Nursing Assistant
Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Chelsea, MA

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The basic purpose of this work is to provide nursing care and assistance to clients/patients under the supervision of physicians and other medical personnel. Discusses observations regarding clients/patients behavior or problems with other staff to assist in the development of treatment plans by providing information concerning the condition of clients/patients, including symptoms of assaultive behavior and the need for mechanical or chemical restraints. Teaches clients/patients self-help skills such as toilet use, oral and personal hygiene, feeding, grooming and dressing; gross motor skills such as walking and exercising; and socialization skills through family style or cafeteria style dining. Attends meetings relative to lifesaving techniques and participates in multi-disciplinary team conferences, in-service training programs and/or continuing education programs to provide information regarding plans for clients/patients care. Evaluates clients'/patients' diets and brings deficiencies to the attention of the dietician. Establishes trusting relationships with clients/patients by talking with them, listening to their problems and providing appropriate role models for them to follow. Provides for daily care and the personal or hygienic needs of clients/patients by giving baths and back rubs, feeding, grooming and serving meals, including the administration of special diets. Accompanies clients/patients to various appointments, activity groups or recreational meetings for treatment and therapy by transferring clients/patients manually to and from wheelchairs, stretchers and beds; orients clients/patients to physical surroundings of the ward or living area by explaining rules and regulations and introducing other clients/patients. Collects and transports equipment, supplies (including linen and food) and laboratory specimens between departments and/or facilities and distributes supplies to clients/patients living or treatment areas. Performs tasks for clients/patients and staff such as making phone calls; delivering messages and mail; sorting laundry; and cleaning clients'/patients' utensils, washbasins, intravenous poles, bedpans and urinals. Based on assignment, may also: Chart vital signs such as temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, weight and other care-related data; change devices such as stoma bags and colostomy bags; monitor fluid intake and output and analyze urine test results for sugar and acetone level. Observe clients/patients tendencies toward suicide, homicide and/or escape to ensure their safety. Provide rehabilitative training such as bowel and bladder training. Apply small dressings, elastic stockings, foot braces, splints, et. Maintain cleanliness of utility rooms, treatment areas and kitchen. Perform positioning and good body alignment on clients/patients. Check clients'/patients' physical condition by examining for rashes, bruises and cuts to see if medical attention is required. Enforce rules and regulations pertaining to visits from friends and families. Respond to emergency codes. Ensure the complete evacuation of clients/patients from living areas in case of fire or fire drills by leading, carrying and/or counting clients/patients. Attend meetings relative to dietary management. Incumbents of positions at this level receive direct supervision from Nursing Assistants or other employees of higher grade who provide training or instruction, assign work verbally or in writing and review performance for effectiveness. Nursing assistants work in a medical or mental health facility; work varied shifts, weekends, holidays or nights; may be subject to verbal and physical abuse in a job related setting; lift heavy persons or objects; work under exposure to communicable diseases and the harmful effects of ultrasonic, x-ray, radioactive or mechanical equipment; and may work alone.
Qualifications: Minimum Entrance Requirements: None Special Requirements: None
Preferred Qualifications: Qualifications required at hire: Knowledge of the principles of correct English usage, including grammar, spelling, sentence structure, word meaning and punctuation. Ability to follow written and oral instructions; perform basic arithmetic computations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division); gather information through observing and questioning individuals; communicate effectively in oral expression; write clearly and concisely, expressing thoughts clearly and developing ideas in logical sequence; interact with people who are under physical and/or emotional stress; work in a team setting and in group situations; establish rapport and deal tactfully with persons from varied backgrounds. Ability to maintain accurate records; gather information by examining records and documents; maintain a calm manner in stressful and emergency situations; exercise sound judgment; understand, apply and explain the laws, rules, regulations, procedures, guidelines and policies governing assigned unit activities; lift and carry heavy objects or persons. Sensitivity to the feelings and problems of persons who are mentally retarded.
Comments: *** This is an open & continuous posting***


This is a civil service position.
Subject to the rules and regulations of Civil Service and Collective Bargaining, preference for this position will be given to those candidates who are eligible for Civil Service, Reinstatement/Re-employment or Recall as applicable.

A criminal background check will be completed on the recommended candidate as required by the regulations set forth by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services prior to the candidate being hired. For more information, please visit

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