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JOB TITLE: RN / Rehab and Acute Units (1901) REVISED: October 2010
LOCATION: Wenatchee Valley Hospital OSHA CLASS: 1

A clinically and competent, licensed, registered nurse who delivers care to the acutely ill, Surgical and Rehab patients through the nursing process of assessment, diagnosis, outcome identification, planning implementation and evaluation. Effectively interacts with patient, significant others, and other health team members, while maintaining standards of professional nursing.

Coordinates Patient Care, utilizing the nursing process.
1. Utilizing Standards of Nursing Practice, demonstrates appropriate implementation of the nursing process.
2. Collects and documents the patient's current health status and medical history. Completes admission database and other assessment tools as defined by policy.
3. Makes accurate and ongoing assessment of patient's status and responds appropriately.
4. Sets priorities for nursing action in a logical sequence according to patient's needs and formulates an appropriate plan.
5. Writes realistic, measurable, and time-bound goals that are consistent with the medical and/or team plan and whenever possible, are made with the patient and/or family.
6. Prescribes appropriate nursing actions to meet those goals and the physical, psychological, social and rehabilitative needs of the patient.
7. Performs ongoing assessment as defined by Nursing Policy and revises plan of care based on new data and patient's condition.
8. Documents accurate and ongoing assessment of patient's status (Assessment sheet, Focus List, and 24 hr Nursing Care Flow Record).
9. Documentation reflects nursing interventions and patient's response, patient's needs, problems, capabilities, limitations, and progress towards goals.
10. Documentation includes evidence of appropriate patient and family teaching. Understanding of these instructions is noted on the medical record.
11. Teaches patient/family and/or significant others appropriate health information in a timely manner and shares written informational material.
12. Performs nurse duties in Rehab as assigned - all worksheets will be completed prior to patient conferences (IRF – PAI completed as required).

Provides care for patients including administration of medications and/or treatments.
1. Demonstrates necessary skills and knowledge to provide care for patients according to Nursing policy and procedure.
2. Demonstrates necessary skills and knowledge to provide care for patients according to unit specific competencies, i.e., glucometer, scanners and pulse oximeter, etc.
3. Demonstrates ability to handle emergency situations in a prompt, precise and professional manner.
4. Compassionately gives personal patient care to provide comfort and well being to the patient, acknowledging physiological and psychosocial needs.
5. Administers medications according to Nursing policy and procedure.
6. Administers IV's according to Nursing policy and procedure.
7. Observes and documents patient's response to pertinent medications.
8. Demonstrates ability and appropriate technical skills when administering treatments and procedures in accordance with physician's orders, and Nursing policy and procedure. (Done in a timely manner).

Exhibits interpersonal skills that promote a positive functioning department.
1. Communicates effectively with peers, health team members, management and physicians.
2. Interacts effectively with patient's families and/or significant others. Always greets patients in a courteous and respectful manner; responds to patients with empathy and positive interpersonal skills. Consistently handles all requests in a positive manner.
3. Adapts to changes in a positive, professional manner.
4. Cooperates well with staff, physicians and other departments.
5. Maintains positive working relationships.
6. Supports problem solving approach to both department and patient needs.
7. Follows through on problems that may compromise patient care by using the appropriate chain of command.
8. Assists with the orientation of nursing personnel to the department.
9. Contributes to the educational experience of students assigned to the Unit.

Accurately and concisely processes and communicates information.
1. Give a thorough, concise report at change of shift notes.
2. Communicates appropriate information to charge nurse, Supervisor, physicians and other health team members as appropriate, in a timely manner.
3. Demonstrates accurate and timely documentation neatly and legibly according to form guidelines.
4. Accurately transcribes physician orders according to Nursing policy and procedure.
5. Correctly initiates and discontinues daily charges for equipment.
6. Accurately charges for patient supplies.

Maintain a safe and sanitary work environment.
1. Maintains a clean, neat, and safe environment for patient and staff according to department policies.
2. Insures that supplies and equipment necessary for patient care are stored in an organized and efficient manner.
3. Demonstrates correct and safe technique in the use of equipment according to specific product information and policy and procedure manuals.
4. Follows appropriate procedure for obtaining and returning or cleaning/disposing of equipment and supplies.

Actively participates in unit based Quality Assurance program.
1. Demonstrates an ongoing awareness of, and participation in the department based Quality Assurance program.
2. Is alert to potential Q.A. problems, and actively participates in solving such problems.
3. Responds with improved performance to results obtained from Q.A. monitors.
4. Assists in developing, reviewing and revising policies and procedures, standards of care, and standard of practice for department.

