Ruby Engineer
SocialChorus - San Francisco, CA

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The short version: Hi! We°re hiring a Ruby Engineer here at SocialChorus to work onsite at our office in San Francisco, CA. This is a full time, regular position. We offer a market rate salary and the following: stock options, medical " dental (we pay 100% of premiums), 401k.

We actively promote diversity and encourage all qualified candidates to apply. The company: How cool would if a blogger with thousands of subscribers raved about your product or service in a blog post? Pretty sweet! Now imagine getting mentioned in 1,000 blogs, each with thousands of subscribers.

(Pretty sweet!)^1000 is what we do here at SocialChorus. SocialChorus is a cloud platform is for generating word of mouth advertising via social media. Got a cool product that needs more buzz? SocialChorus.

While your competitors w/ boring products try to outspend each other on TV, Google, and newspaper ads (they still print newspapers?!), you°re efficiently connecting with your customers where they spend time online: blogs, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. It°s a great time to join SocialChorus. Our sales are skyrocketing; leading companies with a mandate to generate revenue via social media are paying us to solve that problem. We°re far enough along to be a real company and early enough to be interesting (post Series-A, pre-Series B).

There°s plenty of cash in the bank, we can ask for more when we need it, and we have a predictable growth plan. The team: As of today, there are 7 engineers on the team (3 women, 4 men) led by Kane, our CTO. We enjoy working in an Agile way; we do quite a bit of pair programming, test driven development, and refactoring. There°s also a nice balance between the how much we produce, the quality of our work, the fun we have as a team, and our ability to have lives outside of the office!

The role: We need an Ruby Engineer with decent chops in JavaScript. While we do use Rails, we prefer pure Ruby when it°s an option. Lately we°ve been using Backbone.js and Node.js where it makes sense. Stuff you°ll be working on: Building standalone web services as we grow.

For example, a few months ago we needed to add functionality for our influencer app. We broke off a piece of code from our gnarled legacy Rails app and turned it into a shiny new Backbone.js app with great test coverage. We°re quite proud of how well we°ve been able to increase our velocity while doing some heavy refactoring. We°re currently building a REST API from the ground up.

Our customers are quite excited about being able to transition from daily data dumps via spreadsheets to accessing their information on the fly and analyzing it in real time. This will be a fun project for people who enjoy how big data is used. Exploring new technology options is a normal part of life here; we like using the best tool for the job. We°re currently building an app in Node.js, our API is being written in a Ruby DSL called Grape, and anything else that makes sense is fair game.

This includes traveling to your favorite tech conferences on our dime! Almost done: If you°ve got questions and/or corny jokes, send us an email! All inquiries receive a response.