Psychiatric Nursing Asst II
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services - Big Spring, TX

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Safety Response Team (SRT) Officer II
  • Responds to all safety events occurring on BSSH campus during shift, including patient, staff or visitors or criminal activity occurring on campus. Ensures safety of the campus via patrol and monitoring of buildings. Writes safety daily and incident reports, as necessary, works with law enforcement, when needed. Works under the supervision of the shift leader and Chief SRT Officer.
Essential Job Functions:
Task 1
Monitor and enforce DSHS/BSSH Policies and Procedures and the laws of the State of Texas consistent with the requirements of the agency.

Performance Standard(s)
1. Demonstrate a competent understanding of agency policies and departmental procedures
2. Conduct self consistent with policies and set an example for other employees in conduct consistent with safety and safety for others and the resources of the State of Texas.
3. Abide by the SRT Officer's Code of Conduct and Responsibilities while on and off duty
4. Have no documented reports of employee conflict that results in positive performance actions. Must be proactive in your duties to avoid conflict and provide positive customer service at all times.
5. Have no documented report of law enforcement involvement that results in a negative image on the you or the department
6. Uniform is appropriately worn while on duty and is not worn while off duty except during travel to home immediately following shift.
7. Must maintain a valid and appropriate driver’s license at all times and must be able to show proof of current insurance for personal vehicle(s) driven on campus.
8. Must not engage in any activity that would create dissention within the work environment

Task 2
Maintains compliance with hospital and department training requirements

Performance Standard(s)
1. No delinquencies during the evaluation period for agency-required trainings, including CTD classes, ILearn and accessHR web-based trainings and CTD written modules.
2. Must show competency in departmental curriculum and testing, maintaining an 80% competency rating.

Task 3
Ensures accurate documentation in the Safety Daily Report, and any Offense/Incident Report to insure appropriate and complete understanding by a third person when presented the report.
Performance Standard(s)
1. Ensures that all important facts are documented in an appropriate manner.
2. Ensures that appropriate language is used in a manner not to degrade or insult the subject or victim.
3. Ensures reports are easily understood when read by someone not involved in the event, including any actions taken.

Task 4
Attends work on a regular and predictable schedule in accordance with agency leave policy; performs basic tasks as identified in their Performance Plan .
Performance Standard(s)
1. Attends work punctually and regularly when scheduled. Any use of Overtime must have prior approval by supervisor and be required for safety coverage or completion of documentation requirements.
2. Posts timekeeping data accurately and timely through AccessHR. Time is to be posted by end of shift the day returning to work from unplanned absence. Time posted in advance for planned absences (Vacation, Comp).
3. Complies with BSSH dress code and SRT uniform requirements.
4. Effectively utilizes work time to insure all assignments are completed in a
thorough, timely manner. Seeks additional assignments when other work is done and/or completes other duties as assigned.
5. No reported incidents of interfering with the work of other co-workers/unit staff.
6. Conserves and wisely utilizes state resources.
7. No confirmed incidents of failure to complete assigned tasks.
8. Attends at least 80% of all scheduled in-service meetings.
9. Performs other duties as assigned.

Task 5
Communicates pertinent information to the appropriate supervisor to facilitate the efficient operation of the Safety Department.
Performance Standard(s)
1. Insures that activities are properly documented into the Safety Daily Report.
2. Investigates all reported unusual incidents and records all information in a written report along with photographs if necessary as a permanent record.
3. The initial report will be completed and on file in the safety folder before the end of the shift with completion of the report in a timely manner.
4. All reports will be correct and legible, with minimal misspellings or poor grammar. Reports will be reviewed by supervisory staff for quality.
5. Ensure that all Offenses / Incident reports upon completion are filed and any
updates will be added to the appropriate file.
6. All individuals will be identified that are in secure areas without authorization and document incidents in the Daily Safety Report.

Task 6
Employee actively participates and/or serves in a supporting role to meet the agency's obligations for disaster response and/or recovery or Continuity of Operations (COOP) activation.
Performance Standard(s)
1. Is familiar with and responds to BSSH emergency or disaster situations according to specified role in the BSSH Emergency Operations Procedures.
2. Works alternate shift pattern or in alternate role assignment as required to meet the needs of the emergency and ensure continuity of services for patients.
3. Keeps emergency information in AccessHR current and accurate.

