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Colorado Department of Personnel and Administration - Colorado
Full-time, Commission

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Employment opportunity open to State of Colorado residents only.

This announcement is detailed and comprehensive. Please read it in its entirety and pay special attention to the “requirements” and “how to apply” sections.

If your goal is to build a career that makes a difference and build greater confidence in good government, consider joining the dedicated people of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) . Our professionals are committed to supp o rt sta t e gover n ment and the citi z ens of Colorad o . Customer service is a key component for every position in state government as is the focus on ideas and ways to redesign the delivery of services in making state government more: Effective. Measure every aspect of government to be sure it's doing what it's supposed to do and to look at outcomes to judge whether our programs are successful. Efficient. Deliver services in ways that are timely and effective including identifying waste and duplication and measure for efficiency. Elegant. Deliver state services in a way that elevates both the state employee and the person receiving the services. In addition to a great location and rewarding, meaningful work, we offer:
Strong, secure, yet flexible retirement benefits including PERA Defined Plan or PERA Defined Contribution Plan plus 401K and 457 plans Medical and dental health plans Paid life insurance Short-and long-term disability coverage 10 paid holidays per year plus vacation and sick leave Excellent work-life programs, such as flexible work schedules, training opportunities and more. Attracting over 11 million visitors per year, Colorado's 42 State Parks are a vital cornerstone in Colorado's economy and quality of life, offering some of the highest quality outdoor recreation destinations in the state. Colorado State Parks offer exceptional settings for renewal of the human spirit. Residents and visitors enjoy healthy, fun-filled interaction with the natural world, creating rich traditions with family and friends that promote stewardship of our natural resources. Parks employees and their partners work together to provide ongoing and outstanding customer service through recreational programs, amenities and services.

Description of Job:
Please see the “Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, and Conditions of Employment” section below for required education and substitutable experience. Applicants who successfully pass the training must be willing to relocate to any of Colorado’s 42 State Parks, and stay at that assignment for a minimum of one year.

This position functions at a training classification level for entry into the Park Manager series, working title – Park Ranger. During the first year as a Park Ranger, this position will be required to attend a Colorado POST certified law enforcement academy. At the successful completion of this training the employee will be certified as a Colorado Peace Officer and will act in accordance to the official duties and authority of a Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and Outdoor Recreation Officer. Specific training will continue after the law enforcement academy. Employees will participate in classroom and field exercises which serve the position by providing knowledge and ‘real-world’ experience in the tasks necessary to be successful as a Park Manager. During this period, positions are assigned to the CPW’s Public Safety and Training Unit. The CPW positions/incumbents will be trained in CPW parks operation, application of the State’s laws, rules, regulations, beginning supervision, and techniques of Park Management. Under the guidance of a supervisor or work leader, as part of the training, this position exists to learn and fulfill the purpose of the work unit and be a representative of CPW at an assigned Colorado State Park. Once assigned to the permanent work site, the PM I will be given “supervision” duties over temporary workers. Upon successful completion of the probationary period (one year) the PM I will move to the PM II classification.
TASKS (first year): Under guidance of a commissioned officer, enforces CPW laws and regulations. Investigates alleged Park violations. Seize equipment used in violations and arrange for disposition. Participate in POST training to achieve law enforcement certification and ultimately commission at the discretion of the Director of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife; and apply the knowledge and techniques in a field setting. Disseminate information concerning natural resource conservation, natural resource management, regulations, and data to interested parties (park visitors, schools, civic groups, sporting clubs, etc.). Perform other information and educational activities, such as public outreach. Acquire natural resource management training and apply the knowledge and techniques in a field setting. Learn how to operate boats, OHVs, and snowmobiles and perform patrols related to each. Learn communications skills and how to represent the Colorado Parks and Wildlife to the public and other governmental agencies. Learn the responsibilities of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife and how to apply the knowledge as the field representative for the agency. Provide customer service in a recreation setting. Applies natural resource management plans and improvement projects, including, but not limited to, habitat assessment, inventories, etc. Protect and preserve native wildlife, plants, and ecosystems in and around state parks.

Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights:

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor's degree in biology, ecology, environmental science, forestry, natural resources management, *outdoor recreation, *parks administration, *parks management, parks and *outdoor recreation, range management, wildlife biology, wildlife management or zoology or a closely related field. ( Education must be related to Environmental/Natural Resource Sciences. CRIMINAL JUSTICE DEGREES or SOCIAL SCIENCE DEGREES WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AS CLOSELY RELATED ). You must upload and attach copies of your transcripts along with your application.
  • Parks related degrees must be environmental or natural resources in nature. Degree’s that focus on indoor recreation or organized outdoor (team sport) recreation will not be considered as related and will be considered as described in the unrelated bachelor’s degree substitution below.
Note: Please complete the online application and have all documents uploaded to your application prior to submission. DO NOT send in a separate email.

