Senior Vice President of Application Development
Correlation Point - Denver, CO

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We are considered a leader in the Information Security arena with primary businesses that focus on security assessments, penetration testing, security consulting and a rather sinister big data counter intelligence engine that balances out the services side of the organization. We've been called an awesome organization and one of the scariest teams to step foot in and have various members of staff regularly flying around the country speaking or attending various security conferences (DEFCON, GrrCON, DerbyCon, BruCON, B-sides).

We work hard and in theory play harder, and have unique team members operating in a work environment that thrives on thinking out of the box.

This position is a key executive leadership role for our Client. The SVP of Application Development is responsible for leading a team of developers across multiple platforms to design and build the products/features set forth by the CTO and CEO. The role requires a holistic understanding of a software product life cycle in an Agile methodology. The SVP of Development will work closely with the CTO and CEO to turn market and customer requirements into high quality commercially available software. The person will be expected to create processes and methods that will allow the team to use appropriate coding standards, appropriate database design, and proper defect prevention techniques during the Agile sprints. The person will need forethought and direction on overall industry process changes, technology shifts that could apply to the industry and trends that will benefit the overall architecture, design, and performance of the solutions.

Position Responsibilities:
  • Drive and validate the CLIENTproduct vision with the CTO and ensure technical viability of software development efforts. Plan overall product architecture and communicate that architecture throughout CLIENTand to external parties (investors, board, customers). Build the product Roadmap.
  • Oversee and manage the capital and operating budgets for software development for client.
  • Attract and motivate the required members of a world class development team.
  • Develop metrics and scorecards to manage team members; provide consultative skill and career building direction to team members
  • Direct the day-to-day operations of the IT Application Development team(s).
  • Manage complex IT application development projects.
  • Develop and maintain a customer-focused, agile and accountable department that delivers high-quality code.
  • Maintain knowledge of best practices in IT technology, development processes and software architecture.
  • Provide direction in areas of work prioritization, operational efficiencies and custom development for enterprise resource planning, customer service systems and expedient delivery of services.
  • Direct and maintain relationships with key vendors.
Specific Skills Relevant to CLIENT:

You must still be hands on developer as needed with below skills
  • Coding standards and requirements of the JAVA environment
  • Agile development methodology for commercial grade software
  • Experience with any (several) of the following tools and development environments (ie Big Data and large scale architectures):
  • Data analytics and correlation experience coupled with contextualization (either code, math or other basis)
  • Preferable experience within a multi-language environment
  • Distributed searching architectures ("hive" type searching)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Minimum Background and Experience:
  • The SVP of Application Development role requires the skills of a seasoned executive of recognized industry stature. As such, the SVP of Application Development must have the experience to perform and work with both internal teams and external customers and partners.
  • Development of product strategy translated into an Application Development strategy and on-time/on-budget delivery of software features and functionality
  • Working with enterprise class customers and demonstrating credibility and trust in a very short time frame
  • Hiring, motivating and managing a development team;
  • Negotiating strategic alliances and partnership agreements;
  • Enterprise application or device security capabilities (domain knowledge);
  • Proven management skills, preferably in a fast-growth company; should understand how the dynamics of growth affect company culture and installed processes and systems. This person knows that he/she has to create strategies and programs that are capable of review and continuous fine-tuning; no management by formula or pre-existing blueprint.