Task 7
Equipment assigned to SRT Officer is inspected daily prior to shift and tested quarterly.
Performance Standard(s)
1. Will insure that all equipment is in proper working order before placing such equipment in use.
2. All safety vehicles will be visually inspected prior to accepting the shift.
3. Any defective equipment when discovered will be immediately removed from operation and proper staff will be notified for repair.
4. If assigned, conducts quarterly inspections of identified equipment for proper operation or completes the inspection process if needed.
5. If assigned, responsible for a quarterly report sent to the Chief SRT Officer addressing any problems found and the appropriate action taken.

Task 8
Escorts visitors to ensure safe environment for all persons.

Performance Standard(s)
1. All visitors must be directed to Bldg.504 for documentation / check in.
2. Escorts visitors to the unit who have been cleared to visit.
3. Instructs all visitors prior to escort about visitation rules
4. Inspects for contraband any items being carried into any patient care building / unit.
5. All visitor movement will be documented on the Daily Report under Visitor log.
6. When cleared , escorts families to the Family Lodge, orients first time visitors to the lodge.
7. Visually checks on all rooms being occupied for readiness.
8. If visitation is terminated by unit staff or safety for unacceptable behavior from the visitors or patient, will escort visitors immediately from campus and if necessary involve law enforcement.

Task 9
Monitoring secured and unauthorized areas within BSSH facility.
Performance Standard(s)
1. Daily patrol the facility grounds, checking buildings and monitor
activity on the facility grounds.
2. Monitor for individuals entering and leaving facility grounds on foot
3. Monitor for vehicles that enter the hospital grounds without a properly displayed parking permit.
4. Watch for unusual / suspicious activity
5. Allow only authorized personnel into buildings during non-business hours.
6. Watch for unauthorized persons and said persons will be identified and intentions made known. Unauthorized entries will be reported to the appropriate personnel and when necessary notification of law enforcement.

Task 10
Provides off-campus monitoring for patients identified as "High Risk" per policy to protect hospital staff, prevent unauthorized departures and to protect the patient.

Performance Standard(s)
1. Accompanies patients identified as high risk or upon request from Nursing Supervisors to off-campus appointments.
2. Monitors for suspicious and unusual activity occurring off campus that could indicate possible UD or other risks. Documents such in the Daily and reports to Nursing Supervisor.

Task 11
SRT Officers will patrol daily the facility grounds, monitor activity on the grounds, including perimeter patrol.

Performance Standard(s)
1. Observes fence lines and surrounding areas for possible unauthorized departures and reports anything suspicious within line of vision, to prevent UD's and to investigate concerns promptly.
2.Check and identify all observed individuals entering and leaving facility grounds on foot.
3. Upon notification or observation of a patient attempting / going UD, each officer will demonstrate a working knowledge of the process in returning a patient back to BSSH.
4. Ensure safety of campus through perimeter and interior patrol.

Task 12 -
Observes and responds to all unusual incidents

Performance Standard(s)
1. Observes for all suspicious activities such as fires, vandalism, theft or inappropriate patient activity and question and report anything observed that does not seem appropriate, in order that all concerns may be investigated.
2. Assists with the monitoring of Fire Drills scheduled by the ADSO and insures that the fire alarm system is properly reset after each drill.
3. Investigate all Fire or Burglar Alarms for unusual activity.
4. Investigates all reported unusual incidents and records all information in a
written report along with photographs if necessary as a permanent record. The initial report coversheet will be completed and on file in the safety folder before the end of the shift with completion of the report in a timely manner.
5 When necessary act as a liaison between Big Spring State Hospital and law enforcement
6 Responds to all emergency calls such as fire alarms, code 3's, unauthorized departures and if necessary provide escort for emergency responders.
7 Advises supervisor of injuries and/or incidents or situations which could be
dangerous to staff, patients, and facility visitors in a timely manner and assures that work area is free of safety hazards.

Task 13
Officers will monitor traffic during their regular patrol especially during scheduled shift changes or during other identified times.
Performance Standard(s)
1. Monitor areas of high traffic for speeders or improper parking
2. When violations of BSSH traffic rules are observed, the subject when located will be advised of the infraction of BSSH traffic rules and issue citations or warning will be issued when appropriate.
3. Insure that no unauthorized drivers are operating vehicles on facility
4. Identify employees who do not properly display their Parking Permit.
5. Provide employees who do not have a Parking Permit the proper paper work for their request.
6. Traffic Citations and Warnings will be properly documented in the Safety Daily Report.
7. Insures that employees have the proper licenses and insurance for the vehicle they are driving on facility grounds.
8. Insure that employees not authorized to drive on facility grounds are parked in the
identified location / designated parking lot on campus.
9. Insures that only qualified drivers are operating state vehicle.

