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enter City PCS is actively seeking Special Education Teachers for the 2014-15 school year. A Center City PCS is the primary educator responsible for ensuring that students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) receive appropriate and consistent instruction and services as prescribed by their IEP. Specialists participate in weekly meetings, develop a schedule to the needs of all of the special education students, collaborate with general education teachers, and provide appropriate instruction toward student needs and IEP hours.

Additionally, Special Education Teachers monitor progress and conduct meetings with teachers (weekly) and with parents (regularly) to ensure all students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to advance. Special Education Teachers work closely with the principal, leadership team, and teachers and embrace the Center City PCS philosophy that special education is not a destination, but a stepping stone. In addition to the faculty member expectations described below, there may be additional responsibilities required as scholar needs arise.


Center City PCS Special Education Teacher is expected to work with school staff to help create an environment that is rich with high expectations and rigor combining specific and constant reinforcement of scholar work and effort.

Job Summary
  • Position helps to create a classroom culture that represents Center City’s high expectations for every scholar and its core values. Special Education Teachers are expected to provide specific and timely feedback on scholar effort, behavior and student work.
  • Work collaboratively with the general education teacher to ensure Inclusion Model is implemented consistently at Center City PCS.
  • Position provides instruction that supports, supplements, and extends excellent classroom teaching Position is responsible for analyzing mandated data and planning for future special education needs.
  • Position is responsible for instructing students individually or in groups to enable students to ensure students are receiving accommodations and modification in accordance with IEPs.

Essential Duties
  • Collaborate and co-teach daily effective differentiated instruction, based on Center City PCS’ rigorous academic standards, student assessment data, and Center City PCS curriculum framework.
    • Create processes and instruction that enables student to achieve the academic goals outlined on IEP.
    • Develops an individual profile for each student using existing assessment data and informal testing and observation; ensures general education staff has copies of the IEP and/or IEP-At-A-Glance document and IEP report cards.
    • Provides special education instruction one-on-one with students, in small groups, and as a co-teacher to a class as appropriate.
    • Employs multi-sensory teaching strategies based on an understanding of student strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles.
    • Monitors and supports implementation of goals and objectives in inclusion classes; develops Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs), Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA’s); provides accommodation/modification support.
    • Works in collaboration with regular education teachers, school counselors, and related service staff.
    • Participates actively in the Student-Teacher Assistance Team (STAT) to develop interventions for students demonstrating disciplinary concerns, truancy, and/or academic failure, and refer students for testing to determine Initial Eligibility for Special Education services.
    • Encourages parent partnerships and maintains positive communication with parents/caregivers regarding student progress, successes, and difficulties.
    • Updates IEPs’ achievement of goals and objectives at the end of every advisory period and issues quarterly progress reports
    • Coordinates appropriate accommodations for special education students for all standardized testing.
    • Participates in administering all standardized testing and ensuring that accommodations listed on a students’ IEP are implemented appropriately.
    • Provide professional development on relevant special education topics throughout the school year.
    • Model strong character and the CCPCS core values.
  • Engage parents and families in their child’s academic success. Keeping with the principle that the primary relationship between the school and a family is through a strong family partnership the Special Education Teacher will:
    • Foster a relationship with families beginning with an introductory phone call at the start of the year and maintained with a regular progress reports that keeps parents abreast of IEP progress.
    • Regularly collect and organize samples of students’ work from varied subjects to share with families.
    • Send advanced notice of upcoming IEP’s and MDT meetings along with follow up phone calls to ensure that all meetings take place in a timely fashion.
    • Participate in parent conferences for the purpose of sharing assessments, student work, and recommendations.
  • Ensure that Center City PCS is in compliance with Federal and State Law as it relates to IDEA 2004. Special Education Teacher will:
    • Conduct all IEP meetings and evaluations within mandated federal guidelines.
    • Ensure student hours of specialized instruction are implemented as written on their IEP’s.
    • Document all student contacts and services provided.
    • Ensure that related services, e.g. Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Counseling services are occurring according to the IEP requirements.
    • Collaborate with the general education teacher to develop standards based IEP goals.
    • Keep a phone log for all parent and attorney contacts.
    • Learn and effectively use the District of Columbia online SEDS/easy IEP.
    • Participate in special education trainings provided by OSSE and stay current on developing changes in Special Education Law and judicial decisions as it relates to Special Education.
· Participate actively Center City’s learning communit y.

