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The City of Bloomington has several openings for Police Officer. These individuals will perform law enforcement duties involving the protection of life and property through the prevention and control of crime, preservation of peace, regulation of traffic, and provision of emergency services and other related duties.

Examples of Duties:
  • Conduct routine patrol activities within assigned areas of the City.
    --Patrol residential and business areas to identify unlawful conduct, whether criminal or non-criminal, to identify hazards to life or property, whether public or private, and to maintain a visible presence
    --Initiate and maintain active contact with business operators and community residents and foster community relations activities and crime prevention awareness
    --Identify and monitor areas where criminal activities or public nuisances are occurring or are likely to occur
    --Make visible vehicle traffic stops for cause to investigate suspicious activities and enforce non-criminal laws
    --Work flexible and non-traditional shifts and schedules
    --An understanding of streets, businesses, and significant locations within the community
  • Respond to identified problems and to situations that may be perceived as problems by members of the community, whether criminal or non-criminal.
    --Initiate appropriate responses by other non-police resources
    --Document facts necessary to provide for appropriate responses by other non-police resources
    --Notify property owners of potential problems and hazards
    --Ability to mediate resolutions to problems
  • Conduct investigation activities of criminal and non-criminal events.
    --Interview victims, witnesses and suspects and document their statements in written reports or detail formal statements
    --Conduct lawful searches of persons, vehicles and places
    --Execute search warrants and inventory and document the recovery of property or evidence
    --Determine methods and propriety of arrest of criminal suspects
    --Derive facts and inferences through observation and interview of persons and appropriately document those facts and inferences narratively or within predefined forms
    --Determine the appropriate legal standard necessary to conduct searches or to interrogate suspects and to assure admissibility in court
  • Provide for the safe and convenient flow of traffic and pedestrians within the community.
    --Enforce state and local traffic control laws, including aggressive enforcement of the state's DWI laws and citing and arresting other violators where appropriate
    --Investigate traffic accidents
    --Identify and take appropriate action to correct unsafe road and traffic conditions
    --Aid motorists by giving directions and assisting in obtaining emergency services or repairs
    --Direct vehicle and pedestrian traffic
    --Operate vehicle monitoring equipment and devices, such as radar
  • Conduct criminal and non-criminal investigative activities.
    --Conduct the preliminary investigations of criminal acts as necessary to substantiate crimes and preserve evidence of any crime
    --Conduct preliminary investigation of non-criminal matters as necessary to provide for appropriate responses by other non-police resources and as necessary to maintain public order and safety
    --Verbally reprimand offenders where appropriate to prevent reoccurrence of minor unlawful conduct
  • Prepare written reports, forms, memorandums and other documents as required.
    --Prepare standardized reports to document crimes and other non-criminal events
    --Prepare narrative descriptions of facts and events to establish an articulable basis, probable cause and facts beyond a reasonable doubt
    --Maintain detailed administrative reports to document activities, employment status and compliance with state and local accounting and training requirements
    --Prepare required follow-up investigative reports and case files for criminal prosecution
  • Present evidence in legal proceedings.
    --Testify in civil and criminal proceedings
    --Establish expertise and render opinions and interpretations in areas where adequate training has been provided
  • Provide support and assistance to other peace officers, whether local, state or federal, personnel of the criminal justice system and employees of other communities and agencies.
  • Provide for persons held in custody.
    --Transport prisoners to jail and court
    --Control and restrain recalcitrant persons
  • Utilize automated systems.
    --Run computer checks of vehicles, persons, and articles upon a Mobile Digital Data Terminal
    --Effectively utilize and verbally communicate upon a multi-talk group trunked radio system
    --Input, verify and make inquiries of data in a computerized record system which includes direct input of narrative information
    --Utilize, with proper training, automated medical devices
  • Maintain public order within the community.
    --Respond to threatening situations promptly to locate, identify and arrest potentially dangerous persons
    --Arrest and detain physically resisting persons in a non-lethal manner
    --Participate in crowd control activities including the organized dispersal tactics using non-deadly force
  • Provide emergency services.
    --Perform as rescuer under adverse and difficult conditions
    --Exercise standard precautions in the provision of emergency services (i.e., Bloodborne Pathogens)
    --Assess the emergency medical needs of victims of accidents, disasters or criminal acts
    --Perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and other first aid techniques
  • Perform law enforcement services in extraordinary situations.
    --Participate in maintaining a security perimeter at a disaster or crime scene under adverse conditions
    --Search for dangerous instruments, such as loaded firearms, explosive devices or hazardous chemicals
    --Respond to situations where deadly force might be threatened or used and to use deadly force when necessary to protect the life of another
    --Perform various other law enforcement duties for extended periods and under extreme weather conditions
    --Accurately discharge the police department's standard handgun, shotgun and meet qualification standards with non-deadly weapons
  • Operate motor vehicles safely under various conditions and circumstances.
    --Operate a motor vehicle safely while being observant for traffic law violations, suspicious persons or events or other hazards
    --Operate a motor vehicle safely in severe weather; including rain, wind and snow storms
    --Operate an emergency vehicle with red lights and siren safely with due regard for the safety of other drivers
  • Ability to evaluate a situation and to exercise good judgment and discretion commensurate with lawful authority, physical abilities and practical requirements of the situation.
  • Perform other related work as required.
When assigned to any of the following positions, essential functions will also include:
  • Investigations
    --Ability to analyze crime trends or patterns of repetitive crimes
    --Ability to deal with people in stressful situations and to elicit reliable information
  • Juvenile Liaison/Investigations
    --Ability to deal with children effectively
    --Ability to speak to groups and present training material
    --Ability to recognize factors that cause or contribute to delinquent behavior and use non-traditional means to respond
  • K-9
    --Care for, maintain and utilize a dog consistent with law enforcement purposes
    --Control a large dog, verbally and physically, and to maintain a position of control over the animal
  • Special Investigations
    --Ability to assume roles or act as another person
    --Ability to work flexible and varied shifts
    --Conduct undercover investigations
  • Crime Prevention
    --Speak and train large groups of persons
    --Identify crime prevention techniques
  • Emergency Response Unit
    --Operate specialized weapons
    --Utilize specialized techniques

