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The Fort Lauderdale, FL job market is weak compared to the rest of the US. Over the last year, job postings in Fort Lauderdale, FL have declined by 37% relative to a national decline of 32%.

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Job search in Fort Lauderdale?

What are the best local job boards, job clubs, recruiters and temp agencies available in Fort Lauder...

Best staffing agencies in South Florida for creatives (Miami/Ft Lauderdale)

I'm trying to compile a list. I am a seasoned web content producer / web designer and have only work...

Former Contractor/Journeyman Carpenter seeking employment in the Fort Lauderdale area...

I'm a former contractor and journeyman carpenter. I also speak Spanish in addition to English. I'm s...

Job seeker

Hey everyone, I am moving to Ft. Lauderdale Florida on July 18 2014 and I am seeking a Agency to wor...

Looking for a career

Hi my name is Latiah looking for work in Miami-dade- Ft. Lauderdale area I have several years custom...

Seamstress in Palm Beach County, FL

Need anything hemmed, altered or repaired? Need anything made from scratch?? Good Prices!!

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