Adheres to Hospital/Nursing Policy.
1. Observes departmental guidelines concerning unscheduled absences and reports same in accordance with departmental procedures. Has 3% or fewer incidents of unscheduled absence yearly. (An incident means either 1 day or a series of consecutive days-exemption LOA).
2. Reports to work 98% of the shifts scheduled prior to starting time.
3. Does not incur excessive overtime. (Exception - working extra shifts when requested to do so).
4. Dresses according to Wenatchee Valley Medical Center dress code for nursing. Is conscientious in regard to personal hygiene.
5. Complies with specific hospital and departmental policies concerning safety and/or disaster plans.
6. Complies with specific hospital policy and procedure concerning infection control and has a good working knowledge of Universal Precautions.

Assumes responsibility for self-evaluation/self-improvement.
1. Participates in evaluation of self with Supervisor annually.
2. Has 100% attendance at mandatory in-services, including CPR certification meeting, and annual safety in-service. Management will attempt to video tape mandatory meetings so that excused staff (night shifts, vacation, ill) can view within two weeks of meeting date.
3. Attends 75% of all staff meetings and reads and signs all minutes of meetings not attended.
4. Attends at least 2 hospital sponsored in-services annually.
5. Participates on at least one committee or project annually upon request.
6. Consistently advocates and functions within the guidelines of the Washington Nurse Practice Act and keeps current with the legal aspects of nursing.

Performs related duties assigned - Promotes guest relations to clients.
1. Communicates, cooperates, and performs related duties with other members of department and hospital staff in a courteous and efficient manner to achieve overall hospital goals and objectives.
2. Greets all patients, visitors, physicians, and other staff members in a courteous, respectful and professional manner at all times. Responds to all patients with empathy and positive interpersonal skills at all times.
3. Handles all requests with a positive attitude at time of request.
4. Assumes maintenance of a good working rapport with all patient care personnel, and other departments requiring frequent interaction and coordination of efforts on a daily basis.
5. Demonstrates a commitment to providing the highest and most reliable quality service available on a daily basis.
6. Works as a positive change agent. Collaborates with team members in a constructive and supportive manner.
7. Demonstrates ethical conduct and practices.

Resource Nurse
1. Overall, functions as a mentor, coach support to all hospital nursing units as it pertains to patient care and staff performance and needs.
2. Is familiar with back up roles to confidently provide assistance to the primary nurse(s) in a given unit. Provides direction on a given shift and is responsible to charge nurse and/or supervisor.
3. Assign nursing staff to patients, based on skill level, to provide quality care.
4. Assign additional tasks to staff as necessary.
5. Make sure cupboards and med cart are locked at all times. Be responsible and accountable for accurate medication administration and documentation. If problems or errors occur, make sure physician is notified appropriately. Charge nurses and/or supervisors are responsible to make sure that all orders are filled and if pharmacy orders have been called in, then assure follow through with other oncoming staff.
6. Assures that breaks and meal breaks have been provided and that staff complies with WVMC policies.
7. Limit staff visiting amongst each other. Encourage staff visitation with patients and family.
8. Provide staff training as necessary.
9. Review staffing needs and supply appropriate personnel utilizing the staffing pattern and acuity of patients.
10. Calls M.D. with late lab results and documents in chart that information was related to physician.
11. Charge Nurses are expected to utilize appropriate problem solving techniques toward resolutions to best of their ability. Consult with Supervisor when necessary.

Pharmacy duties as required
1. Follow policies, procedures and appropriate WAC's in dispensing medications within the scope of a registered nurse.

NOTE: This list of job functions is not intended to be all inclusive and may be expanded to include other functions that may be deemed necessary.

1. Graduate of an approved school of nursing

1. Current nursing license in the state of Washington
2. Completion of WVMC orientation program
3. Must be currently certified in CPR, and re-certified annually
4. ACLS course attendance required
5. CRRN (Certified Rehab Registered Nurse) encouraged within 2 yrs of employment

To give direct patient care including lifting and transferring patients and providing personal services during the acute stage of illness. Stands and/or walks most of the shift. Bends and works in reaching, stretching position, pushes, pulls, and lifts medium and heavy weights. Demonstrates a positive behavior reflective of an interest in his/her work. Promotes a guest relations philosophy in their interaction with patients, their families, physicians, visitors, and staff.

Applies principles of safety in daily work. Service requires patient care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, therefore, scheduling calls for rotation of days with possible rotation of shifts for vacation, illness, etc. Occasional overtime as needed. May be asked to float to other areas to provide balanced staffing or assist as needed.

May be exposure to mechanical hazards and to hazardous chemicals. There is likely to be frequent exposure to infectious diseases, medicinal preparations, and other conditions common to a clinical setting of this specialty. Must not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of the individual or others in the following situations - operating equipment and responding to an emergency.




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