System Engineer, EC2 Networking
Amazon Web Services, Inc. - Seattle, WA

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The Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) networking and security team needs a system engineer to solve complex multidisciplinary issues whether it be in software, hardware, process, or some combination thereof. We need a system engineer to help us look at things differently in order to go faster. You will have a large, sustained impact.

Our team is looking for individuals with specific qualities in addition to the technical requirements. Does this description match your experience and abilities? How much of this describes you?

You've solved many, many complex puzzles. There have been so many, you probably lost count long ago. When something wasn't working, you figured out if it was hardware, software, or both that needed to change. Sometimes this was an assembly of software systems connected together to solve some other problem or deliver some new feature. You figured out what software was necessary, how it should be put together, then put it together. You probably were a system administrator at some point, whether officially recognized as such or not. You know how to quickly determine where to go next, even with a large set of alternatives. As a result, you know a lot about many different things, but fundamentally how to put what seems like a lot of incompatible stuff together. You just know how to figure things out. The starting point doesn't matter anymore. You'll figure it out and find a way to get it done.

You've succeeded at so many different things that you don't like being labeled as one specific type of person. Sometimes you've had to do software development, probably scripting something. You figured out how to do this, maybe by finding and following examples that were already there. Sometimes it was finding software that was already available and just configuring it to get the job done. You like variety. Many job descriptions imply labels that just don’t fit, especially when you've demonstrated the ability to do just about anything.

Looking back at all the different things you've done, you realize how many times you've made order out of so much randomness. Your approach has been to find a simple solution and ensure that any particular event, no matter how large or small, won't happen again. Sometimes this was done through software, sometimes through process improvement, but every time because you took ownership and saw that it was completed.

Perhaps it was a situation identified by someone else. Perhaps it was something that no one had seen yet. Perhaps they weren't able to see it or understand it before you explained it to them. Now because of your skills and initiative, it isn't a problem anymore, hasn't been a problem for some time, and won't be a problem ever again.

You've found creative ways to solve these and other challenges. You're always looking for that next challenge. Now it is time for the next opportunity. We have multiple challenges for you in order to expand your own knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Our software affects literally every packet into and out of EC2 enabling hundreds of thousands of compute nodes across the world. Our software may modify the packet, direct it through different network paths, or determine that it shouldn't be allowed and drop it. The packet rate and total volume is often so high or large that even we are impressed. In order to handle this scale, we use both industry standards and where those are insufficient create proprietary solutions.
  • Our services are constantly changing, growing to accommodate new features and the exponentially increasing scale of EC2.
  • Our team is constantly improving. We look to gain from the knowledge and experience of those who share our background, but especially from those who don't . Complementary and diverse experience helps to solve our challenges. We nearly always work with experts in networking and hardware, there are tremendous opportunities not only to improve our knowledge, but to apply the new knowledge directly positively impacting EC2 customers.
  • Our challenges are unique. EC2 is the trailblazer in cloud computing. Others follow our lead. We use our various backgrounds to stay in the lead.
  • Our team finds ways to move faster by cross training, process automation, removing non-value add activities, and improving quality.
  • Our responsibility and impact are massive.

Join our team. We need you.

Basic Qualifications
  • 3+ years Unix/Linux System Administration (Troubleshooting, Installing, configuration)
  • 3+ years Network equipment and/or service administration (routers, firewalls, switches, load balancers
  • DNS, email, TCP/IP, VPN, …)
  • 3+ years Software development with 1+ scripting languages (perl, python, sh, bash, …)
  • 3+ years Software development with 1+ high level languages (C/C++, Java, C#)
  • 3+ years Web programming (HTML, client side scripting, AJAX)
  • 3+ years Application level protocols with 2+ protocols (HTTP, DNS, SMTP, SNMP, FTP, RPC, PPTP, IPSec)
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science (or related field) or equivalent industry experience

Preferred Qualifications
  • 1+ year Network test equipment from 1+ vendor (Spirent, IXIA, Agilent, …)
  • 1+ year Object-oriented Analysis and Design
  • 1+ year Security Engineering (threat modeling, cryptography, intrusion detection, penetration testing)
  • 1+ year Database Administration (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Postgress, …)
  • 1+ year Database Fundamentals (SQL, Procedural SQL (PL/SQL, T-SQL,…)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience specifying, deploying, and administering networking infrastructure including routers, firewalls, switches, and/or load balancers
  • Experience with distributed systems, consistent hashing, replication, and load balancing


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