Transportation Coordinator

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WORKS CLOSELY WITH : General Sales Manager, Store Managers, Salesman, Remarketing Manager, Service Managers, and Parts Managers.

POSITION SUMMARY : Works with Sales and Service to enter requests to coordinate all movement of the semis for all locations. Coordinate the Courier drivers/routes on a daily basis. Complete load information from trucking to compile IFTA total requirements and licensing for each year. Enter traffic tickets into the business system from scheduler, DPOs, e-mails, or faxes received from locations. This position will report all hours and times used of all WG equipment used off the lots, and trade-ins coming in. Keep track of all titles, of asset equipment correct and accounted for, per each location and all employee information for vehicle insurance approval.

  • Enter trucking requests for customers, sales, service, and parts, then schedule route for each semi, confirm load, print request, and fax to each driver at each location so they can get on the road. When driver gets back from load, un-confirm, complete model, ser#, and hrs. on unit either delv or picked-up, with miles ran for that load, confirm again, calculate odometer readings off each semi, for miles ran, and enter. End of day, complete # of loads ran for day per unit, print completed load sheets off scheduler, and enter onto Excel spread sheet for IFTA purposes for month end. Enter new or changes to all customer addresses and phones of the loads completed onto e-mail contacts file.
  • Make notes into PFW for all loads, transfers completed for that day, change to reflect correct location, including hours of each unit, mark units, on demo, rental, sold, and trade-ins that came in with correct hours off the unit. E-mail service manager, General Service Manager, Advertising Manager, and Used Equipment Manager, trade-in info off excel spread sheet.
  • Add and delete any employees, all locations that need to go on spread sheet for driver insurance files, e-mailed by Human Resource Manager.
  • Add and delete any new or sold asset units onto spread sheet, all locations, for titles, kept in safe. Complete/Print new form and file with titles.
  • Monthly: Complete all trucking work sheets filled out by drivers, figure in and out of state miles, gallons of fuel, avg MPG, Logs, maintanance, enter onto Excel spreadsheet, and e-mail to General Service Manager monthly.
  • Quarterly: Use monthly trucking work sheets to calculate all miles ran and complete the IFTA tax forms and send into State of Nebraska.
  • Complete any state and federal forms (form 2290, IRP, MSC-150, IFTA Renewal, UCR, and any others) when each comes due yearly.
Year-End: Complete all trucking forms to get all new IFTA stickers and apportionment filings for New Year. Clear and set-up all new excel spread sheets with formulas for starting new year, box and file away, last years, trucking requests, cash/deposit forms, WG order forms, Monthly Sales reports, IFTA tax reports, and DPO forms for the year.


Competencies - Complete knowledge of the equipment(sizes & dimensions) to get most out of the loads, manage drivers and scheduler for efficient results, Excellent on 10 key and data entry, extreme attention to detail and understanding of the importance of notes, and a great team player.

Experience/Education : 5 years trucking experience required and high school degree