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Etsy - Brooklyn, NY

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Etsy is hiring a full-time developer to hack on our offices in Brooklyn, New York. For the time being at least, you'll report to the VP of Engineering.

About the Job

Our office has tons of data lying around, but our systems to use and understand that data are freakin' horrible. We all love talking about iPad-enabled conference room calendars or the like, but we don't often have time to deal with a real, working, maintained and maintainable system to make that happen. At best we come up with quick hacks that bitrot immediately; usually, though, we never even get around to using our development skills to make our working environment better.

We want you to hack our space. Make the office more fun and interesting and useful for everyone at Etsy, using development as your primary weapon. If you come up with something good, open source it and help save the world. Move between projects easily, but have the discipline to actually get useful stuff done and deployed, and move onto the next thing only after that. Manage your own time and projects, and talk to people here about what they need and how they might build it. Learn from us and teach us.

Here's a good starting list for your first few weeks:

* Buy *ridiculous* numbers of iPads and scatter them around the office like a game of 52 pick-up. Show us stuff we want to know and make it easy for us to use touch apps from wherever we might be.

* Those keycards we use to get into the office rooms must be good for something more than just access. How about graphing the number of people who card into the Bike Parking Lot each day, and put a graph on the wall of the number of bike-happy Etsians? (Among other things, that would help our B Corp certification score: )

* Take our PHP office directory and make it into an import file for those fancy phones we all seem to carry. Make contacting each other dead simple.

* Hack that same directory to make it super simple to print out a visitor's agenda, showing people the pictures, names and titles of people they will meet during a visit, and providing contact information. Help us make visitors and interviewees feel welcome and respected by helping them know who they are talking to.

* Heeeeyyy, how does that fancy coffee maker work? An IP address, you say? Sweet. Just *how much data* can you squeeze outta that thing? I bet graphing the amount and temperature of the coffee would be much loved.

* These things look like fun: / What could you make with one of those?

About You

We're looking for someone able to organize themselves and choose projects well. The main tools around the office will all be in PHP; if you like messing around with Objective C or Java for mobile / tablet development, that wouldn't hurt anything. Maybe this role is perfect for you as it is; maybe this will be a transitional role into some other form of Etsy development. Either way, come with the skills to start making things today, and a desire to learn and play and help by hacking and trying things out. Most importantly, don't be half-baked. Something worth starting is probably going to be worth deploying to see how it goes.

About Us

Etsy is the marketplace we make together. We have 20 million members in over 200 countries. In 2012, our sellers grossed more than $850 million in sales. Our mission is to reimagine commerce to build a more fulfilling and lasting world.

Our offices are like this and this . We're empowered and expected to be ourselves, share our ideas and figure out what we can each do to keep Etsy evolving. We have full company-paid benefits, including family and domestic partner benefits, humane working hours, couches, quiet spaces, lunch twice a week and handmade desks.

We're growing rapidly and are well-funded with a proven business model and established revenue to help us continue serving our community.

What's Next

If you're interested in joining the team at Etsy, please send a cover letter along with your resume telling us what inspires you about Etsy and why you think you are perfect for the team (resumes without a cover letter will not be considered) . If you contribute to an open source project, write a blog, or practice another craft besides coding, that means something to us, and we would love to hear about it when you write!

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