o Participate in Center City PCS professional development workshops, including the Summer Professional Development Institute (2 weeks for returning staff, 3 weeks for new staff) and ½ Fridays throughout the academic year.

o Observe other Special Education Teachers and facilitate observations from Special Education Teachers, Principals, and Academic Deans.

o Participate in weekly grade-level planning sessions that involve instructional planning, discussion of student work, and curriculum development.

· Maintain high professional standards that contribute to school productivity:

o Participate and assist as needed in the annual school review process, charter school monitoring, school evaluations, and other school compliance procedures.

o Participate in interviewing potential, new staff members during the hiring process.

o Participate and assist as needed in scholar recruitment activities.

o Follow school-wide procedures for communication, including checking email several times per day, reading the staff announcement board and checking mailbox every morning, returning phone calls within 24 hours, and using a calendar system to track appointments.

o Follow school-wide procedures for attire, behavior, and punctuality. Attend and participate in occasional school events outside of regular school hours.

Other Duties
  • Attends staff development programs, curriculum development meetings, and other professional activities.
  • Keeps abreast of developments, research, and new technology in the field.
  • Performs any other related duties as assigned by the school principal or other appropriate administrators.
  • In collaboration with the classroom teacher, provide assistance as requested, such as: participate in parent conferences, answer parent concerns in formal and informal settings to encourage support for their child’s reading/language arts development, serve as a resource to promote parental support of the reading/language arts program goals .

  • Must possess a Bachelor’s degree and have specific background in developmentally appropriate reading techniques and remedial reading strategies.
  • Must meet District of Columbia (OSSE) Highly Qualified Status requirements
  • Minimum of 2 years of urban teaching experience
  • Practical experience working with children with special needs.
  • Demonstrate verbally basic clinical/diagnostic understanding of the identified child’s needs
  • Knowledge of best practices, methods and techniques in educating children with special needs and other significant disabilities
  • Knowledge of assistive technology for students with disabilities
  • Knowledge of federal and state mandates for students identified as special education students.
  • Knowledge of procedures and regulations related to IEP development and timelines.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with staff and build positive partnerships with parents
  • Knowledge and experience in developing and implementing positive behavioral support plans.
  • Knowledge and experience in developing effective accommodations and modifications for students with disabilities in general education classrooms to ensure that students access the general education curriculum
  • Must possess effective instructional delivery techniques and excellent communication skills.
  • Must possess knowledge of the needs of students requiring remedial reading instruction.
  • Must possess the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with school colleagues, school administrators, parents and students.
  • Demonstrates ability to use data to assess student learning, with evidence of growth
  • Demonstrates classroom leadership (observation or practice teaching during interview)
  • Possesses knowledge of CCPCS goals and objectives, recent teaching trends and research
  • Demonstrates proficiency with curriculum and materials of instruction in field of specialization
  • Able to infuse technology into curriculum
  • Possesses excellent oral and written communication skills

Application Instructions

Interested candidates should apply by submitting an application online and uploading the following documents with the application.

1. A current resume

2. A cover letter addressing your interest in Center City PCS

3. DC teaching license (if available)

4. Passing Praxis Exam scores

5. Additional supporting documentation (e.g. copies of degrees earned)

Including the requested information will ensure that your application is processed expediently.


Center City PCS offers a highly competitive salary, bonus and benefits package. Center City PCS is an equal opportunity employer.

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