Resident Assistant (RA)
Good Shepherd Services, Ltd. - Seymour, WI

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CBRF- Birch Way & Shepherd’s Inn
Wage: $10.00 per hour
Benefit eligible position if scheduled at least 40 hours per pay period (2 weeks)
Position available on PM's (4-8pm; 24 hrs per pay period)

ALL positions require employees to work every other weekend and alternate holidays
Selected candidates must pass caregiver & criminal background check, physical with drug test, and reference check

Job Title: Resident Assistant

Reports To: CBRF (Birch Way or Shepherd’s Inn) Director/LPN

Delegation of Authority: As a Resident Assistant (RA), you are delegated the authority, responsibility, and accountability for carrying out your assigned duties.

Position Summary: The RA assists older or disabled people who are functionally, physically, and/or socially impaired and need 24-hour oversight. The RA’s role is to assist residents with those activities of daily living that they are unable to perform without help, fostering at all times residents’ independence and freedom of choice. All responsibilities will be conducted in a manner that is consistent with the philosophy of the Shepherd’s Inn and Good Shepherd Services.

Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities:

1. Activities of Daily Living (ADLs): Provides assistance as needed with

  • Dressing and undressing (clothing should be clean and appropriate for the season)
  • Bathing
  • Personal hygiene (toileting, shaving, dental hygiene, nail care, hair care, foot care)
  • Mobility devices (cane, walker, wheelchair, crutches) including monitoring of safe transfer

and ambulation techniques

  • Care of ADL devices such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids

2. Instrumental Activities of Daily Living: Provides assistance as needed with

  • Telephone (assistance with calls, phone repairs, hearing, and vision adaptive devices)
  • Housekeeping tasks such as vacuuming, emptying trash, cleaning bathroom, bed making and

bed changes

  • Laundry
  • Escorts residents and coordinates internal transportation needs and external as needed
  • Mail delivery, resident’s personal correspondence

3. Medication Assistance:

  • Assists residents with administration of medications, including monitoring of medication

supplies and documentation

4. Health Maintenance and Monitoring Tasks:

  • Observes and reports changes in residents’ physical condition and cognitive and emotional

status to the Director/LPN as needed

  • Conducts room checks and resident rounds
  • Monitors for environment safety hazards
  • Records incidents, errors, or accidents
  • Records resident and resident-related events
  • Records time records for Record Services

5. Dining:

  • Assists in a variety of tasks relating to dining, encouraging independence (escorting

residents to dining room if needed, setting up and cleaning tables, serving meals, and
bussing tables). May be required to prepare meals and snacks.

6. Activity Program:

  • Responsible for participating in and supporting the resident-centered activity program.
  • Transport residents for activities, appointments, etc, using Good Shepherd Services vehicle.

7. Emergency Preparedness:

  • Responds to and acts appropriately in emergency or disaster situations

8. Facility Housekeeping and Maintenance

  • Vacuums, dusts, and cleans commons areas on schedule and as needed
  • Replaces things such as light bulbs, garbage liners, batteries, etc.


  • Plans and completes duties with minimal direction from supervisor
  • Works collaboratively with peers and other team members
  • Uses tactful, diplomatic communication techniques in potentially sensitive or emotionally

charged situations

  • Follows up with appropriate staff, residents, or other individuals regarding reported

complaints, problems, and concerns

  • Acts as ambassador and public relations representative to guests and visitors
  • Maintains all certifications required for employment

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Thoroughly completes appropriate records, service plan and other documentation which is to

be submitted in a timely manner

  • Orders and monitors appropriate use of resident care, office, and other needed supplies
  • Copies special paperwork or forms
  • Prepares and maintains resident census records
  • Notifies the Director or co-workers at least two (2) hours before assigned schedule if you

will be late or absent from work. Replaces self if at all possible.

Other Duties:
1. Demonstrates a respect of residents and an understanding of the aging process, and
understanding of family dynamics in the aging family.

2. Creates and maintains an atmosphere of warmth, personal interest and positive emphasis, as
well as a calm environment.

3. Ensure that all residents are treated fairly with kindness, dignity and respect.

4. Respect residents’ personal property rights, maintaining residents’ rights to privacy and

5. Attends and participates in scheduled orientation and in service training and educational
classes a minimum of fifteen (15) hours per year.