Task 14
Provide physical safety for all facility owned buildings and respond to any and all alarms to those buildings.
Performance Standard(s)
1. Monitor facility and grounds for fires or utility malfunctions and report all emergencies
immediately upon discovery.
2. Physical inspection of all exterior windows and doors on vacant
facility buildings after hours, weekends and holidays for proper safety.
3. Physical inspection of High Risk areas such as Pharmacy, Cashiers in 502 and 557, Reimbursement, Job Center, Accounting, Warehouse for proper safety.
4. Turn on or off any lighting as required.
5. Advise supervisor of injuries and/or incidents or situations which could be dangerous to staff, patients, and facility visitors in a timely manner and assures that contractor work area is free of safety hazards.
6. Conducts walk through patrols for all patient care buildings
7. Conducts an initial unit patrol at the beginning of each
8. When called upon will provide back up or assistance to unit staff. When
necessary, call for additional assistance from other SRT staff.

Task 15
Provides services to various departments on a daily or as needed basis.

Performance Standard(s)
1. Picks up court summons daily from HIMD by 2:00 PM. Court papers will be hand delivered to the appropriate patient by 5: PM.
2. Provides courier duties for the cashier's officer making the appropriate deposits and pick up of money for BSSH and returning the money to the appropriate cashier's office.
3. Provides the afternoon mail run to the Post Office.
4. Serves as bailiff during court proceedings or hearings for the manifest dangerous review board held on campus.
5. Provides safety for off campus trips for "High Risk" patients.
6. Provides transportation or unit assistance for Nursing Service during staffing crisis situations.
7. Ensures staff to conduct patient mail package opening procedure.
8. Provides patient transport from Admissions to assigned unit and for transfers between units upon Nursing request.

Task 16
Insure that persons on campus are identified and have legitimate reason for being on campus.

Performance Standards
1. Insure all employees have their hospital identification badge while on campus.
2. Insure all employees that are on campus have legitimate business if that employee is on campus off shift.
3. Employees returning to work after hours (off shift) in secured areas will need to be
identified if they did not notify the operator; documentation of such events in the safety daily report.
4. Insure all individuals without hospital identification have a photo or legal form
of identification and their business on campus must be made known.
5. Insure all individuals without hospital identification check in at Bldg.504; if visitor is from another agency, he/she may wear their agency identification.

Task '17
Processes patient admissions and discharges according to established policies.

Performance Standard(s)
1. Upon notification, process all new admissions to check for contraband.
2. Patient property is processed according to established procedures.
3. All property will be inspected for contraband; all contraband found in their property or on patient is processed by safety.
4. All valuables, medical devices and medication will be identified for Admission
5. All property will be secured following property guidelines for unit inventory.
6. Upon notification safety will pick-up, secure, and document patient property according to established procedures.
7. Upon notification of patient discharge, will retrieve all property under Safety control and turn over to unit staff or patient in a timely manner.
8. Any contraband will be delivered to nursing supervisor's office or retained at safety for pick-up at time of patient's discharge.
9. No reported failures where safety did not get patients property to them in a timely manner.
10. Receives from unit staff the identified patient for discharge and deliver the patient to the Safety Dept for pick-up by law enforcement.
11. Verifies patient pick-up by a signed Bench Warrant from the identified county.
12 Responsible for insuring that all patients property, medication and discharge papers are obtained prior to leaving the unit.
13 Insures that all BSSH patient information, ID Bands, ID card, and
locker key are removed from patient prior to discharge.
14 Insures that all property/ contraband stored at safety is picked up by patient prior to discharge.

Knowledge Skills Abilities:
Knowledge of traffic and parking regulations and of emergency reporting procedures.
Skill in monitoring and assessing situations and determining appropriate response.
Ability to enforce security rules and regulations, to react quickly and calmly in emergency situations, and to communicate effectively.

Registration or Licensure Requirements:
none required

Initial Selection Criteria:
High School Diploma or GED
Experience in Security, Corrections, Law Enforcement, Military, or Direct Patient Care.

Additional Information:
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), HHS agencies will provide reasonable accommodation during the hiring and selection process for qualified individuals with a disability. If you need assistance completing the on-line application, contact the HHS Employee Service Center at 1-888-894-4747. If you are contacted for an interview and need accommodation to participate in the interview process, please notify the person scheduling the interview.

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