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Paranormal Investigator
Big Fish - Seattle, WA

This job posting is no longer available on Big Fish.

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At Big Fish, we offer thousands of easily accessible games that allow our customers to relax, have fun, and feel good. The Big Fish platform now includes Mac, PC, online, mobile, social, and console games, developed both in house and in partnership with more than 500 game developers around the world. Our team is located throughout the world, including our headquarters in Seattle, and our offices in Vancouver, Canada and in Cork, Ireland. We release A New Game Every Day!® and publish the industry's leading casual game brands. Since our founding in 2002, we have distributed more than 1 billion premium casual games across numerous genres to customers in more than 150 countries and 10 languages.

Big Fish is seeking a talented Paranormal Investigator to work with our Studios team and help them understand the mysteries of the spirit realm. Paranormal Investigator works within a team that provides a scientific investigation into paranormal phenomena. Successful applicants will train our Studios Team in paranormal investigation techniques and use of equipment along with discussion in emerging theories of paranormal research.

We’re fanatics for spooky user experiences inspired by beautiful design and grounded in real life familiarity. You are a top-notch Paranormal Investigator interested in helping us create fun, compelling game experiences that support and extend our top brands. You possess eye for aesthetics and a mind for marketing in all areas of visual communication including typography, composition, color, and interaction. You are willing to set aside personal tastes and biases and be the number-one advocate for our players. You eat paranormal mysteries for breakfast, lunch, and maybe even an afternoon snack.

Must be able to work late nights on weekends when investigating a report.

Must be able to deal with little or no accommodations.

Must not be camera shy.

Must be able to work in dark closed areas.

Must be able to travel to haunted locations.

Cannot be scared to research the history of a given haunted location.

Collaborate with a team of smart, passionate people who geek out on their work as much as you do.

Skills, experience and educational requirements:
2+ years of ghost hunting or related research experience

Ability to operate EMF detectors, ION detectors, Geiger counters, IR cameras, Tri-Field meters, Gaussmasters and other ghost detection devices effectively

Proficient working with Mediums/Demonologists/Spiritual Leaders

Ability to work independently, multi-task, and deliver quality work in an efficient manner

Ability to think creatively and problem-solve when faced with new challenges

Social media savvy a plus

Desire to learn and work in a dynamic environment where the ability to change focus on the fly is highly appreciated

**This role will be a 1 month contract**

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Big Fish - 3 years ago

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