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Hayley MacEachron

Published Writer, Computer Skilled, Fast Typist, Licensed Chauffeur, Department Supervisor

Wyoming, MI


I am absolutely in love with writing and the crafting of interesting words to form sentences that roll off the tongue. I was published in the area of poetry in grade school, later in college in journalism, I continued to write product reviews for Google after college. I am great with computers, installing them, and have some experience repairing and restoring them, running maintenance, and debugging them. I can operate: Microsoft Office, Windows, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe, Media Player, Live Movie Maker. I enjoy creating movies in my spare time, but my main interest is creating the soundtracks for movies. I can also operate most Mac Systems. I am a Licensed Chauffeur. I have worked in retail for several years, first as a service clerk, I was then made into an assistant in cosmetics, then promoted to a Lead Department Supervisor in Cosmetics, and then cross-trained in the pharmacy. Working for Google has taught me a great deal about targeting a specific audience and learning to speak their language in order to create more traffic, learning about their likes and dislikes and how to promote and sell off those areas of interests, and learning which popular networking sites are the most valuable usage of my time to generate the most income. Marketing and Advertising is a very fast paced and interesting position that I enjoyed very much. Most positions I've accepted have involved lite-demanding clerical work.

Work Experience

Marketing and Advertising Placement/Product Review Journalist


2011 to 2012

Constant computer usage, It was my job to locate free samples and new products using the internet, I tried them and wrote reviews on the products I've tried. I also had to find similar or competing advertisers and place them on the website in the areas of the page they would sell or be clicked most. I had to research my audience type to figure out what this they would buy or try most so that they would keep coming back to the website and tell their associates to gain growth for the site. I had to translate the site to other languages once it was big enough to go international. I kept track of my banking and earnings, read tables and charts to figure out how to increase traffic throughout the week and month. 
Computer Maintenance, Web Design, Writing and Reviewing, Marketing Research, Advertising Website on Networking Sites

Department Supervisor of Cosmetics (cross-trained in pharmacy)

Grandville, MI

2005 to 2011

Customer Service is first and foremost, Sales are second. It was my job to help people, get them to ring up in my department so I could credit my sales and commissions; I had to daily check the earnings of my department and the commissions of all the ABAs I managed. One of my solo duties was to clearance and price-down all the items leaving the system in every department, using the Telxon or the AS400. I worked with checks, debit and credit slips, and bottle slips. It was also my responsibility to make lists and delegate work to all the ABAs. 
Customer Service, Cash Handling, Clerical Work, Computer Skills, Computer Maintenance, Ordering, Shipping and Receiving, Knowledgeable with the AS400, Microsoft Office, Excel, Windows, Word, and Power Point. Work well with Mac. Great under pressure and am great at solving or fixing issues. I score high in areas of critical thinking and logical reasoning.



Grand Rapids Junior College Arts


Chauffeurs License

Secretary of State