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1) Responsible for securing a “History and Physical' from the patient and identifying normal and abnormal findings on history, physical examination and commonly performed laboratory studies and recording such findings.

2) Request appropriate diagnostic testing.

3) Prescribes medications and treatments for illnesses in accordance with 049 Pa.Code. §18.158 (attached).

4) Discriminates between normal and abnormal findings to recognize early stages of serious physical, emotional or mental problems.

5) Assists in the management of chronic health problems.

6) Teaches and demonstrates the application of good health practices to patients.

7) Maintains current clinical medical records to insure data is entered appropriately and accurately in accordance with White Deer Run policies and procedures.

8) Provides emergency services, in the absence of the physician, including primary care for trauma and other procedures including care and suturing of minor lacerations, casting/splinting, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and control of external hemorrhage.

9) Interprets prescriptions and dispenses products as prescribed in 049 Pa.Code. §18.158 (attached). Prior to dispensing the product the patient must be made aware of any synergistic, antagonistic or and cumulative effects.

10) Works collaboratively with the physician in planning, instituting, evaluating and revising care plans; assists in determining conditions, resources and policies essential to the delivery of health care services.

11) Evaluates total health care needs of the patient and develops a plan to meet these needs. In addition, makes decisions concerning medical care needs of the patient with the physician as well as decisions regarding special needs.

12) Prepares patient summaries

13) Collects specimens for and carries out commonly performed blood, urine, and stool analyses and cultures.

14) Identifies normal and abnormal findings on history, physical examination and commonly performed laboratory studies.

15) Venipuncture.

16) Intra-dermal tests

17) Electrocardiogram

18) Administration of medications, except as specified in 049 Pa.Code. §18.158 (attached) [relating to prescribing and dispensing drugs], intravenous fluids, whole blood and blood components except as specified in 049 Pa.Code. §18.157 [relating to administration of controlled substances and whole blood and blood components.

19) Removal of superficial foreign bodies

20) Audiometry screening

21) Visual screening

22) Carry out aseptic and isolation techniques.

23) Provides comprehensive care to patient, administering prescribed treatment and medications in accordance with 049 Pa.Code. §18.158 (attached). Assists the physician/ physician substitute in performing more exhaustive diagnosis and treatments.

24) Serves in a teaching capacity in the training and development of other health care personnel.

25) All other duties as assigned.


1) May be required to arrange transportation for patients who need to leave the facility for medical/psychiatric or other emergency reasons.

2) May be required to work overtime in cases of inclement weather, call offs and/or other emergency situations.

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