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EMG subsidiary Edison Mission Operation & Maintenance, Inc. (EMOMI) operates eight natural gas power plants in partnership with other companies in California and a waste coal plant in West Virginia. EMOMI also operates a number of wind farms located in Iowa, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Minnesota. Power from these facilities is sold under contracts to various utilities.

Job Responsibilities:

Perform routine inspections of equipment for proper operation and availability. Assist in the start-up, operation and shutdown of mechanical and electrical equipment to meet contract and business plan requirements. Manually operate valves, pumps, dampers, and other equipment as necessary. Perform switching of electrical equipment up to 230 kV. Perform operations to place electrical circuits and generating equipment in and out of service.

Determine the operating status of equipment from previous shift personnel, logbook entries, visual inspection of records, indicating instruments, and by local inspection.

Monitor equipment for proper operation and make adjustments as required. Diagnose equipment problems and report abnormal conditions. Respond calmly to emergency situations and take corrective action to operate equipment within safe limits and good industry practice. Through visual inspection and instrumentation, determine equipment malfunctions, probable causes and write appropriate maintenance orders.

Perform safety related duties including equipment isolation for lock out/tag out procedures, monitoring of confined spaces, monitoring hot work permits, inspecting excavations, monitoring of barricaded areas and performing PPE assessments. Perform other safety related duties as required to maintain a safe work environment.

Assist others with Management of Change by gathering data, performing diagnostic tests, performing new equipment installations and other plant improvements. Provide recommendations to maintain and improve equipment performance.

Write and maintain equipment logs, procedures, timesheets, expense reports and other documentation as required. Maintain drawings, specifications, test logs and other records. Read, understand and respond to written instructions and logbook notations. Check e-mail, public folders, acknowledgements of information and other electronic or computer generated documents.

Troubleshoot, diagnose, procure parts and perform repairs on equipment. Maintain tool inventories and supplies to perform such tasks.

Participate in daily preventive, planned and breakdown maintenance activities in a safe, effective and timely manner.

Collect data and perform other tasks associated with Reliability Based Maintenance program. Perform routine equipment lubrication schedules.

Handle, store and dispense hazardous substances. Monitor hazardous material accumulation sites, label containers, observe hazardous waste storage areas for unusual occurrences and maintain areas in a clean and orderly fashion.

Report all accidents, incidents, fires and abnormal conditions to the control room per established procedures. Assist in fighting fires within the facility with hand-held fire extinguishers up to the level trained.

Perform functions associated with plant security, including patrolling fence perimeter and lock inspections.

Read, understand, and assist in revisions of operating and maintenance instructions, plant orders, plant procedures, and other manuals and instructions.

Tutor, train, instruct, and assist other personnel as required. Maintain own knowledge and skill levels current for equipment, tooling and other change demands.

Function as a member of strategic, implementation and improvement teams.

Maintain a positive company image and constructive relationships with all internal and external customers.

Perform housekeeping functions that include sweeping, dusting, picking up refuse, wiping down equipment and hosing down areas of the plant.

Operate a company vehicle, forklift and other mobile equipment.

May be required to travel for training and/or other company business. This includes travel by automobile and commercial airlines.

May be required to participate in a drug-testing program.


Knowledge of electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical equipment and systems. Knowledge of plant terminology and nomenclature. Familiar with power plant equipment, construction, capacities, limitations, theories of operation and operating procedures. Knowledge of the principles of power plant water chemistry. Knowledge of maintenance procedures and practices. Knowledge of proper and safe working practices including methods to implement lockout/tagout of equipment and confined space entry.

Skilled in the use of hand and power tools. Skilled in the use of mobile equipment such as forklifts and man lifts. Skilled in the use of a computer.

Ability to effectively communicate clearly in writing and verbally. Ability to understand and follow verbal and written instructions. Ability to read and understand technical information, prints and engineering data, interpret charts, graphs, and gauge scales. Ability to troubleshoot and repair equipment and system problems. Ability to interface with others and effectively function as a member of a team.

Equipment may be located in areas requiring working from a step stool or climbing vertical ladders and stairways up to 150 feet.

Equipment located in confined spaces may require employee to reach by stooping and/or crawling through tight clearances, or by lying down. Some confined spaces can be accessed only by lowering oneself into the space feet first, after first removing a hatch weighing 10 to 25 pounds.

Employee may routinely be required to stand for extended periods of time and to walk over uneven surfaces such as loose rock, open grating and up and down ladders and staircases.

Employee may need to carry tools, materials and equipment generally weighing up to 80 pounds and more. Some tools are irregularly shaped, and can weigh up to 80 pounds. While working on equipment or instruments with pressurized systems, it may be required to lift tools and cylinders that contain high pressured gases or compressed air and are 4 to 5 feet in height and may weigh up to 75 pounds.

The compartments where certain equipment or instruments need to be accessed may exceed 150 degrees F. Other instruments and equipment to be serviced are mounted on surfaces where the temperature may exceed 600 degrees F.

Maintenance activities may include working on electrical equipment with voltages up to 230 kV. While installing high voltage grounds, the employee will lift ground connections overhead on poles. Overhead work may require the employee to carry and move portable ladders. Large electrical breakers may need to be manually pulled and pushed to complete work.

Employee may be required to work long periods of time on a computer terminal.

Employee will be required to work rotating shifts. Employee will be required to work overtime.


High school graduate or equivalent. Strong electrical aptitude, basic understanding of mathematics, physics, water chemistry and mechanics desirable.


Power plant operation and maintenance experience is preferred, however experience in a refinery, chemical plant or other related industry may be considered.

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