Safety & Security Officer I
Univ of Kansas Medical Center - Kansas City, KS

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Provide security services for Hospital and University by: performing foot patrol; escorts by vehicles and on foot; enforce State, University and Hospital parking rules and regulations; provide motorist assistance services.

Required Qualifications
HS Diploma/GED.

Must successfully pass a required drug screen pursuant to K.S.A 75-4362 & K.S.A. 75-4363.

Must possess or be willing to obtain a valid unrestricted Commercial Driver's License (CDL)(corrective lenses acceptable) with passenger endorsement from Kansas or Missouri within 90 days of the date of employment at candidates expense. Department will provide a vehicle for testing that will be representative of the type of vehicle that will be driven on duty.

Ability to efficiently operate motorized vehicles, two-way radios and other equipment. Maintain effective working relationships with public, staff and officials. Read and understand written laws, rules and regulations. Ability to remain calm in stressful situations.

Must provide a working contact number.

Must successfully pass the International Association of Hospital Safety & Security (IAHSS) examination during probationary period.

Preferred Qualifications
Candidate has a valid unrestricted (corrective lenses acceptable) Commercial Driver's License (CDL)with passenger endorsement in the states of Kansas or Missouri.

Previous job related experience. Any combination of training and/or experience which would demonstrate acquisition of knowledge of security methods and the ability to perform such duties.

Instructions for applying
Please complete an electronic application and click the "Apply for this Posting" button at the top of the page.

Duty (1) Description
20% - Shuttle Bus/Escorts-Conducts personal escorts and provides transportation for students, faculty, staff, patients and visitors, primarily using a department vehicle. Escorts may be provided by foot during inclement weather or unavailability of vehicles. Person will be escorted to or picked up from residences, parking lots and the garages within prescribed boundaries.

Duty (1) Essential or Marginal

Duty (2) Description
20% - PARKING ENFORCEMENT-Enforces State and KUMC parking rules and regulations through issuance of parking citations, verbal or written warnings. Enforces parking garage access. Advises supervisor of parking areas requiring attention or additional signage to improve compliance with parking rules and regulations. Keeps traffic flowing in front of KU Hospital entrance and ensures area is used for the intended purpose of loading and unloading patients.

Duty (2) Essential or Marginal

Duty (3) Description
15% - CUSTOMER SERVICE, WORKING RELATIONS AND INTEGRITY-Assists hospital staff in efforts to meet customer needs by: helping with patient loading, unloading and providing directions; providing assistance, including escorts to disabled patients (e.g. Cambridge Street parking facility, Front of KU Hospital).

Duty (3) Essential or Marginal

Duty (4) Description
25% - FIXED POST SECURITY-Patrols areas of responsibility, including Metal Detector operation and other building entrances, constantly looking for unusual activities that may cause harm to individuals or their property. Interacts with co-workers, law enforcement officers & other department personnel and maintains effective working relationships. Adheres to all University and department rules, regulations and policies.

Duty (4) Essential or Marginal

Duty (5) Description
5% - MOTORIST ASSISTS-Assists employees, students, staff and visitors with jump starts, unlocks and tire problems. Receives proper valid proof of ownership and written release prior to providing the service. Gives directions and aid to visitors and staff on all parking problems on campus. Submits recommendations for improvement of the program.

Duty (5) Essential or Marginal

Duty (6) Description
5% - TRAINING & OTHER RELATED DUTIES-Attends and participates in all departmental special assignments and training sessions assigned. Performs other duties as assigned in the manner and timeframe specified which include maintenance of parking meters, collection of meter money, providing special parking areas, traffic control, garage money, escorts, minor repair of parking garage equipment and other special assignments.

Duty (6) Essential or Marginal

Duty (7) Description
5% - COMMUNICATION AND REPORTING-Operates two-way radio equipment in accordance with FCC regulations and departmental policy. Writes and submits clear, concise, legible and timely reports.

Duty (7) Essential or Marginal

Duty (8) Description
5% - UNIFORMS & EQUIPMENT-Keeps uniforms, vehicle and equipment clean and in working order per established procedures. Be able to present, upon request, any issued equipment. Maintains and operates vehicles in a safe prudent manner. Reports damage and problems to supervisor immediately.