Upload additional pages if necessary to fully explain your experience and accomplishments. Failure to include adequate information or follow instructions by the deadline for application may result in your application not being accepted for this position and may affect your inclusion as a qualified candidate in any of the steps in the assessment process and placement on the eligible list. SUBSTITUTIONS: A combination of appropriate work experience in natural resource management, outdoor recreation management, parks enforcement or parks administration may be substituted on a year-for-year basis for the required education. Associate’s Degree, Unrelated Bachelor Degrees, and partial course work (no degree) will be handled in the following manner:

Candidates having a completed AA degree in one of the above mentioned fields will be given two years credit toward the bachelor’s degree requirement and will need two years of *appropriate related work experience as defined below. (Must submit transcripts).
Candidates who have an unrelated bachelor’s degree will be given two years of credit toward the bachelor degree requirement and will need two years of *appropriate related work experience as defined below.
Candidates with partial course work (no degree) will be given credit based on an evaluation of their transcripts. Credit will be given for core coursework (math, English, science) and any other related course work taken (in relation to degree requirements in the above list).
Unrelated Associates will be given one year of credit toward the bachelor degree requirement and will need three years of *appropriate related work experience as defined below. *Appropriate work experience includes the following: Interpretive Park Ranger which includes preparing and delivering environmental education/interpretation programs for park visitors on a regular basis, Park Enforcement (Any title of law, county or municipal code enforcement that applies to laws and regulations) in a park (equivalent to a State, County or National park) or outdoor recreation setting. Applying the principles, practices and techniques of natural resource management to resolve problems and effect improvements in habitat and/or environmental impact statements; supervising, planning, organizing and/or directing a program for the development and utilization/protection of a park or outdoor recreation facility. Assisting in/ overseeing the collection, recording, presentation, and/or analysis of research data (related to recreation, forest management, etc); professional forest or range management; designing, conducting, analyzing and interpreting the results of resource management experiments; and protecting the quality of natural resources/the environment.

PLEASE NOTE: It is incumbent on you to articulate such experience in your application!

CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: Applicants must currently possess and maintain a valid State of Colorado driver's license. Submit to a drug screening and suitability interview. Must be willing to be fingerprinted. Successfully pass a background investigation. Former employees of the Colorado State government must have concluded employment in good standing to be eligible for rehire. If a candidate receives a conditional job offer, the candidate must successfully complete a medical physical examination, a physical agility test, psychological examination, AND successfully pass an extensive background check (including polygraph). Employees will be required to successfully complete the CPW’s training program including graduation of the basic POST training program for certification as a POST certified Peace Officer. Any candidate NOT meeting the above requirements will have the conditional job offer revoked.
NOTE: If you have used marijuana in the past year, used other illegal drugs in the past three years, been convicted of a felony, been convicted of any domestic violence charge, or been convicted of any misdemeanors which preclude POST certification as a Colorado Peace Officer (see link below), you will be disqualified and will not be hired.

Appeal Rights If you receive notice that you have been eliminated from consideration for the position, you may protest the action by filing an appeal with the State Personnel Board/State Personnel Director within 10 days from the date you receive notice of the elimination.

Also, if you wish to challenge the selection and comparative analysis process, you may file an appeal with the State Personnel Board/State Personnel Director within 10 days from the receipt of notice or knowledge of the action you are challenging.
Refer to Chapters 4 and 8 of the State Personnel Board Rules and Personnel Director's Administrative Procedures, 4 CCR 801, for more information about the appeals process. The State Personnel Board Rules and Personnel Director's Administrative Procedures are available at .
A standard appeal form is available at: If you appeal, your appeal must be submitted in writing on the official appeal form, signed by you or your representative, and received at the following address within 10 days of your receipt of notice or knowledge of the action: Colorado State Personnel Board/State Personnel Director, Attn: Appeals Processing, 1525 Sherman Street, 4th Floor, Denver, CO 80203. Fax: 303-866-5038. Phone: 303-866-3300. The ten-day deadline and these appeal procedures also apply to all charges of discrimination.

Supplemental Information:
Examination Process for the Park Manager I
~You are encouraged to keep a copy of this announcement for your records.~

The optimum approach to prepare for assessments is to be informed on:
CPW’S current issues of concern
Park Manager job responsibilities
Colorado Revised Statutes – Title 33 and Park Regulations
Review press releases, read newspapers, brochures and other documents related to the public. Visit the Division’s website at Please note that it is incumbent on the applicant to research the above bulleted items; this type of information will not be provided by the Human Resources Office. APPLICATION DEADLINE: MATERIALS MUST BE RECEIVED BY JULY 10, 2014, 11:59 P.M.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to carefully read the job announcement in it's entirety and follow instructions as stated throughout the announcement.
Risk Assessment Profile [RAP]. Applicants deemed to be a “high risk” by this exam will be disqualified from the rest of the testing process.
Written Exam: Written responses to situations/questions. This exam will be rated using an objective measure by a panel of subject matter experts. Physical Fitness/Agility Exam: Will be administered PRIOR TO the written assessments. All candidates must pass this assessment and meet the standards listed below to continue in the selection process. The physical agility standards are as follows: Run 300 meters in 72 seconds Walk/run 1.5 miles in 17:00 minutes 28 (men’s) sit-ups in one minute. 21 (men’s) push-ups in one minute (rest in up position only); no knees, arm flex to 90 degrees, stay flat. All candidates must successfully complete each task during each specified time period without exceeding the time limit in order to continue in the selection process. Candidates will only be given one opportunity per selection process year.

