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The B2B Solutions Lab is part of Samsung Telecom America’s R&D organization - located in San Jose, CA.

STA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Corp (SEC), the world’s largest consumer electronics company and a global leader in communication devices and equipment. With over 600 employees, STA is responsible for all of North American Wireless R&D, Sales and Marketing.

The STA R&D labs employ over 300 engineers and almost all possess advanced degrees (MS or Ph.D) in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science from top schools around the country. B2B Lab - the newest R&D Lab was established in late 2009 with an exclusive focus on Android & Enterprise. The lab has a unique position among all other Samsung R&D organizations in the US - in that decisions (business, technical and product management) are made locally and implemented locally. The lab has a rare degree of autonomy and mandate from HQ to establish, conquer the Enterprise market with superior Android products, solutions etc..

The Lab is organizationally flat and nimble, and all engineers are passionate, technology driven and ambitious, and embrace Samsung’s continuous “Be #1” adventure. At B2B Lab there is no limit for any individual’s goals and aspirations.

Android Developer General Description we need all levels Senior to Architect

The best engineers in B2B Lab all have the following traits:
1. Curiosity – they are curious about their working/programming environment, curious about how things around them work, and worry about “putting their arms around” whatever they are doing.
2. Technologists – they are passionate about technology, its applications and impact. They pro-actively keep-up with new and emerging technology trends, devices, applications etc. Their curiosity allows them to accurately speculate about the construction of such new technology.
3. Practical – they don’t live in an ivory tower; their designs and implementations are realistic and “just right”.
4. Possess depth and breadth – they posses depth in at least one area of relevant technology and broadly know about several alternate, contemporary technologies (at least 3-4 areas).
5. Fluent communicators – they communicate ideas, issues, architecture and solutions in a clear, concise and crisp manner.
6. Strong implementers – they are capable of translating paper designs into solid, working code very quickly. The code they write is very high quality and rarely requires rewrite. They have a very strong grasp of their working environment, its limitations, tools to use, data structures etc. Often, they possess working knowledge of 3-4 programming environments (C, C++, Java, Python).
7. Ability to see the big-picture – they can see the big-picture of the system/module they are working on and from there, quickly derive the relevance and impact of the specific work/role they are doing.

Common qualifications for all positions:

The following are common, minimum qualifications for all open positions.
1. Programming expertise in C/C++ - preferably in a Unix or embedded environment. For Android positions - Java and J2ME programming expertise.
2. Very strong, practical knowledge of fundamental data structures, algorithms, their implementation & usage, performance trade-offs, behavior in a multi-threaded environment.
3. Very strong debugging skills – especially embedded systems; ability to debug in a RTOS and multi-threaded environment.
4. Ability to read, write and communicate intricate technical concepts to a technical audience in a simple and concise manner.
5. A Bachelors Degree in CS or EE from four-year college or university. A Masters Degree or Doctoral degree in CS is preferred.
6. All candidates are expected to be self-motivated, strong individual contributors.
7. Candidates who can demonstrate the 7 attributes previously mentioned are (obviously) strongly preferred.

Send Resumes to: valerie dot woll at sta dot samsung dot com

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