VP Demand (Advertiser Sales)
isocket - New York, NY

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isocket makes direct ad sales suck less.

isocket is hiring an experienced leader to build the demand side of the world's largest open market of direct, guaranteed ad space on 1,000's of premium publishers. Your job is simple: isocket wants to be the system that the majority of digitally-executed direct deals go through - and you'll be responsible for the demand side.

Advertisers and website publishers conduct billions of dollars in ad sales, yet most of the sales process is stuck using spreadsheets, fax machines, and outdated duct-taped tools. Our goal is to make it easier for advertisers and publishers to find each other and do business directly with each other.

We are not a network/ DSP/ SSP/ exchange, or anything you've seen before – isocket is already the leader in a giant untapped space. isocket is one of the fastest growing ad tech companies, and over 1,500 publishers like AOL, TechCrunch, Mashable, Gawker, VentureBeat, IDG, and many of the web’s most popular sites use isocket to manage their premium ad sales.

Agencies love isocket because we've turned the laborious, time consuming process of creating and then executing a traditional media plan into a 5 minute process without credit apps, IO's, manual trafficking and human error. And it's the same inventory that they would get by calling a publisher and doing a traditional IO deal. We've just made the process ridiculously simple.

In this role, you will help agencies adopt and use tools that connect to the isocket platform. This is not a typical agency sales role, and the successful candidate will not be a typical agency salesperson (although that background could be very helpful.) We're literally doing something that hasn't been done before, and while agencies love us, they need help figuring out how to incorporate Isocket into their existing processes and identify specific opportunities to test and learn. This is where you come in.

You'll work directly with isocket's Founder/CEO, the CRO, and the VP Supply to take our company from early stage to category-dominant. This is a huge opportunity for the right person to move a massive market from the fax machine to the web, with billions of Class 1 ad dollars under your control.

To be successful in this role...
  • You are tech savvy, industry savvy, and are comfortable with C-level conversations. You will be exposed to some of the most significant people in the online advertising industry starting on day one.
  • But you also need to be scrappy and be willing to work hard to make magic happen. This is an early stage startup and we don't have any use for empty suits.
  • You must be ready to work in a startup environment. This isn't for everybody. The market opportunity for Isocket is larger than the entire existing Luma chart. 70% of digital spend is currently transacted between agencies/ advertisers and publishers directly, with paper contracts, fax machines, and manual data entry. This is the biggest opportunity in ad tech, and we don't have room for anyone who isn't willing to work hard to help us maintain and extend our substantial lead in this category that we have created.
  • You will be a critical member of our leadership team, working side by side with leaders from Yahoo, AOL, Google, Overture, Rubicon Project, AdMeld and more. You will also have exposure to our investors and board, which include the most influential and successful investors and entrepreneurs in tech.
  • You are a needle in a haystack and can write your own ticket in this industry.
  • You are smart and talented enough to start or run your own company, and you have an intelligent point of view that other leaders of the industry respect.
  • You are product minded, understand technology, and are naturally curious and skeptical of doing what has been done before without questioning it. You understand concepts like "programmatic," and you also understand why today's early programmatic products have fallen short of the larger opportunity.
  • You're someone who understands that customers don't always ask for what they really need, and you also believe in building for scale. "People don't buy the shovel, they buy the hole" is something you believe in.
In short, you are someone our all star leadership team is comfortable going to battle with, and a valuable voice at the table in a company that is literally changing the way media is bought and sold.

What we offer you

Working at a growing technology startup is a unique choice, one we consider a lifestyle choice rather than a job choice. It can be very challenging, but comes with amazing advantages and fulfillment to those who earn it. What we bring to the table is just as important as what you bring:
  • We know everyone says it, but at isocket you will absolutely make a difference. Our company is a handful of people, and we’ll remain a small but powerful team.
  • The room and tools you need to create and succeed.
  • The chance to work on truly game-changing products.
  • You’re getting in on the ground floor of an already growing project.
  • Be a part of the team many consider to already be the best early stage team in the industry.
  • You will learn something and grow every day - from deep experience in a growing, VC-backed startup to friends and connections that will last. Learn from some of the best people in the business.
  • Extremely competitive stock options and benefits, including full health coverage, dental and vision.

This is a full time role in our NYC based office. New York City is our east coast HQ and primarily focused on sales, marketing, and account management.

Burlingame, CA is our Headquarters and where all product development lies. Located just 30 yards from the Burlingame Caltrain station and downtown Burlingame, it's a perfect location for anyone in the bay area. Free parking on our roof. 30 foot ceilings, great windows and light, etc make for a cool place to work.