Duty (8) Essential or Marginal

Duty (9) Description

Duty (9) Essential or Marginal

Duty (10) Description

Duty (10) Essential or Marginal

Mental/Cognitive Requirements:
Comprehend and use basic language, either written or spoken, to communicate information and ideas

Comprehend and use technical or professional language, either written or spoken, to communicate complex ideas

Perform numerical operations using basic counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing

Perform Complex quantitative calculations or reasoning using algebra, geometry, statistics, or abstract symbols

Problem Solving
Formulate and apply appropriate course of action for routine or familiar situations

Use logic to define problem, collect information, establish facts, draw valid conclusions, interpret information and deal with abstract variables for unique or unfamiliar situations

Other Mental/Cognitive Requirements (please describe)
Ability to learn, understand, and apply Department rules and regulations and standard operating procedures. Municipal, State, and Federal laws and regulations that apply to the duties of a Safety & Security Officer.Learn skills necessary to operate equipment used in the performance of duties. Communicate verbally in a quick and clear manner. Accurately complete forms, maintain records, and produce written documents that are clear and concise. Provide accurate testimony in an investigation or court appearance.
Tolerate stressful situations, including dealing with traumatic situations, emergencies, and other emotionally tense and demanding situations.Make rational decisions as well as apply policies and procedures in a fast paced environment.Deal with distractions and interruptions while maintaining concentration and focus. Deal with multiple task demands by prioritizing emergency calls and requests for service. Recognize risk and to follow standard safety procedures. Assert oneself and take charge of situations when necessary. Remain calm under stressful and angry situations.
Relate to co-workers and function as a member of a team.
Ability to work with minimal supervision.

Physical Activities
Repetitive Motion - Repeating movements of arms, hands, wrists
Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Talk - Express or exchange ideas verbally
Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Hear - Perceive sound by ear
Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

See - Obtain impressions through the eye
Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Level of physical activity

Physical Requirements
Kneel- Bend legs at knee, come to rest on knees
Frequently (2.5 to 5.5 hours/day)

Crouch/Squat - Bend body down and forward, bending legs and spine
Frequently (2.5 to 5.5 hours/day)

Crawl - Move on hands, knees and feet
Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Climb - Ascend/descend ladders, stairs, ramps
Frequently (2.5 to 5.5 hours/day)

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Walk - Move about on foot
Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Average distance per shift
3-5 miles

Stoop - Bend downward and forward at waist
Occasionally (.5 to 2.5 hours/day)

Lift - Raise or lower 10 lbs. from one level to another
Frequently (2.5 to 5.5 hours/day)

Lift - Raise or lower 25 lbs. from one level to another
Occasionally (.5 to 2.5 hours/day)

Carry - Transport an object
Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Push - Press with steady force, thrust objects forward, downward, outward
Occasionally (.5 to 2.5 hours/day)

Pull - Drag or tug objects
Occasionally (.5 to 2.5 hours/day)

Turn/twist - Move a body part in circular motion
Frequently (2.5 to 5.5 hours/day)

Bend - Bend downward and forward by bending the spine at waist
Frequently (2.5 to 5.5 hours/day)

Balance - Exceeding ordinary body equilibrium
Occasionally (.5 to 2.5 hours/day)

Reach - Extend hands and arms in any direction
Frequently (2.5 to 5.5 hours/day)

Handle - Seize, hold, turn with hands
Frequently (2.5 to 5.5 hours/day)

Ability to distinguish color
Constantly (5.5+ hours/day)

Other Physical Activity (please describe)
Employee is exposed to outdoor conditions and weather, walking or driving through parking lots and parking structures. Patrolling all outdoor and covered parking garages, surrounding areas and streets adjacent to the Medical Center. Employee may, at times, be required to spend an extensive period of time on his/her feet. May need to assist sick or disabled individuals enter/exit vehicles. May be subjected to potentially dangerous situations, assist in traffic control, handles unique situations regarding special traffic and parking requirements and assisting University Police.

Average amount of time for other physical activity
Frequently (2.5 to 5.5 hours/day)