitors instrument reagent and supplies inventories, in conjunction with the supervisors’ orders as necessary.

9. Monitors calibration and linearity checks as defined in the instrument manuals.

10. Serves as the primary contact with instrument vendors regarding troubleshooting and interface issues.

11. Acts as the department liaison between Information Systems and Cerner regarding interface issues. As directed, develops and maintains expertise in interface software. Troubleshoots issues related to instrument interfaces associated with the Information Systems and Cerner.

12. Works closely with the QC Specialist to ensure that quality control is maintained and up to date.

Workflow Coordinator

1. Directs the daily shift work flow of a Technical section(s).

2. Provides and directs the technical expertise in the use, calibration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of all laboratory instruments, equipment, reagents, and testing.

3. Assigns and directs the scheduling and/or performance of instrument maintenance.

4. Assigns and directs the maintenance of adequate supply inventories.

5. Assigns and directs the review of daily QC for trends, shifts, or other problems. Helps with the troubleshooting and resolution of QC problems.

6. Directs and adjusts the workforce to maintain optimal TAT for all testing. Approves/denies attendance of in-service, training, and meetings based upon workload. Calls in additional staff or releases staff early based upon workload.

7. Provides verbal communication and/or consultation to clients/physicians or related questions or assigns the problems.

8. Provides detailed knowledge of specimen collection, handling, transport, processing, analysis, and clinical interpretation to clients/physicians.

9. Acts as a primary contact and resource for couriers, specimen receiving, client services, account representatives, product management, referral testing, and evening/night managers.

10. Provides problem resolution for sample handling, split samples, sample retrieval, lost samples, and request for samples.

11. Institutes computer downtime and emergency procedures for the section if indicated.

12. Enforces all safety guidelines and policies including evacuation procedures.

13. Reviews the DAR and pending sample reports.

14. Communicates all shift issues to the supervisor, manager, and medical directors as required.

Float Specialist

1. Serves as an immediate testing replacement for shift vacancies according to skill level and area of expertise. Assignments may be short term or long term in duration.

2. Maintains technical competency in a variety of testing methodologies including validation.

3. Required to work from lab to lab and or shift to shift within a lab as needed.

4. Must be able to work flexible hours on short notice.

Job Qualifications

Education/Credentials required
Bachelor’s degree in Clinical or Medical Laboratory Science, Medical Technology
· MLS(ASCP), MT(ASCP) certification
Minimum experience/skills required
Three years of high complexity clinical labo ratory experience post certification
Experience/skills preferred
One year of ARUP experience in the area of responsibility
· One year of experience at the ARUP Senior Medical Technologist level
· ASCP Specialty certification or Score 80% or better on a written placement evaluation (may be required for some positions)
Physical and other requi rements
Demonstrated organizational, problem solving, troubleshooting, and interpersonal skills
· Regular and reliable attendance
· Excellent customer service skills
· Fine motor coordination
· Ability to work well with others
· Ability to work assigned schedule and all required overtime
· A bility to work well unsupervised
· Ability to prioritize tasks
· Occasional light lifting is expected
· Ability to move around the laboratory
· Must be able to sit and/or stand for extensive periods of time
· Ability to communicate effectively in English, both written and verbal
· Demonstrates responsibility and dependability
· Ability to maintain a professional image and pleasant demeanor
· Strong attention to detail
· Good visual acuity; color perception may be required in some positions
· Ability to organize work, to meet deadlines, and to work under stressful conditions
· High sense of integrity and ability to maintain confidentiality
Special demands
Involves judgment in planning work, assessing results, solving problems, and taking or recommending action
· Absolute integrity in the accurate identification of samples, performance, and reporting of results.
This is a full-time 40 hour per week float position requiring training as a laboratory generalist and availability to work day, evening and night shifts. This person will cover for scheduled absences at any of the University laboratories.

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