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Director of Tennis

Our Director of Tennis Is a courteous driven individual interested in promoting the game of tennis and ensures the satisfaction of our members and their guests participating in any of our Tennis programming.

The Director of Tennis further ensures that the department’s budgetary responsibilities are always surpassed, and personally accepts responsibility for the achievement of his team surpassing these goals every month.

It is required that our Director of Tennis must be culturally aligned with the clubs team work environment, that our Director of Tennis understand their job responsibilities extend beyond tennis, and that all employees work to continually improve that cultural team environment.

As an integral part of the clubs management team, you will have a positive impact on our club by living and actively holding staff accountable to live up to, the following Weymouth Club core values.

1. Results Driven
We understand that achieving goals is an essential part of being successful. We understand and accept the responsibility to make a personal contribution to the success of the team and the club.

2. Meet Deadlines
It is an expectation that we will meet all deadlines and be organized in nature. We understand our business is driven by timing, which means proper planning will result in meeting deadlines.

3. Communication is Critical
Communication is vital for our member experience and our employees’ service delivery. It must be clear, polite and timely. We understand our two reception desks must be aware of all communication.

4. Transparency in Success and Failure
It is a responsibility of all team members to recognize the good of others, and most importantly to tell them so. It is also a responsibility to admit failings to your peers easily and openly.

5. Optimistic, Happy, & Positive
We create a positive, happy, purposeful workplace. Our attitude is expected to assist in the creation and maintenance of this environment. Bad days can happen but we must rebound from them quickly.

6. P.E.R.
Positive Emotional Response! We should always be striving to create a positive emotional response from our members. We strive to create a positive memory or story that will be repeated to others. Stories that are remembered are usually created from a personal interaction.

7. Pursue Feedback
We look for feedback and will not be defensive when receiving it from our members or team members. We will embrace a second chance to wow our members or team members and exceed their expectations.

8. Best in the Industry
We understand that continuing education & research will keep us on the cutting edge of our industry. We will always strive to know more and perfect whatever we do. We will share our knowledge with our fellow team members and learn from each other. We will always support our fellow team members, and we accept that all Weymouth Club associates are our team members.

9. Meticulous Facility
We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our facility. We understand that cleaning is everyone’s responsibility. We will all constantly assist in the physical maintenance of our clubs outward appearance.

10. Humility
We always respect one another and our organization. No single employee or contribution will hold more value than another. Our decisions are always based on what’s best for our organization.

The Director of Tennis will work a varied schedule and will be required to regularly work nights, weekends and holidays.

The Director of Tennis must also maintain current and up to date CPR & First Aid certifications.

The Director of Tennis is required to be a part of the Manager on Duty (MOD) schedule, covering at least one weekend closing shift per month and one weekday shift a week, at upper management’s discretion and choosing.

As an integral part of the clubs Management team you will have a positive impact on our club and the lives of others by:

Embodying the Weymouth Club Core Values at all times and being a positive role for department to follow.
Being revenue & results driven. Tennis Director is ultimately responsible for the tennis department surpassing all established department goals, to include but not limited to:
o Private Lesson Goals
o Drill goals participation and revenue.
o Adult Programming participation and revenue goals.
o Team Participation and Revenue goals.
o Contract time
o Referral goals
o Jr. Tennis Programming goals
o Team goals
o New Member Participation goals
o Payroll goals
o Pro Shop Sales goals
o Retention goals
o Penetration goals
o Event Participation goals
o Camp goals
o Any other goals or targets directed by Owners or Executive Director.

Supervising, training, developing, tennis supervisory staff. Creation of a development pipeline critically important.

Being self-reliant with a can do attitude.

Always being punctual, clear, and timely in any communication.

Providing a memorable member experience by caring for, empathizing with, and connecting with all members.

Always embodying an enthusiastic, friendly, humble, and positive demeanor.

Being respectful, and friendly to both clients and staff, and understand the importance of a positive team approach to the workplace.

Increasing member participation and retention by actively, constantly & personally promoting all clubs programming.

Motivating Tennis pro’s and administrative staff by providing encouragement and constructive feedback.

Being personally responsible for all Tennis hiring, Tennis pro and tennis admin staff reviews, Tennis Pro and tennis admin staff disciplinary actions, and terminations.

Ensuring Tennis department and Pro’s maintain immaculate tennis courts and facility.

Overseeing creation of all (under the direction of Marketing Dir.) Marketing related to Tennis.

Implementing a single pay rate for the Tennis Pro’s.

Overseeing Jr. Tennis Dir. and Tennis departments’ contribution to summer camps.

Overseeing all High School practices and programming.

Overseeing South Shore Initiative.

Preparing a yearly schedule of events in the first quarter, then a quarterly schedule a quarter in advance.

Accepting responsibility for the satisfactory conclusion to all tennis-related member services problems.

Providing world class tennis lessons for adults and juniors—private, semi-private and group—beginner through advanced levels.

Evaluating student progress and teaching tennis best practices and techniques.

Running a monthly Pro/Staff meeting agenda and on court seminar.

Oversee, train develop, and review all tennis admin staff.

Running a weekly Administrative Staff meeting.

Meeting weekly with the Executive Director.

Assigning appropriate pros to lessons, camps, and clinics.

Ensuring regular club tennis events to include Pro Ams, Club Championship, USTA Tournaments, Monthly/ Weekly / Daily tennis socials and Drills, round robins etc.

Schedule to be prepared a quarter in advance. Work with events coordinator, facilities director and café to design larger events quarterly.

Creating programming and tournaments for the Quickstart program.

Applying for all available USTA Grants

Preparing a quarterly business plan a quarter in advance and a yearly plan in the first quarter.

Negotiating the best prices for:
Town programs
Camp sites
Tennis maintenance supplies
Court lights

Managing dept Accounting, to include but not limited to:

Budget presentation and action plan to monthly management team

Establish private lesson goals, program goals, drill goals, retention goals , referral goals, pro shop sales goals,

Report numbers of adult students, pro to student ratio = net per court

Approve and administer vacation days for pros per by employee handbook

Scheduling, administrating, and supervising (when necessary) all USTA tournaments.

Setting standards for both desks (Front & Tennis) working with the Front Desk Director for payments, bookings, and accommodating all tennis inquiries and functions.

Completing accurate attendance records (to make sure monies correlate with attendees) in conjunction with Pro’s and administrative staff.

The enforcement of all club policies for all staff.

Perform MOD shifts in rotation with other senior managers this includes one shifts a week with one weekend shift a month of clubs choosing.

Receiving feedback in a positive manner and must be open to constructive criticism and direction from the Club Owners, Executive Director, Director of Operations.

Providing a memorable member experience by caring for, empathizing with, and connecting with students.

Increasing member participation and retention by constantly, actively & personally promoting all clubs programming.

Constantly expressing great enthusiasm for the game of tennis

Sincerely enjoying helping others improve their ability to play tennis, and sincerely love to develop tennis pro’s and tennis programming in a family setting.

It is preferable in addition if:
You have at least five or more years of Tennis management experience, in a high revenue generating large tennis facility.

Possess a NTRP rating of 5.0 or higher with collegiate playing experience

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