Minimum/Desirable Qualifications:

Minimum Qualifications
  • High School graduate or equivalent
  • Eligibility to be licensed by the Minnesota Peace Officer's Standard and Training (P.O.S.T.) Board as a Police Officer. Applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • Currently, or have been, a licensed full-time peace officer in the state of Minnesota; or, currently, or have been, a licensed full-time peace officer in another state who has taken and passed the MN P.O.S.T. Board reciprocity examination by October 31, 2013; or,
  • Successfully completed the P.O.S.T. Board Peace Officer Licensing Examination and is eligible to be licensed as a full-time peace officer; or,
  • Have taken and passed the P.O.S.T. Board Peace Officer Licensing Examination by October 31, 2013
    • Ability to communicate effectively through oral and written skills
    • Ability to communicate with the public, other police department employees and other City employees effectively
    • Ability to safely operate a police car, routinely and as an emergency vehicle, and possess a valid driver's license
    • Ability to safely and accurately discharge a handgun and shotgun
    • Ability to apprehend and control suspects
    • Ability to maintain a first responder or higher level of certification with the Minnesota Department of Health
    • Ability to do some lifting, bending, climbing, reaching, overhead pushing and pulling
    • Ability to perform the essential functions of the position
    • Ability to work flexible schedules, including evenings, weekends and holidays

    Supplemental Information:

    Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. - Last name beginning with A-L
    Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. - Last name beginning with M-Z
    Normandale Community College - Auditorium
    9700 France Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55431
    (Fine Arts Entrance, west end of building)

    EVERYONE WHO APPLIES IS REQUIRED TO TAKE THE WRITTEN EXAM. An email reminder will be sent prior to written exam. Veteran's Preference points, when applicable, are awarded only to those who achieve a minimum passing rating of at least 70% on the written exam.

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