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Lisa Williams

Duluth, GA


I’ve been working from my home office in Inbound Call Centers as a customer service agent since 2009. All certification training and testing was held in a virtual classroom for each call center position I held. I worked as an independent contractor for Cloud 10/Transcom and Arise. The companies maintain virtual call centers for very large communication companies as well as resorts, motor vehicle service companies, cruise lines, etc. I love working in my very quiet home office. There’s no noise, no distractions, just me, my computers, printer and I can activate my “POTS” landline if needed. I currently have a desktop computer with 2 screens running Windows XP and an iMac computer. I have a great deal of experience using online browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. I use Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and various other business programs.  
I’m looking for a work-at-home Call Center Customer Service Representative position or a Quality Assurance Performance Facilitator position. I’ve also held the position of Internet Technical Support for Comcast via Cloud 10. I possess excellent customer service skills and have very high quality standards. I can work weekends and holidays and I’m flexible in regard to scheduling. 
Prior to 2009 I worked in Distribution as well as Production Coordinating Management in the printing industry. At the Cunningham Group I designed a program format for tracking orders. The difficulty being is Cunningham Group outsourced 80% of 4 to 6 color printed pieces. This made a tracking nightmare and a poor delivery record. Jobs were constantly late. The program I designed helped prevent late deliveries.  
My Abilities  
- Dependable 
- High attention to detail as well as multi tasking 
- Work well under pressure 
- Excellent customer service and sales skills 
- Great typing, 10-key and PC skills (both Windows XP and iMac) 
- Enthusiastic and possess a strong goal-oriented work ethic 
- Courteous/Professional/Friendly  
- Enjoy being part of a team 
- Good listening skills/paraphrasing skills 
- Excellent verbal communication skills and excellent phone etiquette (Clear, crisp speech) 
- Clear understanding of the English language as well as an ability to clearly communicate 
- Excellent judgment and decision making skills 
- Production Coordinating background 
- Trained in Layout and Graphic Design

Work Experience

Administrative Assistant / Customer Service / Sales

Williams Digital Solutions
Duluth, GA

April 2013 to Present

Due to this being my husband's company my position is temporary until I gain employment. 
Williams Digital Solutions supplies laminates and adhesives to large output digital printing companies. I provide customer service and administrative functions for the business. I process new orders, track shipments to ensure timely delivery and update WDS business software. Email is used a great deal to communicate with our customer base as well as our suppliers. 
Outbound Cold Sales Calls: I locate possible leads online, call each lead and qualify that they purchase the types of supplies that we sell (laminates and adhesives). I introduce our company and our website as well as ask if a sales person can drop by, then set the appointment. My main goal is to close the sale. I email the customer with a link to our site. 
Since we created our website I’m asked my opinion on the layout and design as well as taking care of proofing all updates. My opinion is valued in regard to the site and other advertising due to my background in Graphic Arts. I use a Macintosh for this function. In fact a Mac is used for everything at WDS which enables our office to be paperless.

AT&T Key Contacts Care Large & Small Business Wireless Customer Service Professional

AT&T Business Wireless as Independent Contract Labor by Arise
Atlanta, GA

November 2011 to April 2013

Inbound customer service calls for Key Contacts Care (small & large business accounts) varied a great deal. It was necessary to possess technical skills to utilize internal IT systems, web-based systems and various programs in a fast-paced environment. Being very detail oriented was vital as well as notating what was requested and completed for the customer. 
I provided excellent customer service by actively listening, engaging the customer so I could gather information needed to solve their issue. 
Empathy and the ability to communicate quickly and effectively was also important. 
A quick analysis of the account was also vital to ensure I wasn't repeating what another agent had already done. This also gave me an opportunity to ensure the account was set up properly.  
Handled activation of new lines, port requests and provisioning equipment, new or moved from another line. 
Payments /payment arrangements/misapplied payments  
Review customer accounts as well as update billing information  
Make financial decisions to protect/collect revenues and adjusts customer accounts  
Large Business discount inquiries and changing rate plans/offers  
Process cancellations and attempt to retain customers  
Resolve billing issues and disputes  
Device troubleshooting equipment and/or signal issues – Tier 1  
Ordering/provisioning new devices  
Provide troubleshooting steps for validating connectivity during installation Sales  
May sell and provision wireless services, products, features, equipment and accessories 
Supervisor: Kathleen Hall, 918-645-6407