6. Attends and participates in staff meetings, projects or committees as assigned.

7. Assists with quality assurance programs when indicated.

8. Assists in training of new staff.

9. Maintains GSS Core Values.

10. Participation in organizational idea program.

11. Performs other duties as assigned.

1. Must be trained in the services you will provide to residents and are capable of doing
assigned duties. C.N.A. Certification helpful but not required.

2. Must be able to think, act, and intervene independently in both routine and emergency

3. Must be self-motivated and function as an “in-charge” person.

4 Must be able to relate to residents and staff in a courteous and diplomatic manner under all

5. Must be able to work flexible hours and participate in holiday activities.

Work Setting and Environment:
1. Work is performed primarily indoors although residents are welcome to be outdoors for special events or just for fresh air. The Shepherd’s Inn is well-lighted and clean with some exposure to dust. Heat, air conditioning, and humidity are controlled in the building’s heating and air conditioning system with a temperature variance of 72-78 degrees.

2. Exposure to loud or unpleasant voices and chance for bodily injury.

3. Periodic stress of working with sick residents and their families, combined with the resident who may be confused, irrational, highly agitated or given to abrupt mood swings and at times confused.

Working Conditions:
1. Exposed to body fluids, infection, odors, and behavior of residents.

2. Exposed to chemicals/cleaning solutions.

3. Universal Precautions are to be followed at all times. In services on Hepatitis B, HIV, and Infection Control are held during orientation and at least yearly thereafter. Hepatitis B vaccines are available to all employees at no cost.

4. MSDS exists on all hazardous products. A hazard communication program is in place.

Strength: May be required to transfer, lift, or position residents up to 150 lbs. in some cases; push/pull residents weighing 75-300 pounds in wheelchairs and recliners.

Manual Dexterity: Must be able to continuously perform simple manipulative tasks with equipment listed above and occasionally perform difficult manipulative tasks, as well as use safety pins, buttons, snaps, buckles, and tie strings.

Coordination: Ability to safely assist a tenant with all ADLs, transfers, and ambulation, requiring good hand/eye coordination and steadiness; and the ability to move about in tight spaces, between objects, equipment, and furniture.

Mobility: Must be able to continuously stand and walk up to 75 percent of an 12-hour day to provide resident care. Must be able to frequently squat, bend, reach over the shoulder, kneel, twist, sit, stand, and remain in uncomfortable positions for prolonged periods of time.

Speech: Must be able to speak and write English clearly continuously to communicate with residents and coworkers.

Hearing: Must be able to hear and distinguish normal sounds with background noises ranging from normal conversations to high-pitched sounding alarms. Must be able to give and receive verbal instructions, hear audible emergency signals, alarms, and call light indicators; and be able to answer the phone.

Vision: Must have far-sighted visual acuity, with correction, 20/40 Snellen chart for identification of tenants; call lights; unusual occurrences on the unit; changes in tenant condition (breathing, color, skin breakdown...). Near-sighted and visual acuity required to read typed and written materials, thermometers, and distinguish colors for warning lights. Must have the ability to visually identify a resident within a reasonable distance (approximately 20 feet) to identify a “wandering” resident.

Emotional Stability: Must be able to continuously deal effectively with stress created by sick and demented residents, multiple tasks, noises, and interruptions; and work cooperatively as part of the Shepherd’s Inn team while maintaining a pleasant demeanor.

Smell: Must be able to detect the smell of smoke, spoiled food, soiled linen...

Concentration: Must have the ability to concentrate on moderate or fine details with frequent interruptions necessary to perform a variety of tasks related to ADL care.

Attention Span: Must be able to attend to a function from 20 to 90 minutes to perform minimal-to-fine-detailed tasks related to ADL care.

Conceptualization: Must be able to understand and relate to specific ideas and concepts. Must be able to understand and relate to theories behind assisted living, wellness, and rights.

Memory: Must be able to remember multiple tasks and assignments over a period of twelve hours.

Each employee is expected to respond to emergency situations involving the safety of tenants, other employees, and the facility. This includes the ability to assist with a possible evacuation of the residents.

This job description is not intended to be all inclusive. The employee will also perform other reasonable related business duties as assigned by the, CBRF Director/LPN or Executive Director.