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Louis Ballarin

Economist, Plan Formulation Branch, Civil Works at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Bronx, NY


To return to employment in the field of higher education and to the personal satisfaction uniquely 
derived from work as a career services professional

Work Experience

Economist, Plan Formulation Branch, Civil Works

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
New York, NY

February 2002 to Present

February, 2002 - Present 
- Conduct economic analyses determining feasibility of prospective water resources projects. 
- Review wide variety of reports, position papers, and planning/decision documents. 
- Serving as training coordinator, assign branch staff to professional development courses. 
- Wrote and edited job descriptions and instructions to completion of new on-line training modules. 
- Produce project fact sheets submitted to members of Congress and placed on agency's Web site.  
Higher Education Experience - Career Services

Associate Director, Recruitment, Placement, and External Relations

The Career Center, The City College of The City University of New York
New York, NY

September 1999 to February 2002

- Offered individual career advising and delivered résumé writing, interviewing, and other 
workshops to graduate and undergraduate students and alumni. 
- Critiqued/edited considerable volumes of résumés submitted daily; personally transmitted over one 
thousand such documents to employers in a single semester. 
- Instrumental in expanding and diversifying clientele, extending outreach to candidates in a broader 
spectrum of academic fields, and with a more diverse set of employment/career preferences. 
- Administered on-campus recruiting programs, assisting in securing placements at prominent employers 
not previously recruiting at institution. 

The City College of New York (continued) 
- Played leading role in doubling employer attendance at annual technical career fair over two- year period; similar efforts resulted in increase of fifty percent in employer representation at 
annual college-wide career fair over same span. 
- Edited program booklet/procedural manual and other materials reflecting expansion/improvement in facility's offerings; contributed significantly to text of center's first Web site. 
- Employed novel promotional measures profoundly increasing visibility and enhancing prestige of office on and off campus. 
- Established/improved relationships with other student services offices and academic 
departments, especially in the schools of engineering and education.

Assistant Director

Fairleigh Dickinson University
Teaneck, NJ

September 1996 to September 1999

College of Business Administration

Fairleigh Dickinson University
Teaneck, NJ

September 1994 to May 1999

- Taught both undergraduate and beginning M.B.A. students.

Graduate Student and Alumni Placement Counselor


August 1994 to August 1996

- Offered individual career advising, as well as résumé writing, interviewing, and other 
workshops; critiqued significant volumes of student and alumni résumés daily. 
- Managed on-campus interview program, enlisting several prestigious employers to inaugurate 
recruiting at university. 
- Assisted with planning and execution of annual career fair and other career development and placement programming. 
- Increased frequency and broadened coverage of marketing/promotional efforts, expanding 
facility's clientele and raising attendance at various events. 
- Acknowledged by alumni board of governors for efforts on behalf of constituents.  
Higher Education Experience - Teaching


M.A. in Economics

Fordham University -
Bronx, NY

Additional Information

Diversified experience in both academic and public sector environments, and in both creative and 
technical functions 
- Formerly, highly regarded college student affairs administrator and avidly sought career and academic 
advisor; currently, economist for federal government agency 
- Exceptional service orientation; acutely attentive, sensitive, and responsive to problems and needs of 
individual students and alumni 
- Adept at building and maintaining productive relationships with faculty, administrators, professional 
staff, and employer representatives, contributing to success of various events and initiatives and 
increasing employment opportunities for job and career seekers 
- Perceptive, innovative, analytical problem solver, paying meticulous attention to detail and persistent in 
expediting and streamlining processes, as well as in facilitating user access to services 
- Skilled editor/writer with a record of enhancing quality and effectiveness of a wide range of content and 
media, including text of college career center's first Web site, as well as its promotional materials and 
forms; résumés; training/policy manuals; surveys; tests; technical reports; and an economics textbook 
- Recognized excellence in teaching economics and finance; accomplished lecturer and presenter before 
diverse audiences 
- Tireless contributor, inspiring subordinates, colleagues, and student and alumni clients