Customer Service Representative

Cloud 10 / A Transcom Company

March 2009 to October 2011

Qwest Communications 
March 2009 thru July 2009  
My position was handling inbound calls customer service, billing and sales. I answered customers questions pertaining to account information, billing and new products and services. The sales or upsell function was to review the customer’s current account status and offer them products and services they didn't currently subscribe to. Striving to resolve customer’s issues in one call was expected.  
All account’s had to be updated with clear, concise notes using web-based tools.  
Comcast Consumer  
July 2009 to October 2010 
Position encompasses both customer service and technical support. Assisted customers with questions pertaining to their account, orders, billing, service call issues and new products and services. Troubleshot connection problems with customers internet service, phone and home networking. A high level of professionalism, courtesy and empathy must be displayed on every call. The environment presents a constant challenge, which requires the ability to think on ones feet and learn material in a fast paced environment.  
Our Group was then trained to service Open Range. 
Open Range Communications 
October 2010 thru October 2011  
This customer service position required handling customer questions, complaints, technical issues (internet and phone), billing inquiries and sales with the highest degree of professional, courtesy and above all empathy.  
I handled Billing issues, such as processing payments, misapplied payments, credit and credit requests. Processed cancellations but attempted to retain customers, utilizing outside sales people for assistance. 
Technical issues were handled by customer service as well. Troubleshot poor internet connectivity, ordered and provisioned new devices. Guided customers on connecting Open Range WiMax equipment and ensuring their phone and internet worked. Provided support for email set up and online account management. 
Customers often called in response to a postcard. These types of Sales calls and questions on what the service was, checking customers credit as well as whether our signal reached their area 
Comcast Consumer 
October 2011 thru November 2011 
Comcast Inbound Calls – July 2009 an offer was made for me to move onto the Comcast Technical Project. Handle customer questions, technical issues, complaints, billing inquiries and sales with the highest degree of courtesy and professionalism. Importance placed on one call resolution as well as strict adherence to Quality and handle time. At least two calls per week are subjected to the Quality Assurance criteria. This information as well as scoring is sent to the CSR to evaluate and apply suggestions made by QA.  
All calls involve updating the customer account in a clear, concise manner. Comcast has several programs used in their system which all had to be updated accurately during every call. Also strict rules regarding scheduling a technician visit had to be adhered to. Cloud 10 has a tracing program which had to be updated at the end of each call.

Property Manager

Williams Property Management
Norcross, GA

October 1997 to December 1999

I managed residential apartment buildings. Duties included; advertising for tenants, interviewing respondents, reference check and preparing a lease agreement with new tenant. Responded to tenant problems and followed through with solutions to provide a decent living environment. In addition, maintained detailed computer files on each tenant, collected rents, communicated with poor payers and facilitated eviction process when necessary.  
Inspected vacant apartments, assessed damage and purchased all replacement items. Met with and acquired estimates from various subcontractors, awarded projects, coordinated and managed subcontractors to ensure all repairs were made in a timely manner.

Graphic Arts Prep / Print Production Coordinator/Buyer

The Cunningham Group
Norcross, GA

August 1995 to October 1997

The Cunningham Group was a pre-press operation specializing in printed material for the craft market. Plaid was their main account. In order to maintain the contracted printing costs, all 4-color, short run orders were ganged for press. This type of approach to printing was difficult in regard to cost and due date. I ganged press run orders, created PO’s and released the film to the printer of my choice.  
The president asked me to submit a report regarding overall production. It was requested that I create two systems: order tracking and quality control. A computer programmer was made available for the tracking system I suggested. Meetings were held with all department managers and salespeople in order to educate them on utilizing these new systems. The quality control system cut waste and ensured higher quality. These new methods saved the company thousands of dollars

Production Coordinator Manager

Brothers Printing Company
Norcross, GA

June 1992 to July 1995

Brothers Printing Company was a full service printing facility with the following departments: sales, estimating, prepress Macintosh computers, stripping, offset presses (duplicators, 2 & 5-color presses), large bindery and shipping.  
Possessing the ability to develop close relationships as well as being highly detail oriented was imperative in order to perform this job well.  
I was responsible for a group of salespeople and the projects their customers ordered. I acted as the liaison between the salesperson, their client and the entire printing facility.  
I analyzed the project in relation to the estimate to ensure the project would be profitable. Created a job ticket, order entry and disburse the project to production. My responsibilities also included calculating the amount of paper needed for the press run. Purchased paper, separations, dies, and any other outside services needed. Production and salespeople were updated daily regarding changes/problems. This ensured that proper channels were followed and that the job was delivered on time and on budget.


High School

South Portland High School -
South Portland, ME

1975 to 1978


Managed Residential Property, Inventory Management, Graphic Arts/Production Coordinating, Type 60 WPM Proficient with both Microsoft Windows XP, Macintosh Operating Systems, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook Express.

Additional Information

Love gardening and cooking.  
I have an entrepreneurial spirit which started in my family's printing company.