Southern Peninsula Field Coordinator CHP
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Provides leadership and administrative support for the Community Health Aide/Practitioner Program. Provides general guidance and ongoing evaluation through Patient Encounter Audits. Performs CHP-level work in home location village, if village based. Provides primary health care, including emergency, acute and preventive care to residents of any village in the Bristol Bay region. Provides on-site training and evaluation bi-annually to all assigned clinics. Surveys village clinics or compliance with daily and monthly quality checks. Provides advice to CHAP management regarding conduct of village clinic business and of CHA/Ps.

  • Prefer high school graduate. GED certificate or equivalent acceptable.
  • Prefer 2 years of college.
  • Prefer ability to speak local native language.
  • Dependable, and maintains confidentiality.
  • Prefer permanent resident of the Bristol Bay region.
  • Able and willing to leave the home base for periods of 1 to 6 weeks or more at a time for training and job assignments, at times with very short notice.
  • Current CHP certification and four years experience if a CHP.
  • Two years experience if an RN
  • One year experience if a MLP
  • Prefer strong teaching and supervisory skills.

  • Essential Functions:
    • Adheres to and enforces BBAHC and CHAP policies and procedures.
  • Be familiar with and consistently adhere to and enforce BBAHC and CHAP policies and procedures.
  • Maintains confidentiality concerning corporate business and finances, employee relations, and patient information.
  • Is punctual, reliable, and maintains ability to perform the duties of the job.
  • Complies with and enforces standard infection control precautions.
    • Participates with other CHAP staff to make the department run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Effectively communicates and collaborates with other CHAP supervisory and office staff and BBAHC co-workers.
  • Provides semi-independent, general administrative support and leadership for clinic staff in assigned villages. Assists clinics to obtain needed supplies and equipment. Contacts each assigned village clinic at least weekly as appropriate.
  • Facilitates medical traffic between referral physicians and clinic staff through periodic monitoring and problem resolution.
  • Trains and monitors staff in Medicaid Outreach efforts.
  • Works with the CHAP Training Coordinator to plan, implement, and evaluate CHA/P orientation and training in classroom and clinical setting. Teaches primary health care skills, health education, and preventive health techniques to CHA/Ps.
  • Participates in CHAP performance improvement planning, monitoring and interventions. Assists in monitoring performance of clinic staff through observation and reports of clinical performance and through monthly review of patient encounter forms and other patient records, monthly logs, timesheets, and other submitted reports.
  • Completes a performance evaluation of each assigned clinic staff member annually.
  • Visits each assigned village clinic at least twice a year to review clinic services, update CHA/P skills lists, performs a mock survey for Joint Commission readiness and provide on-site instruction to clinic staff according to identified needs. Assists with inventory of CHAP and Emergency Medical Services equipment in each assigned village clinic.
    • Provides primary health care within limits of training and scope of practice, including preventive, acute and emergency care, as assigned. Cooperates with village clinic staff to make the clinic run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Works as member of the Patient Centered Medical Home Care Team for assigned patients.
  • Acts as one of the primary Health Aides in the home village. May travel to other villages as required to provide Health Aide services to village patients. Accepts full CHP patient load. Works overtime, Call-In, and takes Callback.
  • Answers telephone and greets patients appropriately and courteously.
  • Makes patient clinic appointments and maintains a current clinic appointment schedule. Arranges for patient health care appointments and services outside the village, arranges Medicaid patient travel and fills out Medicaid paperwork as needed.
  • Keeps patient health records and charts organized, current, and filed appropriately.
  • Establishes, maintains, and revises record keeping and filing systems. Classifies sorts, files and mails/faxes correspondence, records and other documents as needed. Completes, and submits to the CHAP office, an I-CHA/P Itinerant Village Duty Report following each period of itinerant duty.
  • Coordinates the services of other health professionals that serve the village. Informs other health providers of the health needs of patients or the community.
  • Appropriately orders, organizes, and maintains inventory of clinic medicines, medical supplies and equipment.
  • Maintains current quality assurance records for clinic medical supplies and equipment.
  • Maintains established village clinic hours and 24-hour emergency call when in assigned village. Arranges for suitable alternate coverage in extraordinary circumstances as available.
  • Obtains an appropriate history of medical problem/emergency. Performs an organized physical exam using the Community Health Aide Manual (CHAM). Makes assessments of the problem based on history and physical exam. Establishes a plan of care using the CHAM and/or referral physician.
  • Accurately measures and dispenses medicine in compliance with physician orders.
  • Gives appropriate patient education to all patients as directed in CHAM or Village Medicine Reference.
  • Arranges for emergency patients transport and accompanies patient to hospital as directed by referral physician.
  • Performs follow-up examinations for elders and patients with chronic medical problems. Holds special clinics, such as prenatal, well-baby, school health examinations, in coordination with other health workers.
  • Performs routine health surveillance activities for village residents. Maintains a health surveillance record on all village residents. Counsels patients on health maintenance procedures.
  • Fax and reports all patients to referral physician in a timely, organized and systematic manner.
  • Documents the findings and care for every patient on a Patient Encounter Form.
  • Maintains an accurate Daily Medical Log.
  • Provides preventive health care services to individuals or the community.
  • Provides health education to individuals or groups.
  • Assists community leaders to develop plans to solve community health problems.
    • Maintains and enhances healthcare skills. Successfully completes the ongoing education programs associated with employment by BBAHC and CHAP. Keeps CHAP Training Coordinator and BBAHC Human Resources Department supplied with documentation of completed training and education.
  • Attends and successfully completes BBAHC training sessions in the annual mandatory review of BBAHC and Personnel policies and procedures.
  • Maintains current card in Basic Life Support Provider (BLSP).
  • Maintains State of Alaska authorization to provide emergency medical care.
  • Emergency Medical Technician-I (EMT-I) or higher preferred.
  • Emergency Trauma Technician is acceptable until EMT certification can be achieved.
  • Maintains satisfactory performance of the skills on the Alaska Community Health Aide Program Post-Session Practice Checklist.
  • Successfully completes 48 hours of continuing medical education every two years to maintain CHP certification if CHP certified. Completes other educational and experience requirements to maintain RN of MLP certification and licensure if at that level.
  • Attends and successfully completes additional training classes as arranged with the CHAP Training Coordinator.
  • Maintains clinical skills by providing periods of primary care in an outpatient department or busy village clinic under the supervision of a physician or mid-level practitioner and as arranged with the CHAP Training Coordinator.
  • Completes the requirements (both classroom and clinical) for successful re-certification as a Community Health Practitioner every six years, as arranged with the CHAP Training Coordinator.
  • Makes satisfactory progress toward achieving development plan and work plan recommendations.
  • RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS: Maintains an effective working relationship with CHA/Ps, member of the PCMH Care Team and patients. Interacts with patients, village residents, Village Protection Safety Officers, teachers, Public Health Nurses, physicians, mid-level practitioners and BBAHC community health programs. Works with people who use English as a second language and with people from varied socio-cultural origins.

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