Senior Engineer
Mixbook - Palo Alto, CA

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You are a veteran of many, many web site scaling battles. As a Senior Engineer Mixbook you'll go hands-on joining a team that's learned how to build rich, high scale web applications the hard way (through sheer smarts and force of will) and is ready to learn from someone whose seen it all 42 times before. Your code will be live and in use by hundreds of thousands of eager photo book creators the first week you're here. You'll ship early and often because you share our passion for creating better user experiences and getting improvements into users' hands in days instead of weeks. You'll lead by virtue of having many of the best ideas and quickly earning the respect of your engineer peers because of your ideas, passion, positivity, and team player-ness.

And you'll bring your love of creating software with other people and the vast skills and experience you have at your disposal to *Mixbook* because you've had enough of working at startups where your stock wasn't worth the offer letter it was printed on...or you're tired of working in huge companies building software widget 43993 of 393933 and having no discernable impact in spite of the excellent work you've done. Mixbook is going places, we need seasoned engineers to take our game to the next level, and *you* will have a huge, noticable from space, sized impact here.

Must Haves

BS in Computer Science from an outstanding program.

10+ years software development experience.

Battle scars earned through designing, building, and maintaining high traffic web sites, apps, and/or apis.

Experience with Ruby on Rails OR a strong interest in learning it.

Self starter, self motivated. Gets things done. Unstoppable, unblockable, no excuses, you get results.

These Are Good Too

Experience with stuff we use: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Memcache, Redis, EC2, S3, Debian, Chef, HAProxy, Nginx, Unicorn.

Experience as a lead.

We Offer

Love. We help human beings deepen relationships with the people they care about most. There is a reason many of our users and fans come to Mixbook and spend 8 hours creating a photo book and its not (just) because we're awesome--its because the memories they pour into these books are cherished, the thought they put into how each picture is arranged is a way of expressing how much they care about the person who will read their photo book, and in an increasingly virtual world, a link to a Facebook album isn't good enough--people want to connect to each other in more real, more meaningful ways. If you're not doing something that does more to increase the love in the world than that, you should come here and help make the world a better place.

Money. We pay well and offer good benefits including health, dental, vision, and 401k. We had our first profitable year in 2009, revenues grew over 300% in 2011, and we've kept the company small--each person that joins has a substantial stake in our success. We are a small but treacherous part of a $25B industry that's ripe for disruption and our roadmap is a combination of low hanging fruit (with which we likely double revenues in under a year, again) plus weapons of mass disruption that will transform the industry and set us on an even steeper growth trajectory.

About Mixbook

Founded in 2007 by a couple of engineers from UC Berkeley and based in Palo Alto, CA, Mixbook is the most frightening competitive threat in the photo printing and photo sharing space if you’re Shutterfly or Snapfish. To millions of others we’re known for offering the best Photo Book and Photo Card creation experience available, making it possible for folks to create a truly unique and personal gift of the memories they cherish.