NOTE: We encourage you to start your preparation for the physical fitness/agility exam now. Time yourself to be sure you can complete the task requirements, don’t assume that because you are “in shape” that you will be able to meet these requirements – make sure you can! Notification of Assessment/Exam Results All candidates will receive written (email) notification of test results. Test results cannot be provided by telephone. Based on the results of the written exam, successful candidates will be invited to Phase II (Oral Panel Assessment) scheduled by the Human Resources office. PHASE II : ORAL PANEL ASSESSMENT Anticipated Date: August, 2014
Oral assessments may include a question and answer session in front of a panel of subject matter experts regarding broad CPW Recreation issues as well as problem solving exercises.
There is no guarantee the same format will be followed each year.
You must be available for one complete day to participate in the assessments during the scheduled interview date. The optimum approach to prepare for the Oral assessments is to be research and be informed on:
The Division's current issues of concern; hot topics.
Visit the Divisions's website.
Press releases, newspaper articles and other documents available to the public. After the Oral Panel Assessment, candidates referred for the Park Manager I positions are required to complete a thorough background investigation and have no felony offenses, serious misdemeanors, recent DUIs or loss of driving privileges, domestic violence or restraining orders, or crimes of moral turpitude on their record.
PHASE III: FINAL INTERVIEW Anticipated Date: November, 2014

Following the Final Interview successful [top scoring] candidates will advance to Phase IV (Conditional Job Offers) PHASE IV : CONDITIONAL JOB OFFERS Anticipated Date: November/December, 2014 Following the Final Interview, as stated under “ Conditions of Employment ”, successful candidates who receive conditional job offers must complete a thorough background investigation. If candidates have used marijuana in the past year, used other illegal drugs in the past three years, been convicted of a felony, been convicted of any domestic violence charge, or been convicted of any misdemeanors which preclude POST certification as a Colorado Peace Officer, you will be disqualified from the process and the conditional job offer will be revoked. Following the Final Interview, as stated under “ Conditions of Employment ”, successful candidates who receive conditional job offers must pass a psychological test, a drug test, a polygraph, and a medical physical exam. The psychological test evaluates mental health and is required by Colorado POST. At the same time, any other psychological exams taken up to this point will be scored and taken into consideration. The polygraph exam confirms statements made and information gathered throughout the hiring process. The medical physical exam identifies ailments that would prohibit a person from performing the functions of the job and is different from the physical fitness/agility test. Following the Final Interview, as stated under “ Conditions of Employment ”, successful candidates who receive conditional job offers must pass the POST Academy and CPW’S Ranger Skills Field Training Program. At this time, the number of positions to be filled has not been determined. This statement is no guarantee that hiring will occur as projected. PROJECTED HIRE DATE: December, 2014 As stated under “ Conditions of Employment ”, successful candidates must relocate to the Denver metro area (or to a location where the candidate is willing to commute to the Denver metro area and the Denver Head Quarters (Littleton, CO) at their own expense and time on a daily basis) prior to the projected hire date of December 2014. Candidates will not be reimbursed for relocation expenses. WHAT TO EXPECT FIRST YEAR ON THE JOB – Park Manager I Training Peace Officer’s Standards and Training (POST): January, 2015 to May, 2015 [17 weeks] mandatory training will be in the Denver metro area. Training includes Colorado Criminal Code: laws of arrest; search and seizure; officer survival; use of force; civil liability; suspect/witness interview and interrogation. CPW pays 100% of the tuition and provides training materials and equipment. Training will include physically demanding training to develop proficiency in firearms, arrest control, and law enforcement driving. Ranger Skills Field Training Program: May, 2015 to October, 2015 [5 months] will include inside-classroom and outside field training with regards to park-related public relations and law enforcement. Field training requires extended travel away from Denver. CPW provides per diem and vehicles. Under the guidance of a supervisor or work leader, Park Manager I trainees will be assigned to the CPW’S Public Safety and Training Unit and trained in the State Parks operation, application of the State’s laws, rules, regulations, beginning supervision, and other techniques of Park Management. It is anticipated that Park Managers will be placed at their location by October 2015, however, specific locations/vacancies have not been determined at this time. Upon Successful Completion of Training You must accept any geographic location assigned to you from the list of vacancies [locations/vacancies undetermined at this time]. Park Managers must remain in initial assigned location for a minimum of 1 year from date of placement. Park Managers failing to relocate will be terminated for not meeting the conditions of employment and will be required to reimburse the CPW for all training expenses. IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATION: In the interview process, be honest with your answers. Lying or giving misinformation will disqualify you from the process.

If you experience difficulty in uploading or attaching documents to your online application, call NEOGOV technical support at 877-204-4442 anytime between 6:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. (Pacific Time).