Summer Swim Aide
City of Deer Park, TX - Deer Park, TX

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General Purpose: Assists lifeguards in pool operations

Examples Of Essential Duties:


1.First day of every session, report to the pool at 8:30 A.M. Every day after report at 8:45 A.M. PLEASE BE ON TIME!!! Girls must wear a sports bra type swimsuit. Two pieces are allowed but must follow the sports bra type design. One-piece suits must be secured as well. Boys should wear a regulation swimsuit. Shorts are not acceptable. Cover-ups should be worn to and from work. Remember a towel is not a cover-up.
2.Be with your assigned instructor 5 minutes before your class begins. Each class should be at their specified place when class starts..not walking to their class.
3.Switch off with other swim helpers for being "in and out" of the water. If you do not switch, you will be re-assigned.
4.If your class is over or has yet to begin, please ask the manager where you can help out. Do not sit around and do nothing or visit with others.
5.It is your responsibility to check with your instructor upon arriving at work to see what equipment will be used for that day of instruction. For example: Ask your instructor if they will be using any rescue tubes, kick boards, diving bricks or squirt toys, etc.
6.You will have to get out the equipment needed for class, as well as put it away correctly at the end of the day's lessons.
7.Your punctuality and attendance are mandatory. If you are unable to be at work, you must notify a pool manager ahead of time so that arrangements can be made. Missing more than 2 days without management approval will constitute dismissal from your job.
8.Remember that you are working with children. Many can become afraid. It is your job to reassure the students of their safety. Please keep in mind that some children will kick, scream, hit and cry so that they do not have to get in the water or "go under". Please be caring and consistent. They are here to learn to swim not to play in the water.
9.You are the instructor's assistant. Please make sure that you follow their guidelines for their class. If any problems arise, please bring it to the attention of the manager on duty. You are not to help the instructor fill out their paperwork. That is their job. Please advise a manager if you are asked to perform their work.

Typical Qualifications:

Work Environment:
This is outside work and will be exposed to the elements, particularly water and sun exposure.

This role requires physical exertion and ability to swim well

There is moderate noise in this work environment